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Chapter 293: Elemental Heart

“This is?”

Although Yanni didn't know what this was, she could still sense some strange magical fluctuations from it.

Seeing Yanni's puzzled expression, Bing smiled and said, “This is the divine artifact, elemental heart. You can use it to contact the elemental elves. If You're lucky, you can even meet an elemental sovereign G.o.d. As long as you pa.s.s the elemental elves' approval, you don't need to chant spells to use spells from Level 1 to Level 8. In addition, you only need to use one-third of your normal mana.”

Yanni widened her mouth in surprise. As a wind magician, she knew what this meant.

As long as she pa.s.sed the test, her strength would not be increased by just one level.

Immediately, Yanni followed the instructions and placed her hand on the green horn, injecting magic power into it.

Yanni only felt her vision go black, and she had already arrived at another place.

“Where is this?”

Yanni found herself in a green s.p.a.ce.

In this void, there was nothing but wind.

Seeing the situation here, Yanni couldn't help but feel afraid. She began to run in all directions.

However, in terms of how long she ran, other than the change in the size of the wind, the surrounding scenery still didn't change. Yanni couldn't help but feel anxious.

At this moment, a strong wind suddenly blew Yanni down.

This made Yanni calm down.

She remembered her goal. Wasn't it to get the approval of the wind element?

Then why should she be afraid of the wind element?

At that moment, Yanni closed her eyes.

She felt the wind element around her.

As Yanni's consciousness slowly went deeper, Yanni could finally feel the wind element around her.

She felt the ethereal wind, the violent wind, and the formless wind.

That's right! This is the wind!

At this moment, Yanni felt that she had an unprecedented understanding of the essential power of the wind element.

Just based on this, Yanni would be able to learn more easily in the future.

“Congratulations! You have pa.s.sed any of the wind elements!”

When Yanni opened her eyes, she suddenly realized that there was a green elf in front of her.

“You are the wind elemental elf?”

Yanni curiously looked at the three-inch-long elf in front of her.

“If not me, who else could it be?”

The wind elemental laughed softly.

Then, with a serious expression, he said,

“How did you come to the elemental s.p.a.ce? Other than the wind elemental elf that was born here, it is impossible for others to come here. In the past, there were people who received the elemental elf's approval, but in reality, it is a hundred times harder than here. Before you, there was a little human girl who pa.s.sed. That little girl is really amazing. I heard from other sisters that she pa.s.sed in less than five minutes. The approval of the wind, fire, and light elements is really amazing!”

Hearing this, Yanni also knew that the little girl was Little Yue'er.

She didn't expect Little Yue'er's apt.i.tude to be so good.

Yanni immediately said, “I entered this place through the elemental heart. That elemental heart is a divine artifact.”

Hearing this, the wind elemental elf frowned and muttered, “Could it be because of the elemental heart that we inexplicably have an additional ability that can give life elements recognition? Who is it? Could it be…”

The wind elf suddenly thought of something, but he did not say it out loud.

He suddenly realized that Yanni was also beside him. He hurriedly said to Yanni, “You have already pa.s.sed the recognition. I hope that you will study hard in the future. Goodbye!”

Before Yanni could react, her vision turned black. Yanni realized that she had already returned.

After Yanni left, the wind elemental anxiously said, “Other than a grade-1 G.o.d, no one has given us such an ability. I am moved to report this to the sixth elemental G.o.d!”

After the wind elf finished speaking, the s.p.a.ce distorted and the elemental elf's figure slowly turned into a gust of wind.

After Yanni returned, Naili said from the side, “Seven minutes! Yanni's talent is not bad either!”

Yanni was embarra.s.sed by her words,

“I am not that good. I am far inferior to Little Yue'er.”

“Hehe! Don't be modest. I will give it a try too!”

After saying that, Naili placed her hand on the red crystal.

With a flash of red light, Naili's figure disappeared.

Lei Luo looked at Bing's impatient expression.

“If you want to give it a try, then give it a try.”

When Bing heard what Lei Luo said, she placed her hand on the blue crystal as well.

Then, with a flash of blue light, she disappeared as well.

When Yue'er saw this, she immediately ran over as well.

When Lei Luo wasn't paying attention, she placed her hand on the black crystal.

Then, she disappeared. When Lei Luo saw this, he couldn't help but sigh.

“Xiao Yue'er is really addicted to playing. Don't you know that it's very difficult to pa.s.s through the Heart of Darkness?”

However, just as Lei Luo finished speaking, a black light flashed and Little Yue'er's figure appeared.

An energy ball made of dark elements appeared in her hand.

Wasn't this too fast?

Lei Luo could not help but look at Little Yue'er who was playing happily. He secretly made a decision in his heart.

He decided to completely transform Little Yue'er's body.

At that moment, a red light flashed, and Naili's figure appeared.

Naili waved her hand, and a ball of fire appeared in her hand.

One moment, she had become a dragon, and the next moment, she had become a human. Naili was having a great time.

However, after ten minutes, nothing appeared. This made people feel worried.

After a while, still nothing.

Naili began to get anxious.

She looked at Lei Luo with antic.i.p.ation.

Lei Luo also realized that something was wrong. Based on the talent of Bing, it should be easy for her to pa.s.s, but what was going on?

Lei Luo felt a little worried. With a thought, he transformed into a silver light and entered the blue crystal.

After entering the heart of elements, there was a land of ice and snow.

When he arrived here, he heard the sound of Bing.

“Why didn't you let me out?”

What was going on? What happened?

Lei Luo's body swayed and he immediately arrived at the scene.

He found that Bing was surrounded by seven to eight water elements, and there was a blue-clothed, blue-haired woman by the side.

As soon as he arrived here, the blue-haired woman immediately sensed him again and turned to look at Lei Luo in the blink of an eye.

The first time Lei Luo saw her, he felt that he was very cold. He was like an ice-cold beauty.

Lei Luo used magic and immediately teleported to Bing's side.

Bing saw Lei Luo and hurriedly hugged him.

“What's going on?”

Lei Luo asked the blue-haired woman.

“You created the elemental heart and gave the elemental sprite this special ability,” the blue-haired woman asked coldly.

“So what if I did?”

Seeing her cold att.i.tude, Lei Luo felt very uncomfortable.

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