Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again Chapter 1110 - Do You Mean That There's Something Wrong With Xu Ye's Body?

Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again -

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Chapter 1110: Do You Mean That There’s Something Wrong With Xu Ye’s Body?

“Boss, do you mean that there’s something wrong with Xu Ye’s body?” Beitang Lie asked as he led the two of them towards Xu Ye’s room.

Quan Jue nodded. “Yes. Xu Ye’s body contains the consciousness of two people. Bai Wanxi’s remnant consciousness is no different from a time bomb to him. It can explode at any time and affect him. Xu Ye was fine previously, but he suddenly fainted. It might be related to Bai Wanxi’s remnant consciousness in his body.”

“I hope Xu Ye will wake up fine.” Chi Jiao sighed. Her eyes were filled with unconcealable worry.

Because of Lu Xian, Chi Jiao and the others couldn’t take out the Heart of Time and merge it with the little heart. As a result, they couldn’t remove Bai Wanxi’s remnant consciousness yet.

Chi Jiao couldn’t bear to see Xu Ye in danger because of this.

The three of them took the elevator to Xu Ye’s floor and saw Pei Yao, who was supposed to be guarding him, rus.h.i.+ng over. “Jiaojiao, bad news! Xu Ye… Xu Ye seems to have gone crazy!”

“Isn’t he sleeping? Has he woken up?” Beitang Lie asked uneasily.

Pei Yao’s face turned pale from fright. Her expression was grim as she urged Chi Jiao and Quan Jue. “It’s hard to explain. Just go and see Xu Ye and you’ll know what I mean!”

Chi Jiao and Quan Jue quickened their pace and arrived at Xu Ye’s room.

“Xu Ye, how are you?” Chi Jiao had just opened the door when she suddenly heard a scream.

Xu Ye’s scream was extremely ear-piercing and sounded like a girl’s. Chi Jiao found it hard to believe that such a sissy scream came from his mouth.

“Ahhh—! Don’t come over! Who are you? Why did you put me in such unsightly clothes?!” Xu Ye was wrapped in a blanket and curled up on the bed. Xu Ye was so frightened that he picked up random items from the side table and threw them at Quan Jue when he saw him behind Chi Jiao. “Pervert! Rapist! Get out!”

Quan Jue dodged and narrowed his eyes impatiently. “Xu Ye, are you courting death?”

“What Xu Ye? Who is that?” Xu Ye was terrified. His tone was very soft and helpless. Although his voice still sounded like that of a young man, his tone was clearly different from Xu Ye’s normal tone.

Chi Jiao saw Bai Wanxi’s shadow in Xu Ye. Her expression changed, and an indescribable complex feeling arose in her heart, prompting her to ask tentatively, “Are you Bai Wanxi?”

On the bed, “Xu Ye” was wrapped in the blanket and did not move. He did not shout this time. Instead, he shook his head in confusion. “Bai Wanxi… Is that my name? I don’t remember. I don’t know who I am.”

Quan Jue and Chi Jiao exchanged glances when they heard this.

Hearing this, they were certain that the person in front of them was no longer Xu Ye.

Or rather, the person in control of Xu Ye’s body now was not Xu Ye himself, but the remnant consciousness in his body, Bai Wanxi.

However, why did Bai Wanxi seem to not remember anything?

Bai Wanxi was very confused. She found herself in an unfamiliar place and wearing immodest clothes the moment she woke up. She didn’t know what to do and instinctively used the most primitive methods to protect herself.

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Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again Chapter 1110 - Do You Mean That There's Something Wrong With Xu Ye's Body? summary

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