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Chapter 323: Yanhuang Deities, the t.i.tans

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Among all the pantheons, the Mayan pantheon was not the most powerful but middle level. The most powerful beings were the Ennead.

The G.o.d of wrath, the king of the G.o.ds, was killed by Ling Jiu in the previous battle. Now the most powerful one was the Ennead, commonly known as the Nine Mayan G.o.ds.

They were the G.o.d of the sky, rain, clouds, war, death, sacrifices, wind, and the G.o.ddess of Polaris.

The Nine Mayan G.o.ds apparently knew what had happened to the pantheons. They gathered the remaining Mayan G.o.ds in front of the wormhole as they were prepared to destroy the wormhole connecting Earth.

Just then, Ling Jiu came.

The Nine Mayan G.o.ds were struck dumb.

“Is this the lair of the Mayan G.o.ds?”

Ling Jiu looked at the planet and could not help nodding. This is also a habitable planet, covered entirely in forests.

The plants differed from those on Earth, but still covered a large proportion of this habitable planet.

Such a habitable planet was a vast treasure, which would come in handy for humans in the future.

Ling Jiu's eyes landed on the Mayan G.o.ds.

There were not many of them, just about 130, and their strength was ordinary. All of them were stellar beings.

Ling Jiu did not bother to speak to them. Instead, he asked Leoux to capture them all, and then he left.

The actions of the Mayan G.o.ds were warnings for Ling Jiu. These G.o.ds were better than he thought; they had gotten the wind of his coming beforehand. So he had to capture them all before they destroyed the wormhole.

There would be nothing he could do about them if they destroyed the wormhole.

“Ling Jiu,” Leoux said, “there are pantheons on Earth. We can't possibly wipe off all of them in such a short time. So my suggestion is to go to the lairs of the most powerful pantheons, lest they destroy the wormholes.”

“You have a point.”

“Among all the pantheons, the Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and Hindu pantheons are the strongest. These four pantheons have super-cl.u.s.tered beings among them.” Leoux's eyes were gleaming with light. “Attaining super-cl.u.s.tered level is difficult. Yet there are many super-cl.u.s.tered beings in these major pantheons. So I dare to say, their lairs are either extremely rich in energy, or near a white hole.”

Ling Jiu nodded in agreement. While it was relatively easy to become a stellar being, becoming a galactic being was much more difficult, let alone becoming a super-cl.u.s.tered being.

As ma.s.sive as the Milky Way was, there were few super-cl.u.s.tered beings born here.

So it seemed odd that there were so many super-cl.u.s.tered beings in these major pantheons.

So, how did they do that?

Ling Jiu became interested in their lairs.

“The nearest lair is the Egyptian pantheon. Let's go there first,” Leoux said.

Ling Jiu had no objection.

He teleported to the sky over Egypt with Leoux's guidance, and with little effort, he found the wormhole leading to the lair of the Egyptian pantheon.

After pa.s.sing through the wormhole, he came to the lair of the Egyptian pantheon. The Egyptian G.o.ds seemed to have an information system failure. They did not know what happened to the major pantheons, and no G.o.d was there to destroy the wormhole.

The entire planet was quiet.

This planet was more beautiful than that of the Mayan pantheon. The sun was high above the sky, beaming its warm light onto earth, with rivers and lakes scattered on the vast prairie. This was a beautiful and vibrant, habitable planet.

“Exactly as I guessed, Ling Jiu.” Leoux's voice came. “the time flow in the lair of the Egyptian G.o.ds is indeed much faster, about ten times that of Earth, and the concentration of dark bio-energy is one thousand times that of Earth.”

Ling Jiu raised his eyebrows, his eyes beaming with excitement. “You mean this planet is also near a white hole?”

“Absolutely.” Leoux nodded rigorously.

“No wonder the Egyptian pantheon is much more powerful than other pantheons—they have a geographical advantage!”

After that, Ling Jiu released the Nine-winged Serpent and Nine-headed Serpent to guard the wormhole, preventing the Egyptian G.o.ds from destroying the wormhole. Meanwhile, Leoux was finding the locations of the Egyptian G.o.ds.

Leoux was highly efficient at the job. It did not take long before it found all the living beings on this planet.

“There are 1.5 billion living beings on this planet. Among them, there are one thousand stellar beings, which is ten times that of the Mayan pantheon. But they are relatively scattered all over the planet!”

It might seem like a problem with such a scattered population. But it was nothing to Ling Jiu. He could move hundreds of thousands of kilometers in a single teleport. The entire planet was like his house's backyard. So capturing the Egyptian G.o.ds was as easy as pie.

Ling Jiu followed Leoux's guidance and moved around, capturing the stellar beings on this planet.

Over 1,000 Egyptian G.o.ds went into the Leoux in just half an hour, after which Ling Jiu left the planet.

He came to the lair of the Norse pantheon. Just like the lair of the Egyptian pantheon, this one was also near a white hole.

The flow of time is 15 times that of Earth, the concentration of dark bio-energy was 2,500 times that of Earth, the number of stellar beings alone exceeded 3,000, and the strength of mortals was strong, with the weakest being Level-6 arcanists.

In terms of overall strength, they were much stronger than humans. But it was useless.

All stellar beings were captured.

Next, Ling Jiu had gone to the Persian, j.a.panese, Korean, Slavic, Mesopotamian, Aztec, Inca, and Hindu pantheons.

He had taken down dozens of pantheons, and captured nearly 30,000 stellar beings in just a matter of half a day.

“These many stellar beings can be turned into the gardeners for the Saiyan Golden Ape avatar.”

Ling Jiu was very happy with the harvest this time. “Next stop, the lair of the Greek pantheon.”

Ling Jiu teleported to Mount Olympus, and in the mountainside, he found a wormhole leading to the lair of the Greek pantheon.

His eyes were on stalks when he came to the planet Olympus.

There were dozens of figures floating in the sky. They were ma.s.sive.

They exuded an incredibly powerful aura, as if a superma.s.sive sun crushed down on the land and all the living things.

“This aura…” Ling Jiu's heart skipped a beat. “It is definitely super-cl.u.s.tered beings, who are much, much stronger than super-cl.u.s.tered beings like Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades.”

“Who are these guys?”

“I didn't know that the Greek pantheon has such powerful beings.”

“I think I know who they are, Ling Jiu.”

“Who are they?”

“I searched the memories of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades before this. Before their rise, there were two prior generations of Greek G.o.ds. The first generation was the Primordial G.o.ds, and the second was the t.i.tans,” Leoux said. “The t.i.tans are all dead, but the Primordial G.o.ds are still alive. They have been imprisoned.”

“Imprisoned?” Ling Jiu frowned. “These guys are apparently much more powerful than Zeus and the like. How did they end up in prison?”

“Zeus and his mates' memories tell us that as early as thousands of years ago, some enemies from outer sky came. The Primordial G.o.ds fought and were seriously injured. This weakened their strength, and the t.i.tans took this opportunity to throw them into prisons.” Leoux continued. “After that, the third-generation Olympian G.o.ds such as Zeus overthrew the t.i.tans and further secured the prisons.”

“That means, the t.i.tans could imprison these guys only because they were severely injured?” Ling Jiu had put two and two together.

“Exactly.” Leoux nodded.

“Check out their strength, Leoux.” Ling Jiu was staring at the Primordial G.o.ds in the sky.

“You got it.” Leoux started to do its job. Not long after, he came back with the finding. “These guys are powerful—incredibly powerful, Ling Jiu.”

“What do you mean by incredibly powerful?” Ling Jiu c.o.c.ked an eyebrow.

“The most powerful one has reached the limit of super-cl.u.s.tered beings. The others are super-cl.u.s.tered level-nine,” Leoux said.

“Super-cl.u.s.tered level-nine? That's not just powerful—it's freaking powerful!” Ling Jiu frowned as a question came to mind. “Are these guys humans? How did they become so powerful if they were humans?”

“Nope. They are not humans.” Leoux shook his head. “Their genetic material, DNA, completely differs from humans. I'm sure they are Cosmicians.”


Ling Jiu squinted. “These guys whom the Greek G.o.ds called the Primordial G.o.ds are from the cosmos, just like Kryptonians?”


“That will be interesting if they are Cosmicians. Just that I am curious where these guys come from.”

“We will know when we search their souls.” Leoux said. “How about that?”

“Do it.” Ling Jiu had no objection. The ident.i.ty of these Primordial G.o.ds had aroused his curiosity.


Leoux maneuvered the Leoux and flew out from Ling Jiu's wrist towards a dozen towering giants in the sky.

“What is that?”

The enormous eyes of the towering giants had quickly spotted the Leoux.

“A s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p!”

“Where does this s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p come from?”

The giants spoke in a human language.

Judging from the giants' recognition of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p alone, it was apparent that they were much more powerful than the deities on Earth.

“Take it down!”

A giant stretched out a huge hand to grab the Leoux.

Unfortunately, before his hand could get close, the Leoux shot out black ropes shot at the dozen giants.

“What are those things?”

The faces of those giants changed, and they quickly attacked the black ropes.

But their attempts were useless. These black ropes were apparently of a different level of weapon. The attacks of those giants did not work, and these black ropes caught them.

At last, those dozen giants vanis.h.i.+ng into the Leoux were subdued. Leoux then started to read their memories.

There was a result after half an hour.

“Ling Jiu, exactly the same as I guessed. These Primordial G.o.ds are indeed Cosmicians. They are called the Caius t.i.tans,” Leoux said.

“The Caius t.i.tans?” Ling Jiu raised his eyebrows.

“The Caius t.i.tans were the rulers of the Andromeda galaxy. But five thousand years ago, another race slaughtered them,” Leoux said. “These survivors fled to a nearby galaxy, which is the Milky Way, on a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p. They landed on Earth, becoming the first-generation G.o.ds of the Greek pantheon.”

Ling Jiu nodded rigorously. But he still had a question in mind. “They could have dominated Earth easily with their level of strength. Why were they willing to make do with being the first-gen Greek G.o.ds?”

“That was because Earth at that time was strong,” Leoux said. “I found something interesting in their memories. You will definitely be interested.”

Ling Jiu raised an eyebrow.

“Earth was powerful five thousand years ago when there were countless powerful beings. Huaxia people, called the Yanhuang deities, dominated the East,” Leoux said. “The Yanhuang deities were powerful with dozens of super-cl.u.s.tered beings born. They had dominated the East and established a powerful Yanhuang civilization. At that time, the ancient Egyptian deities occupied Africa, the ancient Babylonian deities occupied America, and the Hindu deities occupied India. It can be said that Earth at that time was much stronger than it is now. There were incredibly many stellar beings, and galactic beings were everywhere.”

Ling Jiu could not have been more shocked. He had never known these things before. “Were there deities in Huaxia five thousand years ago?”

“You bet. They were freaking powerful, too,” Leoux said. “Because the Yanhuang deities in the East were powerful, the Caius t.i.tans who arrived on Earth later could only occupy the then barren land in the west and become the first-gen Greek G.o.ds.”

“So where have they gone?” Ling Jiu asked quickly. Five years ago, G.o.ds were born all over the world except for Huaxia. Ling Jiu was honestly puzzled. He thought that the Yanhuang deities were a myth fabricated by people. But now it seemed that was not the case.

“Things started from the divine war five thousand years ago,” Leoux said. “Five thousand years ago, the aliens that wiped out the Caius t.i.tans followed the Caius t.i.tans to Earth. A brutal war broke out between these aliens and the native deities on Earth. Countless G.o.ds died in that war. Of course, humans won the war at last. But it was also because of that war that humans got to know the vastness of the universe. So some G.o.ds left Earth and traveled into deep s.p.a.ce. No one knows where they have gone. Yanhuang deities from Huaxia were among them.”

“You mean that the Huaxian G.o.ds left?” Ling Jiu frowned.

“Yep. According to the memories of the dozen Caius t.i.tans, the Huxian G.o.ds left Earth five thousand years ago and entered the vast universe.”

“No wonder. That makes sense now. Otherwise, I can't explain why there were no deities rising in Huaxia while there were all over the world,” Ling Jiu said.

“After that divine war, the Caius t.i.tans were seriously injured. They and the descendants of the humans overthrew them, that is, overthrown by the second-generation t.i.tans,” Leoux said. “The even sadder thing was, the second-gen t.i.tans were also overthrown by their descendants, the Olympian G.o.ds.”

“What sad guys!” Ling Jiu shook his head. “Have you got any useful intel?”

“Yeah, but bad news for you,” Leoux said. “After breaking out of the prison, the Caius t.i.tans sent a distress signal out into deep s.p.a.ce. They are trying to contact other Caius t.i.tan remnants. The Caius t.i.tans might have been extinct, but no one can guarantee if there are no other surviving Caius t.i.tans. If there are surviving Caius t.i.tans out there and they receive the distress signal, there is a high probability that they will come to Earth. By then, there will be another round of conflict.”

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