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Chapter 2192 Transcendent-tier Formation Master Inheritance, Reuniting With Long Shuijing

It was a peaceful day in Myriad Arms City.

The weaponsmiths continued forging their weapons, and the cultivators of the Pan Gu Sect continued their cultivation.

Everything was progressing smoothly until a sharp sword intent came from the distant sky.

A figure carrying a vast sword intent flew toward the city, leaving a trail of black cracks in the void.

Myriad Arms City shook as the sword qi enveloped it.

"Chu Kuangren, show yourself!"

A frosty voice echoed across the sky of the city.

Then, a blazing aura erupted, and a figure engulfed in flames emerged. It was Armament Destruction.

He stared at Jian s.h.i.+fang coldly, saying, "The Sect Leader isn't here now, but this isn't a place where you can cause trouble."

The Blazing Flame energy and sword intent clashed.

Jian s.h.i.+fang narrowed his eyes. To his surprise, he found a strong sense of threat in Armament Destruction.

Other than Chu Kuangren, the Pan Gu Sect seemed to have another elite.

"You, name."

"Armament Destruction."

Jian s.h.i.+fang was surprised to learn the name. "Armament Destruction, the first on the Primordial Leaderboard? Your aura is already in the Grand Dao Realm."

Armament Destruction had broken through to the Grand Dao Realm. During the next refresh, he might be in the top ten of the Grand Dao Leaderboard, like Chu Kuangren.

"Leave, or I will make you leave," Armament Destruction said coldly.

"I want an explanation from Chu Kuangren. Why did he ignore my challenge?" Jian s.h.i.+fang said coldly.

"As I said, the Sect Leader isn't here. As for why he ignored your challenge, maybe you're not worthy of challenging him," Armament Destruction said.

He spoke the most hurtful words using the calmest tone. 

Jian s.h.i.+fang's expression turned grim. "Nonsense!"

He struck forward with his sword, releasing a sharp sword intent that enveloped the realm.

Armament Destruction swung his Broken Arms forward and blasted his Blazing Flame energy at the sword intent.

The two energies clashed and exploded.

Both of them were pushed back.

Then, their figures disappeared, and a fierce fight happened in the air.

Everyone who saw the fight was terrified.

"Is Armament Destruction strong enough to fight Jian s.h.i.+fang?"

"Let's just believe in him."

"Jian s.h.i.+fang wouldn't dare to cause a scene here," Nuwa said.

The Pan Gu Sect was not just any sect. Its Sect Leader was Chu Kuangren, who had three Monarchs behind his back.

Jian s.h.i.+fang would not dare to cause any serious trouble. 

He was simply expressing his frustrations.

After a few rounds, Jian s.h.i.+fang stopped.

He knew he could not force the Pan Gu Sect to his will. Even the Divine Sword Palace would have to consider the consequences of killing Chu Kuangren.

He could not afford to mess with the Devil King, the Radiant G.o.ddess, and the Tempest King. 

"Tell me where Chu Kuangren is!" Jian s.h.i.+fang asked.

"It's none of your business."

"Hmph! He avoided my challenge. What a coward! If he comes back, tell him that I despise him!" 

Jian s.h.i.+fang grunted coldly before disappearing into a stream of light.

"Human Divine Bachelor? What an idiot," Armament Destruction grunted.

Further away, Lan Yu and the others were left speechless. 

Chu Kuangren was also one of the Human Divine Bachelors and the strongest one at that.

By saying that, Armament Destruction was indirectly cursing Chu Kuangren.


Chu Kuangren sneezed all of a sudden as he made his way to the Dragon Tombs.

He rubbed his nose, confused. "No way. I shouldn't get a cold at my cultivation level. Is someone talking about me behind my back?"

He used the Great Destiny Technique to do a divination. 

Soon, pieces of information appeared in his mind, and he pieced them together.

"Someone is throwing a tantrum at the Pan Gu Sect." 

However, he was not worried at all. 

Armament Destruction was in the sect, and he had set up the Water Nation Warring Map Formation. 

Even if a Monarch caused a scene, it would be difficult for them to destroy the city.

Moreover, Chu Kuangren had three Monarchs behind his back.

He was curious about who had the nerve to cause a scene at Pan Gu Sect.

"This person's destiny is s.h.i.+elded by another elite, so it's difficult for me to figure out who. However, that destiny carries a sharp sword intent. If I'm right, it should be Jian s.h.i.+fang."

He did not answer Jian s.h.i.+fang's challenge, so the man must be mad.

How ungentlemanly of Jian s.h.i.+fang. 

Chu Kuangren pursed his lips and then stared at the Hongmeng Leaderboard in the sky.

While he was away cultivating, two more leaderboards had been revealed — the Weaponsmith Leaderboard and Formation Leaderboard.

All the weaponsmiths and formation masters were ranked. Ou Yenuo was ranked fourth in the Weaponsmith Leaderboard, which was a decent ranking.

Other than that, the first on the Formation Leaderboard was the Formation King, and the rest of the top ten were from the Heavenly Formation Palace as well.

It was not much of a surprise because the Heavenly Formation Palace was the biggest force of formation masters in the Great Hongmeng Universe.

The Formation King was also a Monarch.

The formations he set up could stop even the Radiant G.o.ddess.

"If I have the chance, I must take down the Heavenly Formation Palace," Chu Kuangren thought to himself.

Half a month went by.

"Congratulations, Host! You've won the Transcendent-tier prize, the Formation Master Inheritance."

On that day, Chu Kuangren spun the Fantasy Roulette. 

However, he found it strange. 

Just as he was thinking about how to deal with the Heavenly Formation Palace, the Fantasy Roulette gave him a Transcendent-tier prize, the Formation Master Inheritance.

He was ridiculously lucky.

Chu Kuangren accepted the inheritance, and a large amount of formation knowledge entered his mind, instantly making him a top-tier formation master.

"So this is the true essence of formation."

Chu Kuangren gained new insights into formations after accepting the Formation Master Inheritance. For that, he was grateful.

"I wonder who is stronger now, the Formation King or me?" Chu Kuangren thought to himself and looked forward to meeting the Formation King. 

Other than the formation knowledge, he had Lil Ai as support. 

With that, he could gain the upper hand against the Formation King.


A loud dragon roar came from further away.

Chu Kuangren utilized his Immortal Consciousness to take a look and saw a dragon being hunted. However, he knew the dragon.

"It's her…" Chu Kuangren was surprised to see the rainbow-colored light emanating from the dragon. 

It was Long Shuijing from the Central Heaven Universe, one of the Heavenly Roundtable members.

Long Shuijing was in bad shape as two humans in black armor were chasing her.

The two men were fully armed with bows, crossbows, and spears. Each weapon was carved with mystical runes.

Moreover, the runes seemed to have a suppressing effect against dragons.

Long Shuijing's tensile dragon scale became extremely brittle before their weapons.

"d.a.m.n, Dragon Hunters!"

Long Shuijing roared and released her Rainbow Dragon Breath.

However, her Rainbow Dragon Breath did not damage the Dragon Hunters' armor, which seemed forged to withstand the dragon's breath. 

"Hehe! A Heavenly Rainbow Dragon. What a rare one. I bet the materials on you can fetch a good price," one of the Dragon Hunters sneered, looking greedy. 

Rare materials always fetched a great price, and the Heavenly Rainbow Dragon was a rare breed among the dragons. 

Due to their beautiful outlook, the materials from their bodies could easily fetch a high price in the black market.


The two Dragon Hunters hurled their weapons at Long Shuijing.

At that critical moment, a sword qi flew in from the sky and tore the two Dragon Hunters in half.

The armor they wore failed to protect them.

"You seem to be in trouble, Long Shuijing," a nonchalant-sounding voice said.

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