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Chapter 1340: He Even Alerted Elder Ye

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Jiang Weishang hung up on Su Huaiyuan and called each of his old friends in his address book… Half an hour later, he had informed everyone he needed to.

He finally stopped and looked up at the sky outside the window. His gaze gradually became determined. With a straight face, he called Jiang Zongnan and Jiang Zongjin.

“Hey, come over here.”

After Old Master Jiang called his two sons, he informed Jiang Yao, Jiang Li, and Tang Wanru.

He even called Yuan Qing and the others among the older generation.


He didn’t miss a single person. He called everyone he needed to. Finally, he paused at Qiao Nian’s number on the phone.

Old Master Jiang hesitated. After some thought, he decided not to disturb her. He sat silently in his wheelchair after putting down his phone, waiting for the others to come.

Old Master Jiang was a slick person and had connections with almost everyone when he was younger.

Several top families in Beijing more or less owed him favors, including the Ye, Wei, and Wen families.

Down in Rao City, he had a good relations.h.i.+p with Madam Tang of the Tang family.

Not to mention Nie Mi and the others, who were his close friends.

This time, Old Master Jiang basically called everyone he could.

He had only called Old Master Ye from the Ye, Wei, and Wen families. However, it was enough.

Not to mention that apart from the Ye family, he had also called Nie Mi and Su Huaiyuan to bear witness.

The Jiang family’s relatives arrived first.

Yuan Qing dragged her family here.

Initially, she wanted to build a relations.h.i.+p with Old Master Jiang and let her juniors interact more with him.

However, she felt Old Master Jiang’s completely different aura as soon as she arrived at the ward.

This time, Old Master Jiang’s att.i.tude was very serious.

She was about to say something after she went in. However, she did not dare to say a word and stood silently in the corner when she saw Old Master Jiang’s stricter att.i.tude.

Jiang Zongjin arrived not long after Yuan Qing and her family.

Then, Jiang Zongnan reluctantly brought Tang Wanru, Jiang Yao, and Jiang Xianrou.

Compared to Jiang Zongjin, who was alone, their family looked majestic.

Tang Wanru immediately asked Old Master Jiang the moment she entered, “Dad, why did you suddenly call us over?”

Jiang Zongnan did not say anything. It was mainly because Ye w.a.n.gchuan had come to look for him in the afternoon. He had something on his mind and was very worried along the way. He was not in the mood to think about why Old Master Jiang had called so many people over.

He did not want to greet Jiang Zongjin when he saw him. He only reluctantly pursed his lips and called him ‘Big Brother’, and that was it.

His att.i.tude was cold, but Jiang Zongjin didn’t care and didn’t think too much about it.

After all, he didn’t know that Qiao Nian’s USB drive had been stolen, much less that this matter had anything to do with Jiang Xianrou.

Jiang Zongjin made a cup of tea for Old Master Jiang and handed it over. He even covered Old Master Jiang’s legs with a blanket and said elegantly, “Dad, remember to eat the health supplements Nian Nian gave you. Don’t save them. She said that she’ll buy more for you after you finish these.”

Old Master Jiang’s tense expression softened a little at the mention of Qiao Nian. The corners of his lips curled up and he said in relief, “Oh, there’s still a lot left. Don’t worry. I’ve always remembered to take them.”

Jiang Zongjin followed his gaze and saw the gla.s.s bottle on the cabinet. It was the one Qiao Nian had given him. There were more than ten white pills inside.

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Madam's Identities Shocks The Entire City Again Chapter 1340 - He Even Alerted Elder Ye summary

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