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Chapter 1907 Meng Chao's Reflection

Wave after wave of came like a surging tide. They came from all the streets and alleys in Dragon City and surged toward Meng Chao, who was standing at the top of the mountain. 

The spirit energy that erupted from the fierce battle between the two sides lit up Dragon City's capital under the dark night sky.

At least millions of citizens had witnessed the tyrant's fall.

However, they were not only indifferent, but they were even delighted. They were holding back great joy behind their gritted teeth.

Meng Chao, who was trapped in this extremely bleak future, realized that he had lost all hope. 

It wasn't that he couldn't put up a final struggle and fight his way out of the stormy waves caused by the

But what was the point of that?

In any case, he had been completely abandoned by the Dragon City people whom he had racked his brains and sacrificed everything to save.

The moment he was seen as a tyrant by everyone, his soul had already died. All that was left was a zombie filled with hatred and killing intent, alone in this strange world.

This zombie was destined not to be able to reverse the future and change everything!

When Meng Chao realized this, he gave up resisting. 

He looked around at the remnants of the nine major forces, their impatient faces, as well as the death warriors of the Holy Light Temple, their faint gazes hidden behind the masks. He sighed, slowly closed his eyes, and opened his arms. He fell from a height of hundreds of meters, falling into the city that he had spent his entire life building and protecting. Five years ahead of the future Dragon City civilization, he walked into destruction.

When the s.h.i.+ning jellyfish that was a sign of the future gradually dimmed and became silent, Meng Chao, who had been awakened from his bad future by death, broke out in a cold sweat, and his heart beat like a drum. 

The cutting pain of grief was still haunting his mind like a ghostly flame. It made him realize after a long time that everything he had just experienced was not real, or at least, not destined to happen.

It was just like the nightmare he had when he was in his third year of high school, where ten thousand suns exploded and turned Dragon City into a sea of fire.

That was not the future.

At least, it was not the only future.

It was just one of the worst possibilities in the endless futures.

The ancient civilization had used some unknown method to grasp the ability to predict the future.

Since there were too many factors that determined the future, every tiny change in the initial data was like a b.u.t.terfly flapping its wings. It would likely set off a storm decades later and lead the future to a completely different path.

Even the Ancients who were as intelligent as the sea of stars could not lock the future perfectly.

Therefore, the Ancients built the magnificent, mysterious palace, or rather, the laboratory, deep underground to observe the endless future and learn from the bad futures to guide the actions of the present so that the future that happened in reality would tend to be better.

This message was like a beautiful stream that appeared naturally in the depths of Meng Chao's mind. 

Meng Chao was not sure if this was 100% his own idea or if the ancient civilization was trying to instill in him an idea. 

However, he felt that this should be the truth, at least 50% of the truth.

"Fortunately, such a terrible future is only the result of deduction.

"In this future, although Dragon City is not attacked by s.p.a.ce-based orbital weapons, the outcome of the entire civilization will be the same.

"The Chaos faction that has been divided into many parts, the Dragon City civilization and Turan civilization that have suffered heavy losses, and the remnants of the nine great families that are completely controlled by the Holy Light Temple are destined to be no match for the Holy Light faction.

"Although the Holy Light Temple has temporarily issued a seemingly magnanimous 'decree of atonement' claiming that 'all the Chaos races, including the otherworldly demons, will have a chance to be redeemed,' anyone with discerning eyes can tell that it is just a delaying tactic.

'As long as the Holy Light Temple is given a few years to rest, allowing the Holy Light faction to recover seventy percent, no, fifty percent of its strength, the seemingly benevolent Holy Light high priest will definitely tear off his hypocritical mask and reveal his cruelest side, completely destroying our civilization!'

Meng Chao quietly pondered over his thoughts.

He didn't blame the high priest for being cunning.

Such was the life-and-death civilization struggle. If he were the Holy Light high priest, he would only be a hundred times more hypocritical, cunning, and cruel than the other party.

He could only blame himself for being too childish back then. The way he seized the highest power was too simple and crude, leaving behind many fatal hidden dangers.

"Come to think of it, when I was fighting for power in this timeline, I did make many unforgivable mistakes.

"Firstly, they were too superst.i.tious about their own martial strength and the legacy of the ancient civilization. They thought that they were invincible when they reached the peak of the Deity Realm. As a result, they were too impatient and violent when dealing with many problems and forces.

"The nine great families have their own problems, but they have ruled Dragon City for nearly half a century. The nine mega corporations under their name are all intertwined behemoths.

"As the saying goes, 'a centipede dies but never weakens.' I tried to eradicate the influence of the nine major families in a thunderous manner. Not only did I fail, but I also created countless enemies who knew the inside story of Dragon City and were irreconcilable enemies with me.

"I remember that back then, Lu Siya did persuade me that we should not treat the nine great families the same. We should take things slowly and pull one faction to fight the other. We should take advantage of the internal conflicts of the nine mega corporations and even understand the principle of sharing benefits and power. However, I, who was proud and arrogant, did not take her words to heart at all. I even believed that those were just flowery words that she threw out for her own ambition.

"Now that I think about it, I was really blinded by the power that fell from the sky. How foolish and arrogant a villain is to achieve success!

"Secondly, within any organization, there will always be internal strife and factional strife. This is the case for the Chaos faction and the Holy Light faction.

"Although they are all gathered under the s.h.i.+ning flag of the Holy Light Temple, the Holy Light humans, elves, dwarfs, and the other dozen small Holy Light races, as well as within the Holy Light humans, the lords, priests, mages, and knights are definitely not close and united.

"Originally, if we could skillfully make use of the internal conflicts in the Holy Light faction, we would have had a lot of opportunities to fight without bloodshed.

"However, I was muddleheaded and proposed the strategy of 'getting rid of the wings first, then cutting off the main branch'. As a result, as the small and medium-sized Holy Light races continued to weaken, the core position of the Holy Light humans, who had the largest number and the strongest strength, became more and more stable. In the later stages of the thirty-year war, no matter how unfavorable the situation was, they always firmly controlled the leaders.h.i.+p of the entire Holy Light faction!"


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