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Chapter 1338: Are You Still Not Leading the Way?

Since Mu Ying was revived by the crazy professor after the car accident eight to nine years ago, she had been aloof and impa.s.sive in front of Leng Hanzhe and others. Sometimes, she would be found sitting in a corner with her head down and her inky eyes staring at the ground; no one could figure out what she was thinking.

After that, she remained strange and reserved in front of others, and was already considered responsive to Leng Hanzhe.

What Mu Ying said after hearing Leng Hanzhe and Lin Shuya doubt Yun Jian’s ability was basically the most she had spoken throughout these years, so Leng Hanzhe and others were stunned. What bewildered them even more was what Mu Ying had said.

“What? Yingying, what did you say? She…she’s lived for six months in the Amazon rainforest without any tool?”

Leng Hanzhe was stunned, Lin Shuya was stupefied, and the other students were frozen. The instructors who had ran in the direction of the wild boar with the farmer halted their steps as well.

Everyone stared at Yun Jian in bafflement as they took in her thin and slim figure.

The Amazon rainforest was a forest with the most species in the world. At the same time, it was the habitat of many dangerous living creatures. Just thinking about it was enough to know how dangerous it was that if a regular person were to go there, they probably would not even last three days—forget six months.

For six full months, it was not like one could countdown the days staying in the forest and avoiding dangerous species. One had to eat and face the threat of poisonous snakes and wild beasts every day too.

Yun Jian had lived there for six months?

“How’s it possible? How could she possibly stay in the Amazon rainforest for six months? How old is she… Besides, she…” Lin Shuya wanted to find words to retort Yun Jian’s strong capabilities but as she spoke, she became slightly incoherent.

“Cous, say something… You wouldn’t even dare go there even when you’re an expert in taekwondo, free combat and judo, right? She’s just a girl. How could she possibly…”

Lin Shuya did not want Yun Jian in the limelight and was anxious to find anything to deny that Yun Jian was impressive, even getting her cousin, Han Ming, involved in the topic.

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“You girls should stop making things up. The Amazon rainforest isn’t somewhere you can go just because you want to go. You probably don’t even have a at this age?”

“You can’t get out of the country without a and I don’t think you guys have ever gone out of the country before huh? Best not to make up nonsense…”

Han Ming had a strong urge to boast as well because he did not want nor could he take someone being better than him—especially when said person was a girl.

Everyone seemed to be struck by realization when they heard what Han Ming said. Mu Ying must have been fantasizing and boasting about Yun Jian just now.

How old were they? They probably did not even have pa.s.sports. Moreover, they were regular students who had just graduated junior high school. Where would they find the time to spend six months in the Amazon rainforest? More importantly, would a sane person be so crazy to go to Amazonia alone? That was absolutely unrealistic!

Yun Jian did not care about what her peers said as she went straight to the farmer. Mu Ying was too disdained to say more and followed Yun Jian while Lin Yuan paused in surprise before she spread her long legs to keep up with the two of them.

“They’ve made it up huh? Hah, imagining herself to be so good and have stayed in the Amazon jungle for six months? Who doesn’t know how to do that?! Please… Anyone who believes that is a fool…”

Lin Shuya thought that Yun Jian and Muying had gone off to the side in embarra.s.sment because she and her cousin had exposed them. Just as she thought about it, she saw Yun Jian going to the farmer who was standing beside the instructors.

Yun Jian grabbed the farmer’s collars and pulled him out, telling him icily in front of everyone, “You’re here to ask for help but you were distracted by irrelevant things for one full minute. If it were me who’s attacking your friends, I could’ve already killed them a thousand times within this minute. Are you still not leading the way?”

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