Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws Chapter 2191 Chu Kuangren Completes His Closed-door Meditation, Challenge? No, Jian Shifang's Wait

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Chapter 2191 Chu Kuangren Completes His Closed-door Meditation, Challenge? No, Jian s.h.i.+fang's Wait

Meanwhile, in Myriad Arms City, there was a house covered with all kinds of restriction seals. 

A man emerged from within, wearing a set of white robes and exuding a transcendental aura. 

It was Chu Kuangren who had just completed his cultivation. 

His aura was much more elusive than before.

"This strange feeling…" 

Chu Kuangren looked into the distant sky with narrowed eyes. 

He felt the calling of a certain energy, and it was calling to the Infernal Dragon's energy inside him.

Chu Kuangren also possessed the power of the dragon.

"Interesting. Is this about the dragons?" Chu Kuangren thought to himself. 

"Master, the source of this feeling might be the legendary Dragon Tombs," Lil Ai's voice echoed in his head.

As the Omniscient Spirit, she had absorbed the knowledge of thousands of universes' Great Dao. She was so knowledgeable that no one else in the past could rival her bank of knowledge. 

She had records of the Dragon Tombs in her database.

Soon, Lil Ai provided Chu Kuangren with information regarding the Dragon Tombs.

"I see. It's an interesting place," Chu Kuangren thought to himself as he rubbed his chin. 


Then, several figures arrived before him. 

It was Lan Yu, Chu Hong, and the others who sensed that Chu Kuangren had come out of his closed-door meditation. 

He glanced at them and realized all of their cultivation levels had increased significantly. It seemed like the Grand Dao Mountains he provided them played a vital role.

"How has the Pan Gu Sect been recently?" he asked.

"Everything is progressing well. A while ago, Honghua, Elder Dragon Huang, and some dragons have left for the Dragon Tombs," Lan Yu said. 

Chu Kuangren was not surprised.

If he could sense the Dragon Tombs calling, Shang Honghua, who possessed the power of the Twin Dragon, and the dragons with pure dragon lineage must have sensed it as well.

"Great. I was planning to visit the Dragon Tombs," he said.

Before he left for the Dragon Tombs, he took care of some sect affairs and checked what the sect required for future development.

Suddenly, a sword ray shot across the sky. 

It was fast, sharp, and contained an astonis.h.i.+ng sword intent.


Chu Kuangren furrowed his brows. The sword ray was heading straight for the Blazing Flame Volcano without concealing. It was an act of provocation.

"Audacious! Who goes there?" 

The elites of the Pan Gu Sect rushed out. 

They teamed up and tried to block the sword ray, but the sword ray's unusual power overpowered them, even though they were a lot stronger than before.

"Petty trick," Chu Kuangren muttered as he shook his head.

He pointed his sword hand sign forward, releasing a stronger and sharper sword intent to destroy the sword ray. 

Then, a voice echoed across the sky. 

"Ten days later, I, Jian s.h.i.+fang, wish to challenge the Pan Gu Sect Leader at Edgeless Mountain. I will be waiting." 

Everyone was surprised.

"Jian s.h.i.+fang is ranked sixth on the Human Divine Bachelor Leaderboard!" 

"He wants to challenge the Sect Leader?"

"He's got nerves."

Chu Kuangren looked at the fading sword intent. "The sword intent is from the Holy Spirit Sword Art. It seems like he's from the Divine Sword Palace, like Jue Jian." 

The Divine Sword Palace was one of the human race's Monarch-cla.s.s forces, and Jue Jian was one of the elites there. 

Judging from the aura from the fading sword ray, Jian s.h.i.+fang's cultivation level might be higher than Jue Jian's.

He might be a tough opponent for the rest of the sect, but he was nothing to Chu Kuangren after the latter completed his cultivation.

"Where is this Edgeless Mountain?" Chu Kuangren pursed his lips.

He was planning to visit the Dragon Tombs, not answer Jian s.h.i.+fang's challenge. 

Many wished to challenge him. 

If he answered all the challenges, he would be extremely busy.

Hence, he refused to go.

Chu Kuangren did not care about the challenge invitation. After he dealt with the sect affairs, he put Lan Yu and the others in charge before heading to the Dragon Tombs.

He traveled alone not just because it would be more convenient, but it was also because the Dragon Tombs, as its name suggested, was a graveyard for dragons. Non-dragons or people with no dragon power could not enter.

Meanwhile, at Edgeless Mountain, a swordsman in violet robes was hugging his sword while waiting for his opponent to arrive. 

He had slivers of sword qi circling him, granting him a terrifying demeanor. 

The man was Jian s.h.i.+fang, the one who just sent the challenge invitation to Chu Kuangren.

He ranked sixth on the Human Divine Bachelor Leaderboard. He was also the direct disciple of the Human Sanctuary, the Divine Sword Palace.

"Who do you think will win? Chu Kuangren or Jian s.h.i.+fang?"

"I don't know. Chu Kuangren is ranked first, but the Divine Bachelor Leaderboard doesn't represent one's strength. I can't tell."

"I guess you're right."

"I think Chu Kuangren has the advantage because he killed Jue Jian and is the first on the Grand Dao Leaderboard."

The Grand Dao Leaderboard was unlike the Divine Bachelor Leaderboard. Being the first on the Grand Dao Leaderboard directly reflected Chu Kuangren's strength.

However, some leaned toward Jian s.h.i.+fang as well. He was not ranked on the Grand Dao Leaderboard because he was already a Grand Dao Supreme Honorable.

Many gathered around Edgeless Mountain to witness the battle.

They came after knowing that Jian s.h.i.+fang had challenged Chu Kuangren.

At the peak of Edgeless Mountain, Jian s.h.i.+fang was changing his sword intent.

He knew Chu Kuangren was strong because he killed Jue Jian. He dared not be careless or underestimate an opponent of such level.

He had to adjust his mind and energy to the best level.

"Chu Kuangren, I am ready to fight you. Let me see how strong your sword is!"

Jian s.h.i.+fang looked forward to fighting Chu Kuangren.

Time flew. Five days went by, and then ten days went by.

It was almost time for the battle, but Chu Kuangren was nowhere to be seen. 

With a frown, Jian s.h.i.+fang grunted and said, "Hmph. I never thought Chu Kuangren wasn't a punctual person. What a disappointment." 

Instead of leaving, he continued to wait. 

In his opinion, Chu Kuangren was also a swordsman, one of the greatest out there. Such a great swordsman had his pride and would never deny a challenge. 

He believed Chu Kuangren would come. 

Fifteen days went by.

One month went by.

Jian s.h.i.+fang started to lose his patience.

Three months went by.

Jian s.h.i.+fang's sword intent grew restless. The void around him was torn.

"Chu Kuangren is a great swordsman! He will never turn down my challenge! He will show up!" 

Jian s.h.i.+fang continued waiting until half a year went by.

By then, the cultivators around Edgeless Mountain had lost their patience, and more than half of them went home.

The rest grew bored and were disappointed by the outcome.

"I thought we could witness an amazing battle, but the guy stood there for half a year, and nothing happened. How boring."

"Is Chu Kuangren afraid of the challenge?"

Some of them refused to believe Chu Kuangren was afraid. As the first on the Grand Dao Leaderboard, Chu Kuangren challenged even the Monarchs, so why would he be afraid of Jian s.h.i.+fang's challenge?

"I don't think he's afraid. I think Chu Kuangren doesn't even care about Jian s.h.i.+fang's challenge. That's why he didn't show up," someone said.

The words entered Jian s.h.i.+fang's ears.


The sword intent he had been charging for half a year exploded. Like a flash flood, the terrifying sword intent wreaked havoc around the mountain.

Jian s.h.i.+fang's expression was grim, and anger overflowed from his eyes.

"Chu Kuangren, how dare you insult me like this! This will not end well! It's either you or me!" 

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