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Chapter 839: Slas.h.i.+ng the Gin King

Obviously, this was no longer an ordinary Two Flower cultivator.

A normal Two Flower cultivator could never break open his Wood Dragon, yet he had absolute confidence in doing this.

If it was himself before breaking through, he wouldn't be able to resist such a mighty force at all!

Now, Lu Xuan could break open his Wood Dragon!

Lu Xuan was too quick; he had already arrived in front of the Gin King in the blink of an eye.

It was almost as if he teleported… no, he definitely teleported!

Lu Xuan had appeared before him in an instant!

Zip! Zip! Zip!

Lu Xuan struck him with a single sword, instantly shattering the emerald green armor on his body.


Lu Xuan grabbed an arm flying off of the Gin King's body, turning it into a piece of blood-red ginseng.

“Ah, what a shame you didn't die in one hit!”

Lu Xuan's expression showed a few traces of pity. He had originally wanted to take the Gin King by surprise.

To his surprise, he failed to directly kill the Gin King; he only managed to cut off one of his arms.

“What's that?” He didn't know that many figures loomed within the storm.

These were all masters from every corner of the Tempest Ocean Realm who had rushed down upon receiving the news, but they were still a bit too late. When they finally arrived, they could only see Lu Xuan's sword cutting off an arm from the Gin King.

Everyone instantly felt their scalp tingling. They had previously believed that the Gin King would be able to easily kill Lu Xuan.

Who'd ever thought that King Ginseng would suffer a big loss right from the beginning, with one arm cut off?

Looking at Lu Xuan's appearance in the storm again, it seemed that he felt rather remorseful that he couldn't kill the Gin King with a single move.

Everyone just thought that it was neither logical nor fantastical! It completely defied common sense!

“How can this be!”

The Gin King suddenly widened his eyes. He could sense that Lu Xuan's combat power at that moment had surpa.s.sed the limits of strength that a Two Flower Realm should have.

It had truly been at the level of Three Flower at One's Prominence!

There was no mistaking something like this!

In other words, he had been deceived from the start. The information he had obtained in the beginning was wrong!

In reality, Lu Xuan planned on targeting him from the beginning.

The look in his eyes suddenly changed. Regardless of how Lu Xuan had reached this level of cultivation, there was no doubt that he was an unprecedented powerful enemy.

The two sides faced each other amidst the storm. In the distance, the Tempest Ocean Realm masters who rushed to arrive watched the scene unfold with dumbfounded eyes; the sight was enough to make their scalps tingle. Those who weren't at a sufficient level of cultivation yet were also shocked and stupefied.

“Lu Xuan, you really are amazing. It is truly a blessing for an aboriginal world like Earth to be able to have someone like you, Child of Destiny!”

The Gin King looked at Lu Xuan coldly. After a while, the power of Yi Wood wrapped around his wound. A new arm then grew, once again wrapped in the emerald armor.

When facing a multigenerational master such as Lu Xuan, even the Gin King had no choice but to admit that he had underestimated the former before. This was definitely the Child of Destiny of Earth. If he wasn't, he could not think of any other explanation as to why this kind of character would appear on Earth.

Even in the Tempest Ocean Realm, geniuses of this level were rare and difficult to meet even in a thousand years.

The Gin King coldly said, “Even your combat power can be comparable to a master with Three Flower at One's Prominence, but you're still wrong if you think that you can do whatever you want because of this. You are still far too weak!

Lu Xuan simply grinned and said, “What utter nonsense!”

“It's useless to say more. Let's let our fists do the talking for us!”

The Gin King looked solemn, no longer looking calm and easygoing like he was at the beginning.

He initially thought that it would've been easy to kill Lu Xuan, but he now knew that he was just being too naive at the time.

Lu Xuan had definitely stepped into the realm of Three Flower at One's Prominence!

Although he may have been inferior to masters at the peak of Three Flower at One's Prominence, he himself still has not reached the peak of the Three Flower Realm yet. He had only stepped into the Three Flower Realm recently.

To a certain extent, both sides can be said to be on the same level, with very few differences between them!

As a master of Three Flower at One's Prominence, however, it was humiliating to have fought on equal footing with a Two Flower Realm cultivator like Lu Xuan only to face crus.h.i.+ng defeat.

Lu Xuan didn't seem to care about his recovery; he was looking down upon the Gin King. This feeling of disdain made him feel simply mortified.

The Gin King took a step forward with a long spear appearing in his hand. The spear's body was emerald green, refined from the heart of Ten Thousand Years Yi Wood. It was an extremely rare cultivation treasure.

After being refined, its power was both terrifying and dangerous to go against!

Just one thrust of the spear was enough to instantly shatter the world. Everyone could even sense that s.p.a.ce itself was trembling slightly, with visible traces of breaking apart.

“How terrifying! Even s.p.a.ce itself is about to be penetrated. Is this the true power of Three Flower at One's Prominence?”

Some of the experts from the Tempest Ocean Realm were left dumbfounded. The fact that it was called Three Flower at One's Prominence meant that they were invincible, having reached a completely different realm.

Only the masters at Three Flower at One's Prominence could've been described as within the Demi-Consolidation Realm; it was truly only half a step from entering the Consolidation Realm.

Once a Consolidation Realm master made a move, their attacks could tear apart even s.p.a.ce itself. These people were truly terrifying existences; it was almost as if they were G.o.ds.

This spear attack seemed somewhat similar. Although it could not pierce through s.p.a.ce, it managed to cause s.p.a.ce to shake. That itself was already terrifying.

This was not something they could catch up to!

A terrible aura directly tore open the sky before instantly appearing right before Lu Xuan. The horrifying cyclone caused Lu Xuan's clothes to audibly flutter in the wind.

Lu Xuan immediately countered, using the Geng Metal Sword to directly collide with the Yi Wood spear. The collision between weapons created a burst of sound as if metal was scratching against metal.

There was no winner between the Geng Metal Sword and the Yi Wood Spear.

The unstoppable Geng Metal Sword, which had never failed him before, was apparently unable to cut through the Yi Wood Spear.

It had truly met its match; the two sides were on equal footing now!

The Geng Metal Sword was refined from the essence of Geng Metal, while this Yi Wood Spear had been refined with the heart of ten thousand years Yi Wood. Both weapons were equally hard.

Both sides crashed in a terrifying collision.

The Gin King only felt a terrifying force recoiling back, turning his arms slightly numb. He was astonished. Was this a human being, or a fierce monster disguised as one?

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