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Chapter 291: Forced Summoning

Ever since her mother's death, Yuna had never felt any warmth towards her family.

Lisa, the unicorn, had become Yuna's best friend and family.

Suddenly, Yuna remembered something.

She quickly took out a magic scroll that her mentor had given her before she died.

The name of this scroll was “Forced summoning.”

As the name implied, “Forced summoning” meant that the most powerful magical beast would be forcefully summoned from within a thousand miles.

However, the caster had to unconditionally summon the creature as the master and himself as the slave.

Of course, the summoned creature also had to help the caster complete the purpose of the summoning.

At this moment, Yuna no longer had any other choice in order to save Lisa.

She did not mind choosing a magical beast as her master.

Yuna took a deep look at the unicorn. With her last hope, Yuna opened the magic scroll and ran into the air.

The magic scroll emitted a bright light, and after the Magic Dragon came out of the valley, it had been immersed in the pleasure of greatly increasing its strength.

During the process of transformation, the demon dragon unexpectedly discovered that there was a hidden seal in the depths of its soul.

At that time, the demon dragon felt extremely puzzled. All these years, it had never discovered that there was actually a seal on its body?

This seal was also abnormally strong.

Even if it was not injured, it was impossible to break it.

At this moment, the demon dragon didn't care about anything else.

It directly used the power that its master gave it to break the seal.


The seal within the demon dragon's body was completely broken.

The demon dragon was just surprised at its master's strength, but it was overwhelmed by the information that poured out from the seal.

After a long time, the demon dragon gradually absorbed this information.

So this was his previous life!

His previous life was actually one of the five great demon dragons of the immemorial era, the h.e.l.l Demon Dragon!

He was ambushed by the dragon in the Dragon Valley.

He was seriously injured and was about to be sealed.

The arrogant demon dragon used his eternal life as the price and used a forbidden spell:

“Reincarnation of a dead soul!”

What he wanted was to take revenge in the future!

At that moment, the demonic dragon used the memories from his previous life.

Using the power given to him by his master, he continuously transformed his body until he returned to the appearance of his previous life.

The thing that puzzled the demonic dragon the most was that in the memories of his previous life, there seemed to be a faint shadow of his current master.

That was absolutely impossible, right?

How many tens of thousands of years had pa.s.sed since his previous life?

How could there be a shadow of his master?

It was better not to care. He had to find a suitable gift for his master first.

Since his master had given him freedom, the demon dragon was also a person who knew how to repay kindness. He had to properly express his loyalty to his master.

However, the demon dragon had always been sealed in the demon Dragon Valley and rarely came into contact with humans. He could not think of what to give his master.

In the end, he could only turn into a moon eagle and find a random forest bell to sleep in.

At this moment, Yuna threw out her summoning scroll.

“Hahaha! I thought this was some powerful summoning beast? So it's just a low-level trash Moon Eagle?”

The leader laughed out loud. Yuna was truly in despair at this moment.

She didn't expect that the strongest magical beast within a thousand miles was actually just a moonhawk.

If this was in the magical beast forest, it would probably be another ending, right?

Only that this moonhawk would be buried along with her.

But very quickly, everyone realized that something was wrong.

After seeing the Moon Eagle, the three h.e.l.lhounds immediately gave up on surrounding the unicorn.

They formed an inverted triangle defense formation.

The four of them were immediately stunned.

This was what the h.e.l.lhounds would do when they encountered an enemy that was much stronger than them.

Yuna also realized that even her unicorn was retreating in fear, retreating to her side.

What exactly was going on?

Needless to say, this Yue Ying was the Magic Dragon.

Just as the Magic Dragon was sleeping comfortably, it was suddenly forcefully summoned by a powerful magic power.

How could the magic dragon be in a good mood now that its rest was interrupted?

It was ready to wreak havoc on the spot.

Just as the four of them were feeling puzzled, the Moon Eagle slowly opened its eyes.

Everyone noticed that the Moon Eagle's eyes were a strange purplish-red color.

When the three h.e.l.lhounds saw the purplish-red eyes, they retreated behind their master in fear.

The three men in black looked at the summoned beast in fear.

They had never expected this to happen.

At this moment, the Moon Eagle suddenly opened its mouth and spat out a mouthful of purple flames.

When the three h.e.l.lhounds saw the flames, they immediately attacked each other.

They relied on the impact of the energy explosion to shock themselves.

When the three men in black saw that the h.e.l.lhounds were using such a self-harming method to escape, they immediately gave up on resisting and quickly dodged away.


The forest was cleared of a wide path by the flames out of thin air.

All the trees in the area had been turned to dust.

The four of them sucked in a breath of cold air.

At that moment, the Moon Eagle turned around and looked at the person who had summoned it.

From the process of being summoned, the demon dragon knew that it would have a new servant.

It did not care at first, but when it saw Yuna's face, it felt a burst of joy.

The Demon Dragon was worried that it could not find any gifts to show its loyalty to its master.

He also did not know what humans liked, but if it was a woman, its master would definitely not refuse.

So the Demon Dragon made a smart decision. He wanted to offer the woman in front of him to its master.

Just as Yuna was surprised, she suddenly realized that a sharp gaze was sizing her up.

Faced with such a gaze, Yuna's heart was very uneasy.

She could not guess at all why the master of the Magic Dragon would ignore the magic dog in front of him and look at her again.

Suddenly, the Moon Eagle flapped its wings and stopped in mid-air. It raised its head and let out a long cry.

Yuna could clearly feel that the Moon Eagle's heart was filled with joy.

When the Demon Dragon turned around and roared, the three h.e.l.lhounds saw that the Demon Beast had let down its guard and immediately ran together.

The two h.e.l.lhounds lay side by side, while the other h.e.l.lhounds were afraid to be on the backs of the two h.e.l.lhounds.

The three h.e.l.lhounds roared at the same time, attracting the attention of everyone present.

“This…This is…”

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