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Chapter 837: Gin King Arrives

Everyone grew excited when they heard what Gin King had said

For the cultivators of Tempest Ocean Realm who remained on Earth, Gin King was the only one with the capability and gut to save Gongsun Wuji.

Lu Xuan was still waiting leisurely on the deck.

Even though the aircraft carrier could now travel faster than before due to the Speed Rune, it still took a while to travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Region of Huaxia.

Since it took Lu Xian a long time to return, those watching through their screens could not understand the man's decision. They thought that he would've returned immediately after he apprehended Gongsun Wuji so that the latter could receive his punishment.

In reality, Lu Xuan wasn't even in a hurry.

It was as if he wasn't worried about the dangers that lied ahead.

As they moved further away from land, the waves got stronger. It felt like the ocean was trying to swallow the vessel they were on.

Even the aircraft carrier, which weighed more than ten thousand tons, was rocked back and forth by the waves.

Lu Xuan suddenly opened his eyes as a rain shower swept towards him. He didn't move from his spot, yet none of the droplets managed to touch him.

In front of him now stood an old man with a youthful face in the middle of the storm. The man was standing on a steady wave as he glared coldly at Lu Xuan.

That was when the whole crew of the carrier felt a sense of blood-chilling rage.

Some of them believed that they were watching the apocalypse happen right in front of them. Even though it was just a hallucination, they could still feel the earth crack and the ground tremble. Some even saw meteorites falling from the sky.

Just as everyone's mind was about to collapse, warm energy wrapped around them and stopped the hallucination.

Once they finally regained their senses, they noticed the old man standing calmly on the water.

It was obvious that the old man was an enemy.

Little did they know was the fight between Lu Xuan and the old man had already begun while they were still hallucinating.

The first clash was just between their energies.

Everyone's instincts told them that the old man was who Lu Xuan was waiting for.

Lu Xuan said to the old man, “I've been waiting for you, Gin King.”

Gin King was indeed the person whom Lu Xuan wasted all the time on the deck to meet.

The fact that Gin King was hiding on Earth was a secret to most, but Lu Xuan remembered him from his past life. Even if he did not directly clash with Gin King in his previous life, he could still deduce that the old man was hiding on Earth based on everything that had happened.

Gin King was the strongest among those who'd come to Earth. He was already in the Two Flower Realm when he arrived and was now a Three Flower Realm.

In Lu Xuan's battles with Gongsun Wuji and Xiaoyao Hou throughout his past life, Gin King was always a.s.sisting them only to be killed by Lu Xuan.

“Lu Xuan! Do you know what you've done?” Gin King glared at Lu Xuan furiously. His emerald eyes that glowed in the dark only made him look even scarier for those who could not withstand his raging energy. “If you let Gongsun Wuji go, I might just let you live. Even if you're the strongest in your world, that doesn't mean you are the best in other worlds as well. The universe is far bigger than you think, and there are people and beings that you will regret offending.”

Gin King remained standing still with his arms behind his back. His eyes were still glued to Lu Xuan as if he was expecting the man to follow his order.

Lu Xuan scoffed, “Do you know that the man you're talking about actually tried to kill me? He even took millions of innocent lives.”

“Yeah, so what? You're still alive, aren't you?” Gin King's tone remained calm.

In the old man's eyes, Gongsun Wuji's only wrong was underestimating Lu Xuan. He didn't consider the fact that he was trying to kill the latter.

To be more precise, it was Gongsun Wuji who got too and tried to take out someone far stronger than him. It resulted in him being humiliated.

Gin King saw the countless souls lost during the battle as nothing more than mere ants.

That was how real cultivators were; the strong was always blind to the pains and sorrows of the weak.

It was as if they completely ignored the existence of normal humans and treated them as stepping stones in their paths of cultivation.

“Those millions of lives mean nothing to you, yet you treat Gongsun Wuji like a gem. You know what? That precious gem of yours is also nothing more than a wild beast that overestimated his own strength. Don't you think it's normal for him to suffer the consequences if he tries to kill me?”

Gin King scoffed, “Hmph! That's rich coming from a weakling like yourself!”

With a single wave of his arm, he stirred a storm up around him as he stood calmly in the middle of the raging wind.

Lu Xuan said and laughed, “A weakling, you say? Let me ask you something, then; why do you think I'm returning with the fleet when I can move faster than any transportations on Earth? I was waiting for you, that's why.”

Lu Xuan stood up with his arms behind his back. Even with a heavy downpour above him and gusts blowing all around him, his body and clothes remained dry.

“Others might not know of you, but not me. You're a Ten Thousand Years King of Ginseng. You were lucky to be able to take a human form and began your cultivation path. Xiaoyao Hou had saved you many times, so you felt as if you owe your life to him. Am I right?”

Gin King's expression changed immediately. He'd never expected Lu Xuan to have figured out his real ident.i.ty.

Even Xiaoyao Hou knew that he was once a King of Ginseng but not the unique variety that he was part of. Not a single soul knew that divine blood ran in his veins.

It was challenging for the spirit of a plant to begin a journey of cultivation, especially for those who evolved to be used as potent herbs for humans.

It was even harder for a spirit of Ginseng to take up a humanoid form as it was part of the ambient essence. Only those with an insane amount of luck could achieve that.

Not only was the path of cultivation filled with hards.h.i.+ps for a humanoid Ginseng, but they were also being targeted by people with ulterior motives.

The chance of one succeeding was as rare as one to become the Child of Destiny of a medium-cla.s.s world.

Lu Xuan said, “It seems you have no idea that Xiaoyao Hou is also targetting your essence. He aims to grind you into a herb so that he can break into the Consolidation Realm. Why do you think he keeps saving you? It's because your essence is still not strong enough. Now that you've reached the Three Flower Realm, it'll be a matter of time before he makes his move…”

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