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Chapter 838: Cutting Wood With Metal

It would be impossible for a ginseng spirit with divine blood to live for ten thousand years in a low-level world. It wouldn't even survive for a thousand years as it didn't have enough spirit qi for it to grow.

Even in a middle-cla.s.s world, finding one that'd lived for ten thousand years was rare.

Even if a large sect were to try and cultivate one in their own herb farm, it was rare for them to wait for the ginseng to grow for a thousand years. For one to reach the ten thousand years mark, at least ten generations of Consolidation Realm cultivators would have to tend to it before the sect could use it.

Thus, the chance for one to reach ten thousand years was rare. It was even rarer for one to actually take a form and began cultivating. The probability for that to happen was like a man winning a five million lottery after playing for an entire year without stopping.

Even in Lu Xuan's past life, where he'd traveled through countless middle-cla.s.s worlds, he'd only met one that fit all the descriptions mentioned above, and that was Gin King.

A Ten Thousand Years King of Ginseng that had achieved the Three Flower Realm was priceless. Even eating Gin King raw could've exponentially boost one's power.

Gin King also challenged him after he'd killed Gongsun Wuji and caused him many problems in his past life. In the end, Lu Xuan was forced to come up with a plan to bring the King of Ginseng down.

As Gin King was proficient in Earth Magic, he'd managed to save half of himself after falling into Lu Xuan's trap.

Lu Xuan had only gotten half of the ginseng, while the other half returned to Xiaoyao Hou for help, only to be killed by the lone cultivator. Xiaoyao Hou then used the half to create a potion that helped him rise into the Consolidation Realm.

It was only then Xiaoyao Hou had shown his true colors. The man that was once known to be peaceful and straightforward had now become sly and despicable.

Lu Xuan remembered everything clearly as Gin King was Xiaoyao Hou's most significant chess piece to reach the Consolidation Realm.

The reason the lone cultivator had let the ginseng spirit live for so long was that the ginseng wasn't fully matured yet. There was also the fact that Xiaoyao Hou wasn't fully prepared to brew the potion back then.

Now that Xiaoyao Hou had done everything he needed to do to prepare, however, he could and would strike at any moment.

If Xiaoyao Hou managed to kill Gin King and brew the essence into a potion, he would've been one step away from reaching the Consolidation Realm. When that happened, he would've become a major threat to Lu Xuan.

Knowing what Xiaoyao Hou's plan was, there was no way Lu Xuan would let that happen.

There were two reasons for him to apprehend Gongsun Wuji. The first one was to prevent the captive from plotting against him in the future. The other reason was to lure Gin King out.

That was the benefit of knowing the future.

Gin King never expected Lu Xuan to have already learned what was about to happen and wait for him to show up. That was when the man's plan was completed.

Just like Xiaoyao Hou, Lu Xuan was proficient in alkahestry as well. Back in his previous life, he needed half of the Ten Thousand Years King of Ginseng to produce a pill that aided him in achieving the Consolidation Realm. This time, he wanted to test the potential of having the whole ginseng to himself.

He would be able to strengthen himself and defeat Xiaoyao Hou with that.

Gin King coldly said, “That's a lie! The ginseng might've thought about that possibility in the past, but after being saved by Xiaoyao Hou many times, he slowly opened up to his savior. Do you think you can use that to sever my relations.h.i.+p with Xiaoyao Hou? Are you that stupid?”

Even so, Lu Xuan managed to raise his suspicion again. He gave a sinister smile as he replied, “Is that why you think I told you that? Do you think I was planning to turn you against Xiaoyao Hou? The reason I told you that is so that you can die knowing that you've fallen for his trap.” Even when they were standing in the middle of a storm, his voice was loud and clear.

Gin King laughed angrily as Lu Xuan wasn't even treating him with the respect he deserved. “What arrogance! Time to die!”

With a roar, Gin King summoned thousands of vines from the ocean. Each of these vines was as sharp as a well-forged sword.

Just as the vines were about to penetrate the aircraft carrier, a barrier stopped them in their path.

If one were to look from above, one would've noticed that the vessel was now surrounded by an enormous bell made of energy. Neither the vines nor the waves could step into an unknown radius from the bell.

With a mighty leap, Lu Xuan launched himself into the sky.

The razor-sharp vines quickly changed direction and chased after him. Since the vines moved much faster, they reached Lu Xuan within the blink of an eye.

Gin King could not see what had happened to Lu Xuan for a while, but the King of Ginseng remained wary of his surroundings. He could feel that the magic he had deployed did not cause any harm to its target. He turned out to be right.

As the vines slowly retracted, Lu Xuan appeared to be unharmed. The Geng Metal Sword was floating right next to him. With a simple wave of his hand, the sword moved at an insane speed and cut down the vines as they were about to attack again. Not a single vine could reach the man.

Lu Xuan sighed and said, “If this is truly all you're capable of… I have to admit, I'm rather disappointed.”

“What utter arrogance!” Gin King finally moved from his spot. The surrounding plant qi began to gather around him and turn into armor.

In just an instant, plant qi filled the storm's center, slowly transforming into a terrifying wood dragon that was at least a few hundred meters long. It charged towards Lu Xuan without any hesitation.

“Come at me!” Lu Xuan took on the challenge as his body illuminated in gold. The insane amount of energy began to rise as if it was trying to tear the sky apart.

At that moment, he was like a G.o.d that had descended onto Earth.

Instead of waiting to be attacked, Lu Xuan charged towards the dragon.

With the Geng Metal Sword in hand, Lu Xuan summoned the sword qi and slashed the wood dragon into pieces. The dragon was completely defenseless against his attacks.

“What?! Impossible!”

That was when Gin King finally realized he was on the losing side. Lu Xuan was far stronger than he expected.

What he knew about Lu Xuan was that the man was still in the Two Flower Realm, while he had already achieved the Three Flower Realm.

Even though Gin King had just broken into the Three Flower Realm, the difference between the two levels was like the distance between Heaven and Earth. Under normal circ.u.mstances, Gin King could've taken the Two Flower Realm cultivator in front of him down quickly.

However, Lu Xuan had shown power way beyond his level, to the point where the wood dragon could not even last for more than a few seconds.

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