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Chapter 593: Meng Chao's Surprising Rewards

Meng Chao did not expect that the one to save him and prove his innocence would be Lu Siya.

Now that he thought about it, it was… pretty shocking.

If it were not for the fact that Lu Siya trusted him fully, he really did not know how he would have solved the situation.

Perhaps the lair would have gone up in flames, just like he remembered from his previous life.

“Thanks, Big Sis Ya.” Even though his chest hurt due to Lu Siya's poking, Meng Chao still felt warmth in his heart, and he thanked her sincerely.

He stopped talking for a bit, then extended his thumb and index finger to pinch them together. “Speaking of which, when you heard that I killed Bullet Xue Rui and the others, did you really not suspect me? Not even for a second? Not even a tiny bit?”

“What's that? You don't trust me?” Lu Siya snorted as if she was really displeased with Meng Chao's question. “I might not know about the others, but I know you. If you really wanted to betray us, you would have done so a long time ago.

“The underground area beneath Raging Waves and the accident in n.o.ble Descent Hotel were way better places to betray humanity compared to the lair. Since you managed to stay true to yourself during those times and faced death fearlessly, I just couldn't think of a reason why you would turn traitor at this time.

“Besides, there's one more important reason that made me believe that you didn't kill Bullet Xue Rui.”

“What's that?” Meng Chao asked.

Lu Siya grinned and said calmly, “If you had really turned traitor and killed Bullet Xue Rui, you wouldn't have been so stupid as to let others see you.”

“…” Meng Chao could not help but laugh. “You know me, Big Sis Ya.”

“You're my most important investment to date. There's no way a good investor would not know her investments.” Lu Siya grinned. “Fortunately, even though I gave up on the chance to s.h.i.+ne at the frontlines to save you in the lair, I didn't come away with nothing.

“I honestly don't know whether to say that you're really lucky or really unlucky. It's like you always appear at the wrong place at the wrong time and fall into the enemy's most dangerous schemes. But for some reason, you keep disabling the enemy's schemes with your fists.

“Thank goodness you were around this time.

“Otherwise, no matter how meticulously the abnormal beast research department and the secret police planned and how proper Vice Director Nie as well as Senior Nie's plans were, the Vortex might have ended up succeeding.

“You prevented the lair from being destroyed. This achievement is similar to saving the transmigration experts in n.o.ble Descent Hotel. Forget about how the higher ups will reward you, the gangs alone are going to host a party to thank you for saving them.

“Don't worry. I won't let you suffer any losses. I will definitely help you get all the profits you're supposed to get. If any of the gangs dare to pay you a penny less, I'll crush them!” Lu Siya said boldly and slapped her chest.

Meng Chao was not thinking that far ahead.

Aside from the gang members, there were nearly one million normal citizens living in the lair.

He had chosen to risk his life to save all of them.

However, when he thought about it carefully, aside from forming good ties with the superpowers who could do whatever they wanted, like the nine great mega corporations, he would also benefit from becoming friends with the people in the gangs, especially since he had plans to change Dragon City's future.

From this angle, he might have accidentally played a good move that would provide long-lasting effects.

As the two of them spoke, Golden Tooth, Black Bone, Poison Scorpion, and other gangs' middle as well as higher management brought a large group of their trusted subordinates.

When they looked at the burning VIP room that was shrouded in smog behind them, quite a number of gang leaders felt their hearts race with fear. They could not imagine just how miserable they would have ended up if Meng Chao were not around. The forces they had built through decades of hards.h.i.+p would have also ended up in a state they did not want to think about.

Under Phantom Bear Xiong Wei's lead, they fell into a neat row to salute Meng Chao and Lu Siya.

Then, they did not even dare to breathe as they stared at Broken Sword Ye Xiaoye respectfully while he stood at a distance not too far away.

Since Deity Realm superhumans were the pillars who had been standing tall for fifty years and protecting Dragon City through the storms of the Other World, their prestige was incomparable.

The gangs were relatively sensitive and did not like the Deity Realm superhumans from the outside world visiting them on usual days to interfere with their business, but now, the lair was on fire, and everything was in a mess. The might of a Deity Realm superhuman, undoubtedly, became a pillar of strength in their hearts.

With Broken Sword Ye Xiaoyue protecting them, even if they heard that Red Brows Su Lun betrayed the lair, they were no longer panicking.

Among the three big gangs in the lair, Black Bone, which was controlled by Phantom Bear Xiong Wei, was the greatest benefactor.

It was about to become the greatest gang in the lair and step above Golden Tooth.

Poison Scorpion' support was Sky Pillar Corporation, and Lu Siya had hope to take control of Sky Pillar Corporation in the near future, so Poison Scorpion was naturally happy to see Meng Chao and Lu Siya gain great achievements. They were the most outstanding pair among the Golden Era, and the gang listened to whatever they had to say.

But Golden Tooth was dejected and in alarm.

They did not know whether their gang leader, Saber Jin Wanhao, could even be considered to be alive. It probably would be more accurate to say that he was already dead.

Their vice gang leader, Red Brows Su Lun, betrayed the humans and joined the monsters. He even planned to destroy the entire lair.

This was a huge blow, and the strongest gang in the past was immediately shaken so much that they were on the verge of breaking down.

But Song Jinbo's appearance brought Golden Tooth back from the edge of breaking.

As a member of the higher management in charge of all the entertainment industries under Golden Tooth, he was a veteran who had been working in the business for decades.

Once he gathered all the information and a.n.a.lyzed the situation, he knew very clearly that right then, both their gang leader and vice gang leader were compromised. To Golden Tooth, the most important problem was not whether it could retain its position as the strongest gang in the lair, but whether it could manage to not break down overnight.

Golden Tooth was currently in a critical situation where it might fall apart.

Since the pillar that had been supporting the gang for decades had already fallen, Golden Tooth had to look for a new coattail at the fastest speed before they really started to decline.

They were in a hurry, and Song Jinbo did not have the time to choose carefully.

There was only one firm and strong coattail within sight, and that coattail… was Meng Chao.

As the most outstanding member of the third generation in the Lu family and a person who was supported by the giant that was Sky Pillar Corporation, Queen Bee Lu Siya could definitely mobilize more resources than Meng Chao.

But Sky Pillar Corporation already had a loyal soldier in the lair—Poison Scorpion.

It would be undignified for Golden Tooth to ignore their pride and fight against Poison Scorpion to ride on Sky Pillar Corporation's coattails. This would destroy the balance between the nine great mega corporations and the gangs, which would bring new troubles.

But Meng Chao was different.

On the surface, he had nothing. Even if he had Superstar, the Broken Star Club, and Blue Home's support, he was unable to fight against the nine great mega corporations for the time being.

But Song Jinbo valued Meng Chao's potential as the youngest Heaven Realm superhuman in Dragon City.

The current incident could be taken as an example. Meng Chao had managed to slaughter his way out of a certain death situation. In the end, he even miraculously turned the tides. In the future, who was to say that he would not create the tenth cultivation family that was not part of the nine great mega corporations?

More importantly, helping someone in need was always better than giving gifts to someone who already had everything, be it on Earth or the Other World.

To the nine great mega corporations, Golden Tooth was just an insignificant force after it lost Saber Jin Wanhao.

Even if they groveled at their feet while the other turned a cold shoulder to them, they would have to wait until the nine great mega corporations were in a good mood to give them their attention.

Meng Chao was different.

His strength and the forces under him were at the golden period of development. If he obtained Golden Tooth's full support, he would be like a tiger with wings and would climb to higher heights.

If he were to be bound tightly to Golden Tooth, perhaps they would not be riding on his coattails anymore, but would enter a mutually beneficial relations.h.i.+p and become allies with an unbreakable bond.

Song Jinbo also had some great ambitions.

He was loyal to Saber Jin Wanhao and was willing to work for Golden Tooth's gang leader for the rest of his life, but now, the Saber was broken, Red Brows had betrayed them, and Golden Tooth did not have a leader. Someone had to step forward to clean up the mess.

Why couldn't he be that person?

When he acted according to Meng Chao's will to secretly contact his old friends in Golden Tooth and the other gangs, Song Jinbo had already calmly thought through all these problems.

He also obtained a lot of information from Leprosy Village's Su Mulian.

Then, with his years of experience in society, he guided her to make a series of decisions.

And now, when he met Meng Chao again, he was confident.

“Brother Meng Chao, I'm really thankful for saving me, Golden Tooth, and the entire lair. Golden Tooth won't be able to repay your kindness to us even if we crush our bones for you.”

Song Jinbo wept as he thanked Meng Chao.

He stopped talking for a moment and changed his tone to one of earnestness. “More importantly, through your guidance, we understood deeply that it's unhealthy for us to have been so discriminatory toward Leprosy Village over the past few decades. We've been wary of them and exploited them. It's impossible for us to maintain such a relations.h.i.+p with them anymore.

“If we want to ensure that order remains in the lair for a long period of time so that we can help all the lair citizens get more benefits and a brighter future, we must destroy the misunderstandings between the lair and Leprosy Village. We must work together so that we can brave the storms together!

“I've already represented all the people in Golden Tooth in a discussion with Ms. Mulian.

“Once this situation comes to an end, Golden Tooth will definitely invest a large amount of resources in reconstructing Leprosy Village, and through reconstruction, we will sign a new, healthier, and fairer tactical cooperation agreement with Leprosy Village's Wild Wolf.

“At the same time, we'll bring in a lot of external capital and power to reform the lair so that the whole lair, including Leprosy Village, will improve and gain a new life.

“And the external power that we'll favor will be you, Brother Meng Chao, no, Mr. Meng. We really hope that you can serve as the middleman and bring in various resources from Superstar, Broken Star Club, and Blue Home to help Golden Tooth, Wild Wolves, Leprosy Village, and the whole lair see new hope!”

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