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1299 Fragment of the Map (1)

“But wasn’t this treasure left by the ancient races in the sea? What does it have to do with humans?”

Facing Yun Feng’s confusion, the Great Elder smiled wryly. “Girl, there’s no limit to greed.”

Yun Feng was also silent after hearing this. “This thing brought a lot of trouble to the Yun family. Why don’t we just throw it to someone else to stop this trouble?”

The Great Elder of the Yun family smiled wryly again. “Even if we hand over the fragment of the map, we won’t be able to stop the disaster of the Yun family.”


Yun Feng was silent. That was indeed the case. In this era that was full of power, in this world where the strong were respected, the slightest submission would put them in eternal d.a.m.nation! So what if the Yun family handed it over? Trouble would come endlessly. They might as well take this fragment for themselves!

“There are a total of twelve pieces of this map. Four of them are said to be in the Endless Ocean, four have been taken to the human world, and the other four are missing. The ancient four families are the ones in the human world who have the four pieces of the map in the human world.”

“So, the Naxi clan also has a map piece.”

The Great Elder nodded. “These four pieces of the map can be considered the symbol of an ancient family. Back then, one of the four families coveted the map and wanted to attack the Yun family, but it didn’t work out. The map wasn’t taken away, but the Yun family was also severely injured. At that time, the Naxi family reached out and helped the Yun family.”

“Which family wanted to steal the map piece of the Yun family?” Yun Feng’s voice couldn’t help but become cold. The Great Elder of the Yun family shook his head. “The fates of the four ancient families changed over time. Some are secluded, some declined, and some are completely divided.”

“It’s just an illusion that this world is so peaceful. Once the news of the map fragment is released, there will probably be another bloodshed.”

The Great Elder sighed. “Indeed. In the distant past, the four families dominated, but it’s different now. Many stars are rising. People’s desire for power is even more urgent. As far as I know, there are many people in the Inner Region who know about this map.”

“So, the Yun family has been ostracized and kicked out of the Inner Region because of this map?”

“This is just a guess. However, even if they want to find this map, it’ll be a waste of effort.” The Great Elder of the Yun family chuckled, but Yun Feng looked serious. “Great Elder, what exactly is this map about? Is it really the relics of the ancient races?”

“Kid, it’s hard to tell whether a rumor is true or not. It’s up to your judgment. However, the Endless Ocean is indeed mysterious. So far, humans have only stepped into a small part of it. The Endless Ocean is so vast. It’s unknown what else is there.”

Yun Feng nodded. That was indeed the case. She had only been to the territory of the merfolk when she visited the Endless Ocean, and the merfolk lived on the edge of the Endless Ocean! The deeper part of the Endless Ocean was an even wider world!

“When your strength reaches a certain peak one day, you can take a walk in the Endless Ocean. You’ll definitely get a lot.” The Great Elder of the Yun family smiled in relief and handed the map fragment to Yun Feng. Yun Feng was startled and immediately wanted to refuse. “Great Elder, how can you give me such an important thing?”

The Great Elder of the Yun family chuckled. “This thing is already useless to us old guys. If it’s really about something good, I’ll certainly give it to the younger generation.” He stuffed the map into Yun Feng’s hand. “Kid, I’ll leave this thing for you to keep.”

Yun Feng was startled and didn’t say anything. She accepted the map fragment solemnly. “Yes, I’ll remember your teachings.”

The Great Elder nodded in relief. “The Yun family has always been led by three elders. If anything big happens, I’ll be the one to step up. There’s never been a so-called leader. Kid, now that you’re back, you can take this position.”

Yun Feng immediately shook her head after hearing that. “In terms of qualification, experience and strength, I don’t deserve this position!”

The Great Elder chuckled. “You can’t do it now, but you will one day.”

Yun Feng curled up her lips and smiled. “If there’s really a day when I can do it, I’ll definitely not shun my responsibility!”

The Great Elder nodded in satisfaction. “What you wanted to tell me should be about that black-robed man, right?”

“That’s right. They’ve already appeared frequently on the East Continent and the West Continent. They plunder the bloodlines of families with special abilities. I don’t know what they’re doing. Besides… a wisp of the soul of the summoner ancestor of the East Continent, Yun Lan, was taken.”

“His soul was taken away?” The Great Elder’s expression suddenly turned cold. Yun Feng felt heartbroken every time she talked about her ancestor. Back then, she was powerless and could only watch the ancestor’s soul be taken away by force. She could only watch the black-robed man disappear in front of her eyes!

“If they really want the power of the bloodline, they shouldn’t have taken the soul at all…” The Great Elder of the Yun family frowned. “It’s very likely that they’re trying to take the power of the bloodline while doing something in the dark.”

Yun Feng looked at the fragment in her hand. “Maybe they’re also looking for this thing.”

The Great Elder of the Yun family looked serious. “That’s still unknown. We still don’t know their real purpose right now, but that level-6 G.o.d last time has already noticed you. I’m afraid that the mysterious organization will also target you.”

Yun Feng smiled. “They only have the courage to look at me. If they dare to attack again, aren’t they afraid of being annihilated?”

The Great Elder was startled and suddenly thought of something. “Haha, that’s true. The strength of the power talisman you took out last time has already exceeded the G.o.d Level. Which expert gave it to you? I really want to meet this expert!”

Yun Feng smiled lightly. “Master left it for me.”

The Great Elder was startled. “Master?” Yun Feng nodded and didn’t say anything else. She didn’t want to tell the Yun family about her master yet. After all, this was her own business. Only if she went to save him herself could she deserve this mysterious master who had always given her a lot of help even though she had only met him a few times.

Seeing that Yun Feng didn’t say anything, the Great Elder didn’t ask anymore. “If you have a chance in the future, bring that powerhouse to the Yun family.”

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