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Chapter 82: You Are Actually An Angel?!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After absorbing the items in the voodoo treasure vault, Davis continued to cultivate for a few more days before finding a servant and bringing him to find Walid.

Of course, the treasure vault had already been swept clean by Davis, so Walid had no way of knowing.

The servant was even less qualified to enter the treasure vault.

Following the attendant, Davis arrived at the third floor of the underground hall.

Along the way, all kinds of insect petri dishes and all kinds of refined blood runes were arranged on the wall like a museum.

Walking to a stone door engraved with complicated inscriptions, the attendant gently knocked on the door and respectfully left.

“Who is it?”

Walid's voice came from within the door.

“Jaime Angela.”

Davis said faintly.

Suddenly thinking of something, Davis quickly increased the aura all over his body to the limit of a lower-rank demon.

He was just one step away from becoming a middle-rank demon.

The door slowly opened, and a lot of dust fell from it.

Walid's figure appeared in front of Davis. Seeing Davis' rapid growth in strength, Walid could not help but show a hint of surprise on his face.

Was this the legendary SSS level genius?

He was indeed extremely powerful. In just a few days, he was actually about to break through to become a mid-level demon.

He heard from Tortoric that Davis had only become a low-level demon a few days ago.

This was too shocking. Walid could not help but lick his dry lips.

He thought to himself that he was now one step closer to completing his plan.

“Walid, didn't you say that you wanted to show me the worm that can destroy the world?”

Davis said indifferently, as if there was no emotion in his voice.

Of course, there was no emotion. The reason why Davis went to the demon world was to kill Walid and save Fiona.

If it was not for Walid suddenly mentioning the poison worm that could destroy the world, Davis would have chopped him into pieces.

Thinking about how Fiona was still suffering because of the poison worm that Walid created, Davis' killing intent toward Walid became even stronger.

When Davis mentioned the poison worm, Walid could not help but reveal a confident smile.

“You are talking about that. Since you are here, come and take a look with me.”

After saying this, Walid brought Davis to a stone door.

Behind the stone door was a brand new world.

The surrounding walls were formed from countless of dense chaotic energy, and at this moment, they formed a blood-colored waterfall.

The place where Davis and Walid walked was a suspension bridge that was erected in the air. Due to the impact of the chaotic energies, the suspension bridge was slightly shaky.

However, Walid was an expert level chaos demon king. This shaky bridge was nothing to him.

However, as a lower demon, Davis was still able to maintain his stability on the shaky suspension bridge. Walid could not help but look up to Davis.

It seemed that Davis was not only gifted, but also had a lot of experience in actual combat.

As the two walked, they saw a huge object in the distance.

However, it was blocked by the blood-colored mist from the blood-colored power of chaos, so they could not see the whole thing clearly.

The two walked for about three minutes before they came to the center of the secret chamber.

At this moment, a huge silkworm chrysalis appeared in front of Davis.

There seemed to be a terrifying existence slowly condensing within it.

At the side, more than ten tubes were being inserted into the silkworm chrysalis. The thick power of chaos made the entire silkworm chrysalis even more powerful.

Davis narrowed his eyes slightly. With his eyes, he estimated that this silkworm chrysalis was about the height of more than ten floors.

Compared to the silkworm chrysalis, he was no different from an ant.

“Jaime, let me introduce my life's work to you.

“Helm's blasphemous hundred-legged bug.”

“Although it is only at the silkworm chrysalis stage, its strength is already comparable to chaos lord.”

Walid slowly introduced him to Davis.

“Chaos fiend king?”

Davis was surprised. Could it be that the chrysalis could already fight?

As expected, looking behind the chrysalis, Davis immediately discovered dozens of b.l.o.o.d.y tentacles.

On top of them was genuine blood. It was probably the result of Walid feeding it with his life.

If that was the case, wanting to kill two chaos fiend kings here would undoubtedly make it slightly more difficult for Davis.

Fortunately, the hundred-legged worm chrysalis was also of the evil attribute, and its bloodline was still not as high as Davis'.

Through the suppression of the dual bloodline of the angel and demon, although it would take a little more effort, it would not be too embarra.s.sing for Davis to deal with it.

“Walid, are you using humans to feed this thing?”

Davis frowned slightly.

Walid shook his head and said, “How can I use humans with low bloodlines? If I use humans to feed the millipede, it will dilute the demon bloodline in his body.

“I have to feed it to demons with pure bloodlines, and the higher the talent, the better. Only then can the strength of the millipede be further improved.

“In about a year or so, the hundred-legged worm will be able to hatch completely. At that time, the hundred-legged worm will have the strength of the twelve demon G.o.ds.

“And if the hundred-legged worm is allowed to fully mature…


“Even Lucifer and Samael will be killed by it in an instant.”

Walid's words were full of confidence.

Davis did not pay much attention to what Walid said after that.

However, he said, “It must be fed by a pure-blooded demon, and the higher the talent, the better.” This made Davis quiver.

Old man, what do you want?

Do not tell me you want to feed me to the millipedes as well?

Looking at the fanaticism in Walid's eyes, Davis felt that it was not impossible.

However, now that he knew Walid's secret plan, Davis had no need to continue hiding it.

At this moment, the black and white wings on his back opened slowly!

The auras of angels and demons bloomed!

In both hands, the Holy Red Flame Sword and the Bloodthirsty Lava Blade appeared.

A terrifying feeling that made Walid's soul tremble instantly shot from the tip of his toes to the top of his head!

How terrifying!

What kind of aura was this?!

Walid subconsciously turned his head and saw the terrifying scene that he would never forget in his life.

Davis was like a slaughtering Asura that had returned from h.e.l.l, slowly walking toward him.


“Today is the day you die!”

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