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Chapter 288: The Story in The Book

“Let us live in the world of mortals with ease and elegance,

ride horses and gallop to share the prosperity of the world,

sing out the joy in our hearts to the wine,

seize the youth with vigour and vigor…”

Bai Yingying held a stack of books and hummed as she walked inside,

she liked the “Return of the pearl”series very much, and also liked many Qing palace dramas. The reason was very simple. Qing palace dramas were very immersive for Bai Yingying. After all, she was from that era.

“Wow, the villas here are so beautiful. After I give the books to the boss, I'll call the manager and ask him to buy a set for me here.”

While appreciating the scenery nearby, yingying muttered to herself.

She didn't even know,

in fact, she had already bought a house here,

and her boss..,

had already shamelessly moved in.

Of course..,

for people who owned a lot of property..,

it was quite normal for them not to remember where their houses were..,

“Oh, here we are. This one.”

Bai Yingying stood outside the door and looked inside. She found that this courtyard was very dilapidated and overgrown with weeds. The owner must be very lazy or there were no people living here normally.

“It was you guys who bought the house but didn't live here that raised the price of the house, causing me to buy a house so expensive!”

Bai Yingying complained unhappily,

she had her own funerary objects,

madam Bai also liked to collect antiques, calligraphy, and paintings at that time,

but no matter how much wealth you had, when faced with the real estate market, you would still feel as if you were being emptied out very quickly.

Of course..,

bai Yingying, who had always wanted to surpa.s.s Xu Qinglang in the number of houses, did not realize it,

her behavior of buying a house was actually a disguised form of property speculation.

She pushed open the courtyard door and walked to the entrance of the porch. Bai Yingying rang the doorbell.

Why is the boss in this place and asked me to deliver a book?


The door was opened,

a woman stood inside.

The woman was a little plump. She was not very tall and wore a pair of

“Please come in.”

She did not even ASK,

she just let Bai Yingying in.


Bai Yingying walked in and looked around,

she even started to wonder if she had found the wrong place?

“Are you here to look for your man?”The woman asked as she poured tea.

“Yes, yes!”

Bai Yingying nodded like a chick pecking at rice,

my Man..,

this t.i.tle..,

i like it very much!

“He's over there. He said he was tired and wanted to lie down for a while.”

Bai Yingying followed the position the woman was pointing at,

she saw Zhou Ze lying on the sofa,

the familiar boss..,

the familiar ge you lying down.

Bai Yingying immediately went over with a book in her hands.

Zhou Ze sat up straight and motioned for Bai Yingying to ma.s.sage his shoulders.

She put down the book,

bai Yingying went behind the sofa and began to ma.s.sage Zhou Ze's shoulders.

“Mom, I'm hungry.”

A little girl who looked like a porcelain doll ran over.

The woman squatted down,

she reached out and stroked the girl's hair:

“Be good. Go upstairs and find your brother. He has a lot of snacks hidden there.”

“Okay, Mom!”

The little girl skipped upstairs.

In the living room,

only the woman, Bai Yingying, and Zhou Ze were left.

“Boss, I brought the book.”

Bai Yingying said softly to Zhou Ze while ma.s.saging him.


Zhou ze nodded,

as if he was too lazy to speak and was a little tired, he just closed his eyes and enjoyed the ma.s.sage.

The woman walked over and reached out to flip through the stack of books. She picked up a book and said,

“I've read this book before, ‘The gluttonous dinner.'”

“MM-HMM.”Bai Yingying did not comment.

“It's about a man, a murderous demon. And he has a hobby. After killing someone, he has to eat that person.

“He likes to kill women, and he has very high expectations of eating people. He likes to cut out the bones of victims to make soup, and then slowly gnaw on their bones.”

The woman calmly narrated,

“Interesting. Such a book can actually be published.”

The woman looked at Bai Yingying, smiled, and continued, “Miss, I still have some books here. Do you want to read them?”

Bai Yingying shook her head. She seemed to be completely focused on her boss and had no time to care about anything else.

The woman was a little disappointed,

she looked at the sky outside,

she said,

“It looks like it's going to rain.”

It was already dark outside.

“Miss, have you read this book before?”

The woman took out another book.

You're so annoying,

show off how much you read!

She's been lying in a coffin for 200 years,

she doesn't have wifi!

How could she have time to read!

Do you want me to recite ‘The Legend of the Fiery Maiden'for you?

Bai Yingying was very unhappy with this woman who had always been controlling her tone. Perhaps, it was her instinctive vigilance and vigilance against Zhou Ze appearing in the home of a woman with children.

The boss now not only had Loli by his side, but also his original wife and men,

and now, he was expanding his tastes,

developing a series of wives?

Yingying suddenly felt her chest was very tight,

so tired!

But this woman seemed to not care about Bai Yingying's reaction at all,

she continued:

“This book is called ‘The Ghost of the Qian Woman', and it leeches off the popularity of ‘the ghost of the Qian Woman'.

It tells the story of the Qing dynasty,

a young lady from a rich family fell in love with a scholar,

even the ancient people were probably tired of this kind of plot, let alone modern people.

Therefore, the author devised a new direction for the story.

For example..,

that poor scholar was actually an experienced lover. He liked to wander among the young ladies of various families and deliberately deceive these little girls…”

Hearing this,

bai Yingying's expression suddenly froze.

“Also, this matter later exploded. The reason for the explosion was very simple. The scholar wanted to steal a woman's heart, but this young lady was unwilling. She only wanted to hand over her body on the wedding night. In other words, she did not agree to the matter of getting on the train first and then buying a ticket.

She foolishly encouraged the scholar to study hard and obtain fame.

In the end, the scholar got angry and spread the news about her and herself. Moreover, there was a personal jade pendant given to her by the eldest lady as proof.



they liked to treat women as things they could show off,

on the wine table,

they showed off.

In fact, many women were also silly. They didn't know that for men,

it was easy to be under a blanket with someone, but it was very difficult to be with someone for a lifetime

“After this matter was publicized, it brought a huge disaster to the eldest lady. This was because the eldest lady had a marriage contract, and the other party was the young master of the Governor's family. In addition, the eldest lady's family was very strict, and they paid attention to etiquette, “Her ancestors and her parents were all people who learned the Dao, so they couldn't bear to rub this kind of sand in their eyes.

“The eldest lady was drowned in a pig cage. To the public, she was reported to have died of illness.”

Ying Ying stopped ma.s.saging her fingers and raised her head with a gloomy expression, staring at the woman who was still narrating.

“The story is not strange at this point. It can only be considered a tragedy, but there are too many tragedies like this, and they don't attract attention.”

The woman took a sip of tea and continued:

“The eldest miss did die and became a ghost after she died. However, due to some fortuitous opportunities, she escaped the capture of the ghost and stayed in the human world.

The reason she stayed behind was very simple. She wanted to take revenge.

She had once been a temple G.o.d. She could have really been a temple G.o.d and enjoyed the incense. In the future, she might even have a stable official position.

However, she had been watching, waiting, and also taking revenge. The descendants of that scholar had been separated from their families by her one by one and were unable to achieve success. In the end, they did not end well, but she had always protected their family's incense, so that she could continue to take revenge from generation to generation.


one must never anger a woman.

Doing ten thousand good things, but as long as one intentionally did a bad thing, their work would be ruined. Her temple had always been in turmoil, but in the end, it simply disappeared.

Even after she had seen through it, when her revenge ended and she went to h.e.l.l, her heart was still very perturbed.

She knew that she had acc.u.mulated a lot of merit,

however, she did not know if her merit could offset the evil she had done.

However, she did not regret it. She did not regret it at all,

at that time, she was magnanimous in her love. After she died, she took her revenge happily.

People often said that one should not feel unfair to the second generation of the rich. That was because their parents had worked hard.

Therefore, don't blame yourself for being unlucky. That was the sin of their parents.”

At this point, the woman stretched her back, and the two lumps on her chest almost burst out. She continued to sigh:

“The story of this book also tells us not to always think about that kind of naive love. Too naive love doesn't exist.

Of course, such stories of ancient scholars and beautiful women rarely really happened in reality.

Zhang ailing or Lu Xun once said:

The man is not poor, the woman is not ugly, the only thing in between is a meal of wine

The Man is poor, the woman is ugly, we are friends everywhere.”

“Mom, Brother is not giving me snacks.”

The little girl shouted upstairs.

“Coming, coming, Mom is coming.”

The woman got up and walked up the stairs. Her confident talk finally ended.

In the living room,

only Zhou Ze and Bai Yingying were left.

“Continue pinching, don't Stop.”

Zhou ze pointed at his shoulder.

Bai Yingying nodded,

she reached down,

one hand grabbed Zhou Ze's neck,

the other hand grabbed Zhou Ze's shoulder,

then she exerted force,


pulling again,

finally pulling!


A good head was taken off by Bai Yingying,

holding my hair,

in my hand,

like a seaweed,

swaying in the wind.

Head still open mouth, some do not understand why, before and after the treatment gap, simply earth-shaking.

The oriole glanced at him,


“I'll know you're not real when I walk in the door,

on You,

it doesn't smell like the boss.”

“What is his smell?”asked the head in the warbler's hand suddenly.


this time, the voice coming out of the head was not that of a man,

it was the voice of the woman who had been telling the story earlier,

it was filled with deep confusion and a strong desire to learn,

as a writer..,

she hoped that her characters would be as realistic as possible and as “Lifelike”as possible. Only works like this could give the readers a sense of immersion.

Bai Yingying threw the man's head against the wall,


It was like a watermelon falling to the ground,

it exploded,

her eyes and ears rolled all over the floor.

Yingying clenched her fists and stood in front of herself, swaying her body:


of course it's Manly,

why are you asking such a shy question,


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