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Chapter 844: Chapter 844 – The Original World

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In a short period of time, because of the existence of the Magic Net, the entire World of G.o.ds became even more prosperous. Everywhere was a beautiful and prosperous scene.

In the current World of G.o.ds, as the threshold for obtaining knowledge became much lower, greatly increasing the probability of the appearance of extraordinary beings.

In the past, out of a hundred people with extraordinary talent, only one person might have had the opportunity to come into contact with extraordinary beings or even become one of the extraordinary beings. Most people would either be wasted, abandoned, or simply buried. No one would bat an eye at them.

But now, with the existence of the Magic Net, such a situation would no longer appear. The appearance of the Magic Net was a huge benefit to these people.

Under such circ.u.mstances, the number of extraordinary beings continued to grow. The world was changing with each pa.s.sing day, and all aspects were gradually moving towards prosperity.


Of course, this process was not perfect. Changes often came along with severe pain.

In a normal world, even normal social changes would affect the lives of a large number of people, causing many people to suffer.

Even a little fluctuation in the normal world was like this, not to mention such a big change in the World of G.o.ds. In the changes of the world, most people were the beneficiaries, but a small number of people would pay the price.

These people might have original sins, or they might be innocent, but they still paid the price.

But in general, the world was always moving forward. In the long run, the world would always get better and better. And the spread of the Magic Net did not stop but continued to extend outwards.

Utilizing the power of the simulator, the Magic Net continued to expand, constantly bringing other worlds into its hands and holding them tightly.

This was what Hatim was busy with. As for Kalunu, he had already woken up and started to be busy.

The path that Hatim was walking on was to use the weave as an extension of his existence. He was the Magic Net. As long as the Magic Net exists, he would exist. The stronger the Magic Net became, his strength would be stronger.

And what Kalunu was walking on was a mixture of the path of bloodline and the path of faith. The dragon descendant in the World of G.o.ds had already become the foundation of his strength.

The stronger the descendants of dragons were, the more power they could provide him. Thus, after he woke up, Kalunu began to attack and expand. He did not start a war and spread the flames of war to the entire World of G.o.ds. Instead, he chose to invade other worlds.

In this regard, Kalunu and Hatim cooperated very well. Kalunu was responsible for leading the invasion of the dragon descendants and occupying other worlds with the powerful strength of the Kobolds.

Hatim used the Magic Net to complement Kalunu’s actions as a bargaining chip to obtain the support and favor of the world’s will. The cooperation between the two was not flawless, but it could also be considered a clear division of labor, complementing each other.

Thus, after thousands of years, their forces quickly expanded and became more and more powerful.

The G.o.ds of the World of G.o.ds began to change because of the changes brought about by the Magic Net and the mark. They became stronger and stronger as they crazily competed with each other.

And in the Primogenitor World, new divine existences were still being born. The Pantheon Temple was no longer the same as it was in the past. It was no longer the same temple with just a few lonely figures.

Although the current Pantheon Temple was still not worthy of the name of Pantheon, there were already more than a dozen divine existences among them.

In terms of overall strength, it was already quite strong. At least compared to the past Primogenitor World, it could be considered to have recovered and breathed a sigh of relief.

During these years, the Pantheon Temple had constantly been trying to move, invading other worlds and plundering the powers of other worlds to join the Primogenitor World.

With the avatars working so hard, Chen Heng naturally did not stay idle. While the avatars were recovering and struggling, he also took the time to go to the Abyss.

Before this, he had left a mark on Aisha’s body. Seeing Chen Heng again, Aisha was scared half to death by him. But after hesitating for a long time, she finally chose to betray the Abyss.

Under her persuasion, one by one, the Abyssal Demon G.o.ds were found by Chen Heng and devoured by him as a feast.

The vast Abyss was an extremely dangerous place for others, but to Chen Heng, it was like a cafeteria where he could eat to his heart’s content.

In any case, these Abyssal Demon G.o.ds had no other abilities. They only knew how to destroy and devour, and didn’t know how to build a civilization.

Since that was the case, then letting Chen Heng, who was even more powerful, devour these demonic G.o.ds seemed to be a good outcome for these Demon G.o.ds, right?

Chen Heng thought very wickedly.

In short, after this hunt, the entire Abyss was already empty.

There was nothing the Demon G.o.ds could do. With the power of the Demon G.o.ds, if they simply wanted to hide their main advantage in the Abyss World, Chen Heng would still have difficulty locating them.

But the situation was different with Aisha, a spy from the Abyss. She was also a Demon G.o.d from the Abyss. She was very clear about the usual abilities of those Abyssal Demon G.o.ds.

Because of her, Chen Heng could easily track down these Abyssal Demon G.o.ds.

After that, she was also rewarded by Chen Heng. Chen Heng gave her some authority he did not need, allowing her to increase her strength again.

On this basis, he also used his mark to help s.h.i.+eld the Will of Abyss, making it impossible for the Will of Abyss to trace Aisha’s actions. This was to return her favor of helping.

After all, Aisha had helped Chen Heng. Her contribution was pretty huge. Logically speaking, Chen Heng should have helped her to protect this lackey who had taken the initiative to seek refuge.

He was prepared to come to the Abyss to eat again in the future.

Yes, at this moment, Chen Heng had completely treated the Abyss as a cafeteria, and the kind that would automatically restock.

Anyway, with the vastness and power of the Abyss World, it would not take long for those Abyssal Demon G.o.ds to appear again. As long as a few years pa.s.sed, they would be available for harvest again.

Isn’t this wonderful?

Chen Heng’s plan was very good, but it felt somewhat strange.

The Abyss World would plunder other worlds and devour the powers of other worlds to nurture the Demon G.o.ds. Then, Chen Heng would come to the Abyss World to plunder and harvest the Demon G.o.ds.

This did not sound right.

Who was the bandit?

The Abyss World was furious, but there was nothing it could do.

The Abyss world had more autonomy than other worlds but was also very limited. In essence, this was still a world’s will. It only had basic instincts, and it did not have perfect wisdom.

After being blocked by Chen Heng, the Will of Abyss did not even notice the culprit, Aisha. It failed to find out that she was the one leading the way and gave her its last bit of power.

This was unexpected, but it seemed to be understandable. After all, under the background of the death of the Abyssal Demon G.o.d, as the only remaining Demon G.o.d in the Abyss World, it was natural for Aisha to receive attention from the Will of Abyss.

It was not the end. Even Aisha, a genuine abyssal lifeform, felt a little embarra.s.sed when she felt the familiar favor and blessing from the Will of Abyss.

So she made up her mind. To maintain the favor and power in her body, she had to work harder and strive to kill all the Abyssal Demon G.o.ds in the future for Chen Heng, leaving only herself.

It was great filial piety. After leaving the Abyss World and conveniently planting tool men in Aisha in this world, Chen Heng returned to the World of G.o.ds.

In the Abyss World, he killed many Demon G.o.ds and also devoured a lot of authority. Even now, these authorities did not have much effect on him, but after careful digestion, he still made progress.

And digesting their required time. This process took about five thousand years before it finally stopped. And at this moment, Chen Heng also felt a layer of isolation. It was a vague feeling.

“Have I reached my ceiling?”

Recovering from the silence, Chen Heng looked at the world in front of him and felt the situation on his body. He couldn’t help but mutter to himself. He could feel that as his strength continued to increase, his strength had reached an end.

He felt it would be impossible to increase his strength further if he continued to move forward. Some kind of law was restricting him, preventing him from further increasing his strength.

“It’s still not the end…”

Chen Heng muttered to himself, and various thoughts flashed through his mind. He could be sure that his current strength was still not his limit.

Above the Supreme Divine Power, there was an even stronger level of existence. This could be seen from the existence of the simulator.

The existence of the simulator itself was a miracle. Even though Chen Heng could see through some of the mysteries within and perform some of its functions with his strength, he could still not replicate its core functions.

The existence that created the simulator back then was even more powerful than the current Chen Heng. There was no doubt about that.

However, the predicament before him was real. Chen Heng could feel that his strength had completely stopped progressing. This left him with no other choice.

“Looks like it’s time to go back…”

Chen Heng looked into the distance. It was as if a huge world was reflected in his vision. The world was spinning and flowing.

Chen Heng slowly closed his eyes.

Keep moving forward!

Very soon, a brand new journey began. In the simulator, a somewhat unfamiliar coordinate began to flash. This was the Original World’s coordinate and the world that Chen Heng first descended into.

It was a world that was very similar to Chen Heng’s memories, but it was also a world that was somewhat beyond recognition.

In this world were his parents, family, and all the people in his memories. However, the background was very different from the past. In the world that Chen Heng first came to, there was no such thing as martial arts.

However, that world did have it. This was the difference. The simulator on Chen Heng’s body had also truly awakened in that world. And now, it seemed like it was time to go back and take a look.

This was what Chen Heng was thinking and doing. His strength was already extremely powerful, so powerful that it was suffocating. If an ordinary divine existence’s body was comparable to a large world, then the current Chen Heng was surpa.s.sing everything.

His body seemed ordinary, but in reality, every drop of his blood had the Qi of countless worlds flowing within it. His body’s size was enough to surpa.s.s the incomparably large and terrifying worlds like the Primogenitor World and the World of G.o.ds.

If Chen Heng had fallen at this moment, his corpse would have transformed in the Boundary Sea. It would certainly have evolved into an incredible and terrifying world, which would attract a large number of divine existences over.

This was the terror of the Supreme Divine Power. It was so powerful that it made people tremble, reaching a state that others could not imagine. With his current strength, it was naturally not difficult for him to return to the world he had once lived in.

In fact, not only did he find the Original World, but he also found the coordinates of the other worlds. The Azure World, the Sorcerer World…

The many worlds he had visited in the past had all left their marks in his mind, which was why Chen Heng remembered them. And with Chen Heng’s current strength, as long as he remembered them, he would naturally be able to obtain the coordinates. The power of the Supreme Divine Power was so ridiculous.

A moment later, Chen Heng arrived in a vast world. It was a desolate, deathly silent world.

The world was ice-cold. The earth had lost its heat, the sun had extinguished, and all life force had been absorbed by people, completely disappearing.

In the past, there had been powerhouses who had taken action and plundered the origin of this world, causing this place to become deathly silent, and all life force had completely disappeared.

Only the last bit of resentment remained, remaining in the entire world and unable to dissipate. At a glance, the entire surface of the world still had countless corpses.

After the world died, the countless microorganisms that existed naturally disappeared. Those corpses had also turned into stones and could no longer move. Only lonely corpses could be left standing here.

Chen Heng slowly closed his eyes. In his mind, the memories of this world were slowly being retraced.

Those were the memories and experiences he had left behind in this world. They could be considered the few memories he had left in this world.

A magical scene began to appear. Along with Chen Heng’s memories, the entire world around him seemed to change as his memories began to retrace.


The world shook, and fragments from the past began to rewind and rea.s.semble countless times. The Supreme Divine Power’s authority was activated.

Time began to flow backward. Retracing time was not something difficult to do. Every divine existence had this ability. They could retrace time and understand the various aspects of the past.

Even if they retraced some individuals back to the past, allowing the old to regain their youth and the dead to regain their lives, it was still a trifling matter.

However, what Chen Heng was doing at the moment was much more magnanimous.

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