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Chapter 111: Beilageluoya Is Simply Too Small. Your True Stage Isn't Here!

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Chapter 111: Beilageluoya Is Simply Too Small. Your True Stage Isn't Here!

By the side, the fierce Tiger King, Kelsius, couldn't help but smile bitterly.

Lin Lei was simply too daring.

He actually dared to use the power of a Sage to make an enemy out of a Great Sage.

However, what Lin Lei had done was something that Kelsius had always wanted to do. Unfortunately, Kelsius couldn't do it.

If this news were to spread to the Saint region, it would probably cause the five great empires to feel shocked!

If Lin Lei were to head to the Saint region now, then Lin Lei would definitely make it onto the list of the most powerful magi of the younger generation of the Saint region!

As for Ma Mo, he subconsciously glanced at his princess.

My dear princess, where in the world did you meet such a terrifying genius?

Lin Lei, on the other hand, appeared extremely calm.

After all, Lin Lei had put in over four hundred days of hard work in order to launch this attack.

After a long while, the fierce Tiger King, Kelsius, walked over.

He said to Lin Lei.

“Lin Lei, after you've dealt with all of this, come take a look of the Saint region.”

“That's where your stage is.”

The Fierce Tiger King, Kersius, didn't know why he had said these words to Lin Lei. Logically speaking, there shouldn't have been any interactions between the two of them.

It could only be said that there was no conflict at all.

But Kelsius still told Lin Lei.

Perhaps he was antic.i.p.ating that one day, Lin Lei would go to the Saint region and show off his skills!

After all, the Saint region had been peaceful for far too long.

Linley smiled calmly.

“If I had the time, I would go.”

Right now, Lin Lei didn't have any bad impressions of Kelsius, who was known as the fierce Tiger King.

Kelsius nodded, then bade farewell to the others. He immediately left the Beilageluoya Empire.

This trip to the ruins had ended. It was time to go back.

The fierce Tiger King Kelsius had been a half-step Great Sage for far too long. It was time to go back and break through and become a Great Sage!

Not long after the fierce Tiger King Kelsius left, Mamo said to Diana as well.

“Princess, it's about time for us to leave.”

Diana nodded.

“Right. Before we leave, I would like to say a few words to Lin Lei.”

Diana said calmly to Mamo.

She still had a huge grudge against Lin Lei!

With these thoughts in her mind, Diana walked directly towards Lin Lei.

“Lin Lei, I have something to tell you. This place isn't very convenient. Can We have a private chat?”

“Private chat?”

Lin Lei was somewhat puzzled and said.

But seeing the strange look on Princess Diana's face, Lin Lei still nodded.

The two of them went straight to a remote location.

Diana said directly to Lin Lei.

“Lin Lei, why don't you come a little closer?”

Lin Lei frowned slightly.

“Princess Diana, if there's anything you need, you can just tell me directly. There's no need to get so close.”

The corners of Diana's mouth twitched slightly, but she quickly suppressed the anger in her heart and put on a smiling face.

“Lin Lei, I have a big secret to tell you. Come closer. If someone hears you, it won't be good.”

Linley couldn't help but feel puzzled.

“If you don't want others to know, why don't you tell me directly through mageforce?”

Diana finally couldn't hold it in any longer, and she exploded with power.

“Lin Lei!”

Instantly, Diana appeared in front of Lin Lei. Her originally smiling face slowly disappeared.

“Lin Lei, let me ask you. Do you remember that white tiger you called the Little Kitten back then?!”

“That little kitten…”

Hearing Diana's words, Lin Lei was slightly stunned, followed with a hint of shock. He pointed at Diana and said.

“You are that little…”

Before Lin Lei could finish speaking, Diana had already sent a kick towards Lin Lei's stomach!

Then, Diana's little fist punched directly towards Lin Lei's head!

Her movements were extremely smooth!

With one look, one could tell that she had practiced countless times.

“You finally remember, Lin Lei!”

“Excellent! Back then, you used to scratch my belly every day, and you had even checked if I was a male or a female!”

“You b*stard, I'm telling you right now, it's you who're little kitten. Your entire family are little kittens!”

“My Name is Diana, and I am the Princess of the Melsas Empire!”

“You better remember this!!!”


Diana's movements were completed in an instant!

But in the next moment, her screams rang out.

Yes, the screams came from Diana, not Lin Lei.

Diana sat down on the ground, feeling wronged as she rubbed her little fist.

It hurt!

It really hurt too much!

Just now, Diana's attack on Lin Lei did not harm Lin Lei at all. Instead, it felt as though she had struck an iron wall.

Just the rebounding force from Lin Lei's body, it had almost shattered Diana's bones.

Why was this fellow's body so tough!

It was so painful!

Lin Lei couldn't help but feel a bit embarra.s.sed.

He had already trained to the third stage of the Infinite Sword Technique.

Even a half-step Sage wouldn't be able to harm him with a King-level weapon, more so when Diana had chosen to use her little fist?

However, Lin Lei still felt somewhat guilty.

After all, the little white tiger he had casually saved was actually the princess of one of the five great empires of the Saint region, the Melsas Empire.

“Earlier, I really didn't know. You didn't tell me. Can you blame me?”

Lin Lei couldn't help but rub his face as he said awkwardly.

Feeling wronged, Diana rubbed her elbow. After glaring at Lin Lei for a moment, she turned and left.

This was too embarra.s.sing!

“Your Highness, what exactly happened?”

Seeing Diana walk back with an angry look on her face, Ma Mo hurriedly asked.

“Nothing. We just need to leave as soon as possible!”

Diana pursed her lips as she said unhappily.

She definitely wouldn't tell Ma Mo about what had just happened.

“We leave directly?”

Ma Mo was a bit confused and said.

Diana frowned as she glanced at Ma Mo and said.

“Why are we still staying here? Are you thinking of having dinner with the royal family of the Beilageluoya Empire?”


Ma Mo shook his head helplessly. He didn't know what had happened to the princess.

However, he didn't dare to ask further. He quickly summoned the airs.h.i.+p and boarded it with the two guards of the princess.

The enormous airs.h.i.+p covered the entire sky, and an enormous rumbling sound filled the heavens and earth.

As for Diana, she was standing on the deck of the airs.h.i.+p. Seeing Lin Lei walk out of the small forest in a rather sorry state, she took a deep breath and called out loudly.

“Lin Lei, listen carefully!”

“The easternmost region is too barren. The stage that truly belongs to you is in the Saint region! If you really do come to the Saint region, come find me in the Melsas Empire!”

After speaking, Diana took out a token from her waist and tossed it towards Lin Lei.

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