Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again Chapter 983 - I Hope You Don't Regret It

Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again -

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Chapter 983: I Hope You Don’t Regret It

“Mr. Oster, you seem to be in a good mood. I believe you are very satisfied with my son,” Quan Jingzhou said with a fake smile.

A look of surprise appeared in Oster’s eyes. He immediately recalled Quan Jue’s surname and realization dawned. “So you are father and son. What a surprise. Mr. Quan is so lucky to have such an outstanding son and daughter-in-law. I’m envious.”

Quan Jingzhou narrowed his eyes and asked tentatively, “Mr. Oster, did Quan Jue show you something just now?”

Oster nodded, his gaze constantly observing Quan Jingzhou’s expression. “Yes, Mr. Quan Jue showed me the game he and Miss Chi designed. I’m very satisfied and already plan to sign a contract with them.”

Quan Jingzhou’s eyes darkened.

He knew that Quan Jue and Chi Jiao must be up to no good!

As it turned out, he was right.

Quan Jingzhou didn’t reveal his thoughts on his face. Instead, he smiled. “There’s no need to go through so much trouble. He’s my son. He and Jiaojiao came over on my behalf just now. Therefore, Mr. Oster just needs to sign the contract with me. I’ve already asked my lawyer to prepare the contract. Mr. Oster just needs to sign it.”

With that, Quan Jingzhou’s secretary took out two contracts from the briefcase.

When Oster saw Quan Jingzhou push the contract in front of him, his lips curled into a polite smile. “Mr. Quan, please forgive me for being blunt. The proposal Mr. Quan Jue showed me just now is completely different from the one you showed me previously. Moreover, I’ve already discussed the details of the contract with Mr. Quan Jue. He told me clearly that he is signing the contract with me on behalf of his company, Feng Ting Company, and not the Quan Corporation.”


Quan Jingzhou smiled disapprovingly. “Mr. Oster, young people are stubborn. This son of mine is indeed very outstanding, but he’s a little strong-headed. However, he’s still my son. What’s his is mine. As long as you agree to sign a contract with me, I can guarantee that I’ll give you the same game with better terms.”

“Mr. Quan, you’re too confident. The game created by Mr. Quan Jue doesn’t belong to him alone. He created it with Miss Chi Jiao. Their idea and gameplay are the best I’ve seen so far,” Oster said.

“No matter how creative it is, it still needs capital to support it before it can proceed further. Feng Ting Company is just a small outfit. It can’t compare to the Quan Corporation. Mr. Oster, you’re a smart person. You should know what to choose.” Quan Jingzhou suppressed his impatience and tried his best to smile.

“My choice is still Feng Ting Company. Mr. Quan, let me remind you not to bully the poor,” Oster was firm.

“Mr. Oster, are you going to terminate your cooperation with our Quan Corporation?” Quan Jingzhou asked coldly.

Oster nodded, his expression cold. “As a businessman, it’s important to make money. However, no matter how much money you make, you can’t forget your original intention. Mr. Quan doesn’t seem to understand this. It’s obvious that we can’t continue to cooperate.”

Quan Jingzhou stood up with a cold smile. He looked down at Oster as if he wanted to see through him. “Mr. Oster, I hope you won’t regret what you’ve done today.”

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Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again Chapter 983 - I Hope You Don't Regret It summary

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