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Chapter 592: Spoilers

'As long as I can escape into the residential area and use the complicated terrain as cover, I will definitely be able to shake off my pursuers!'

Wandering Specter Zhong Li and the former Reaper Squad members all thought the same thing.

The simplest way to escape was to get into a residential area and immediately toss napalm bombs around them to ignite more than ten buildings while killing more than fifty people in the process. Then, the place would rise up in chaos, and thousands of citizens would flee everywhere like headless chickens.

After that, they would just need to steal a few hooded cloaks worn by the residents, restrain their breathing and scent, and join the chaotic crowd. In this way, they would be able to pa.s.s off as common citizens and escape.

Ten years ago, Wandering Specter Zhong Li had used a similar tactic more than once to escape the encirclement of the gangs.

Today, he was going to do the same thing. Not only did he show no signs of a lack of practice, but was even filled with abnormal excitement. 'Meng Chao, Lu Siya, and Xiong Wei, even if you work together, it doesn't matter. In the past, even Saber Jin Wanhao was unable to kill me, so you're far from being qualified!'

Just as Zhong Li expected, he heard Meng Chao and the others' exasperated shouts behind him.

They seemed to have realized that it was impossible for them to carry out any effective blocks before Zhong Li and the others fled into the residential areas. They could only shoot at them in vain from behind.

The former Reaper Squad members and Wandering Specter Zhong Li had received strict training. No matter how dense the bullets were, since they were fired from far away, they could dodge them at ease or activate their spirit energy magnetic fields to cause the bullets to change trajectory.

Zhong Li tilted his head and avoided an armor-piercing sh.e.l.l that had electrical arcs surrounding it.

He saw two strands of his hair fall off and grinned. Then, he stomped on the external wall of the coliseum.

At the same time he created hundreds of intersecting cracks on the wall, his speed rose to another level. Like an arrow, he charged into the residential area.

Meng Chao and the other pursuers were not going to be able to stop him.

Zhong Li noticed a group of messy and smelly homeless people curled up under the building ahead of him.

He thought about killing five of them to terrify the remaining homeless people. They would start running and shouting in a panic, creating chaos that would spread like an avalanche.

Just when he gathered his power, his gaze was attracted by a homeless person.

At first glance, this homeless person was no different from the people around him.

He only had one arm, one leg, and one eye. His face was covered in scars, just like that of Zhong Li, and his facial features were scrunched up together. He was truly a sorry sight.

But for some reason, when Zhong Li saw him, uncontrollable fear rose from the bottom of his heart.

He felt just like a normal person would if they stood at a cliff and faced a bottomless abyss.


Zhong Li tried his best to see the face of the homeless man under all those scars.

But he could only see the one eye that was as clear as a crystal, as brilliant as a gemstone, and as bright as the afternoon sun on the face that was even uglier than his.

When that eye swept over him, Zhong Li felt like he was bound by chains made of lightning and froze in the air.

He could only watch as the man removed his hood and drew a short sword that was not much bigger than an embroidery needle. While yawning, he did a casual stab in Zhong Li's direction.

Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud!

The homeless man only had one leg, one arm, and one eye. He had also only delivered one thrust, but hundreds of sparks even more brilliant that the stars exploded in the air.

Each spark traveled in a flighty and unfathomable trajectory, and all of them landed on Zhong Li.

They crept into the spirit acupoints between his main meridians and branch meridians. None of them missed.

Wandering Specter Zhong Li screamed.

Hundreds of wounds exploded on his body, and his spirit energy started gus.h.i.+ng out rapidly.

While he was flailing as he fell from the sky, all of his energy spilled out. His skin withered away until it looked like the tree bark that was one thousand years old. He looked like he had been cursed with the most malicious curse and turned into an emaciated skeleton.

When he crashed on the ground, Wandering Specter Zhong Li had already turned into a puppet with its strings cut and joints crushed. He was completely disa.s.sembled.

Even though he was alive, he could not move a single finger. He could not even control his breathing and heartbeat.

The remaining former Reaper Squad members were terrified.

They did not dare come forward to help him or face the one-armed, one-legged, one-eyed homeless man.

They looked at each other, and in a show of great teamwork, they spread out and fled in all directions.

The one-armed, one-legged, and one-eyed homeless man did not even bat an eyelid. He raised his shortsword and flicked it. Then, the shortsword, or rather, the long needle, flew away.

It was followed by a cheerful whistle.

The shortsword was immediately surrounded by spirit flames and electrical arcs. It spun rapidly and traveled at lightning speed while leaving elusive afterimages in the air. In an unbelievable manner, it pierced all the former Reaper Squad members' stomachs.

The stomach was the most important spirit acupoint in the human body aside from the center of the forehead.

The one-armed, one-legged, and one-eyed homeless man's shortsword seemed to contain incredibly strong spirit energy. It surged into the former Reaper Squad members' organs and limbs through the wound on their stomachs.

No matter what sort of brutal and terrifying modifications they received from the monster civilization and no matter what sort of deviant tools they had, they were all rendered useless. The men screamed and fell from the sky. The only thing they could do then was to cover their stomachs and roll on the ground.

Their eyes bulged out as they stared at the electricity-bound shortsword spinning around in circles above their heads. Its bright halo was like a net that surrounded the entire place. It released a peerlessly powerful presence that could suppress everything. It was at that moment that Wandering Specter Zhong Li and the former Reaper Squad members snapped out of their dreams and knew just what sort of terrifying existence they were facing.

“D-Deity Realm!” they cried out in fear and despair. “He's a Deity Realm superhuman!”

“Big Sis Ya, you sure have a lot of people who respect you.” Meng Chao stood at the top of the grandstand of Mutual Gold Coliseum and watched Wandering Specter Zhong Li and the other former Reaper Squad members make a fool of themselves outside.

They were all captured right away, so he focused on the large embroidery needle surrounded by electricity as it spun and whistled in the air. Meng Chao finally released a long sigh and smiled. “You actually managed to bring Broken Sword Ye Xiaoyue to save me? He's one of the legendary Deity Realm superhumans!”

“Stop flattering yourself. I'm not that respected. I didn't ask Senior Ye to come and save you, either. He snuck into the lair in secret by himself,” Lu Siya said. “Did you actually think that the outside world really gave up on the lair after locking it down?”

Meng Chao was stunned. “Didn't it?”

“Of course not. Even though the Survival Committee is temporarily unable to completely solve the problems in the lair because it doesn't have enough money, s.p.a.ce, and other resources, it doesn't mean that we will give up on the lair and the near one million citizens living here!

“Besides, so many robbers had appeared out of nowhere within just a few days. The Deification Capsules are also a forbidden drug containing some unknown tech that just popped out. It'd be strange if there weren't more schemes behind them! How could we just watch the lair fester slowly while we delude ourselves and sit twiddling our thumbs?

“In truth, two squads snuck into the lair to investigate the truth. One of them was overt, and the other covert. On the surface, Man-eating Shark Zhou Chong led the veteran hunters to sneak into Leprosy Village. Meanwhile, at the same time you went inside, Broken Sword Ye Xiaoyue led another group of elite investigators and secret police into the lair.”

Meng Chao was shocked. “But Vice Director Nie said—”

“Vice Director Nie said that the government has no choice but to lock down the lair fully and ignore it, right?” Lu Siya smiled. “That's the truth on the surface. But that's just us releasing fake news to trick the abnormal beast and robbers.

“We would never give up on the lair, but since the battle at the borders of Dragon City broke out at the same time and a large batch of resources and powerful fighters had to be moved to the frontlines, we had trouble sending manpower into the lair. This was a reality that we had to resign ourselves to.

“The only top fighting power we could send into the lair was Broken Sword Ye Xiaoyue. He was the only Deity Realm superhuman that could be spared.

“If we had acted according to procedures and had Broken Sword Ye Xiaoyue lead a large group of people into the lair in a flashy manner, it would have looked cool and all, but the Vortex and its puppets like Su Lun would have split up and disappeared once they received news of it. They might have also come up with other plans to sow problems for us!

“We only had one Deity Realm superhuman. Even though he is very strong, he can't split up and catch all the enemies at the same time. For Senior Ye to make best use of his abilities, we could only patiently wait for the enemies to expose themselves so we could capture all of them at once!”

“I see!”

Meng Chao came to an understanding.

He thought about it carefully and had to admit that this was the most effective plan.

The fighting power of a Deity Realm superhuman might be unfathomable, but if he really fought, he would not be able to discover all of the moles in the gangs, and it would also be impossible for him to get rid of all the enemies spread all over the lair. It would also be very difficult for him to resolve the misunderstanding between Leprosy Village and the gangs.

If Broken Sword Ye Xiaoyue had really entered the lair in a flashy manner, with how mysterious the Vortex was and how cunning Red Brows Su Lun was, they would have had one hundred ways to deal with him without drawing blood.

For example, even if Wandering Specter Zhong Li was a n.o.body compared to the Vortex and Red Brows Su Lun, once he put on a hooded cloak, he would become a completely new man. The moment he joined the crowd and fled into the underground maze, Broken Sword Ye Xiaoyue would have to dig through every nook and cranny and waste a lot of effort looking for him.

“Speaking of which, you weren't involved in the plan to investigate the lair. Why were you dragged into this mess, AGAIN?”

Lu Siya glared at Meng Chao and grumbled. “I didn't want to get involved in the chaos in the lair. Everyone knows that the lair is a mess, and the people involved in it don't get any benefits from it.

“After the accident in n.o.ble Descent Hotel, my grandpa was very happy and began to regard me highly. He gave away a lot of the tasks in Sky Pillar Corporation so that he could teach me hands on for more than a month.

“My father also spent a lot of money and invested an astronomical amount of cultivation resources on me so that my cultivation realm would reach new heights.

“The battle that would decide the future of Dragon City was supposed to be a chance for me to s.h.i.+ne. I intended to kill a few h.e.l.l Beasts beautifully and then help some Deity Realm superhumans under my father's recommendation to kill a few Apocalyptic Beasts and create sensational news stories. I've even already corresponded with the media companies and bought my fame.

“But when I was about to hop into the fray, I heard that you turned into a puppet, betrayed humanity, and killed your teammates in the lair. Do you have any idea how I felt at that time?”

The more Lu Siya spoke, the angrier she became. She even gritted her teeth in exasperation.

She could not help but extend a finger and poke Meng Chao's chest a few times.

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