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Chapter 116: The Poise of a Hero

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Rolon poured cold water on his cla.s.smates by saying, “Do you all know how Hort and lake lost?”

Everyone looked at Rolon.

Rolon continued, “As far as everyone knows, Eugene has three types of talents – the Body of Magic Ox, the Body of Wind, and Agility. However, there are people who think that he has at least two additional talents. Do you now understand why he wants to become Eugene the Second? It is because he has almost the same talents as the Hero Eugene back then.”

“Is he really so powerful?”

None of the students expected that Eugene was so strong.

It was already impressive for a person to have a talent or two, but Eugene actually had four or five talents. Moreover, each one of them was quite good.

“No wonder I couldn't touch him at all. All my attacks were dodged by him. I suspect that he also has the Magic Eagle's eye,” deduced Hort immediately.

Lake said, “I see. Losing to such a genius is not shameful. However, I still have to keep learning magic and try to nurture more talents!”

“Rather than paying attention to an outsider, it's better to prepare for the Black Iron Trial. I heard that the partic.i.p.ants might have a chance to enter the Divine Power Plane in the next Black Iron Trial,” said Rolon.

“What? The Divine Power Plane?”

The entire cla.s.s was in an uproar.

Each Divine Power Plane was a place that warriors and mages dreamed of exploring. Legend has it that there were all sorts of precious treasures inside. Any random stone could transform a person into a Bronze Warrior.

“It's too dangerous. I'm not going.” Ebert shook his head.

Jimmy also said, “If it's an ordinary Black Iron Trial, I don't mind giving it a try. But I don't want to go if it involves the Divine Power Plane. Everyone can help each other in an ordinary Black Iron Trial. Basically there won't be any danger with the guidance of our teachers. The Divine Power Plane is different. Once we enter, we don't know where we'll land. Moreover, it seems that only a portion of it can be detected by the outside world. Our teachers have no way of protecting us. It's a life-or-death battle every time someone enters the Divine Power Plane. It's too risky.”

“I'll definitely go!” announced Rolon as he tightly gripped his spear.

“I want to go too, but can I?” Hort scratched his head in embarra.s.sment.

Rolon said, “Anyone below or at the Black Iron rank can enter. Your strength is much stronger than that of an ordinary warrior apprentice. You can surely survive it.”

Ebert retorted, “I don't recommend Hort going. Besides, when the Divine Power Plane is opened, you might not be at the Black Iron rank yet.”

“Even if I'm not at the Black Iron rank, I'll still go in!” Rolon said firmly. “Your understanding of the Divine Power Plane is too shallow. Let's put it this way. The few of you will probably only have one chance to enter it in your lifetime.”

“Then, how many chances will you have?” Lake asked, unconvinced.

“Perhaps two,” Rolon replied helplessly.

The students couldn't help but laugh.

Rolon concluded, “I'm really not joking. Anyway, that's all I have to say. Su Ye, I hope you can go in. If both of us join hands in the Divine Power Plane, our chances of winning will be much higher.”

Su Ye had read some books on the Divine Power Plane before. He asked curiously, “Why do you want to join hands with me? It doesn't sound like you are only striving to survive.”

Rolon said, “For the Talent Spirits of course!”

The morning sun and Rolon's words lit up every student.

The cla.s.s became lively again.

Even Jimmy and Ebert's eyes brightened up.

Su Ye nodded and looked at his deskmates. He said, “We can talk about the Divine Power Plane as a group when we've time. Of course, if you don't want to go, then forget about it.”

“I'll go too!” Lake gritted his teeth and said.

Everyone was discussing, unable to make up their minds.

When the sun was high up in the sky, Su Ye and Hort had lunch in the cafeteria as usual. Su Ye ended up being questioned by many people from the other regarding his duel with Eugene. They didn't understand why Su Ye wanted to fight with Eugene.

Su Ye was already a famous person in the academy, so everyone was paying attention to his every move.

Su Ye didn't have the time to explain everything in detail. Therefore, he said, “I want to let Eugene and the n.o.ble Academy know that no one can hurt the students of Plato Academy, especially my deskmates! Everyone, don't worry. I didn't embarra.s.s Plato Academy last time, and I won't this time either.”

The crowd fell for Su Ye's speech. Su Ye was praised by them one after another, but most of them were ordinary students.

Many n.o.bles kept their distance from Su Ye.

Every n.o.ble knew that Su Ye had offended a great n.o.ble.

As for the fact that Su Ye had received the gaze of the G.o.ddess of Wisdom, ordinary n.o.bles might be very envious of him, but the great n.o.bles hadn't gotten wind of such news. Even if they knew about it, they wouldn't be afraid of Su Ye.

It was because every great n.o.ble would offer sacrifice to the G.o.ds and receive favor.

Plato Academy was quiet in the afternoon.

During the self-study session, many senior students couldn't hold back their excitement and skipped cla.s.s to go to the school gate.

More and more students were gathering near the main gate of Plato Academy as dusk approached.

Most of the Plato Academy students remained within the school compound, looking out through the famous Plato Gate.

A small number of n.o.ble students walked out of the gate and stood outside with the people from the n.o.ble Academy, chatting and laughing.

The main gate of Plato Academy was located on the famous Socrates Street. There were many people coming and going. Soon, a huge crowd of onlookers gathered.

However, these onlookers were standing at least a hundred meters away from the gate. They were afraid of being caught up in the aftershock of the terrifying and mysterious magic.

An ordinary carriage slowly squeezed through the crowd and stopped near the gate.

Kaerton and Hark got out of the carriage and looked at the people gathered at the gate in confusion.

“Are those… students from the n.o.ble Academy? Hill, go and find out what happened.”

“Yes, Master.”

The coachman hopped down off the carriage and walked towards the crowd.

After a while, the coachman came back and told them what happened.

Kaerton blinked and looked at Hark.

Hark was unfazed by the news.

“This Su Ye is really a troublemaker. If he is beaten to a pulp by Eugene, how will he be able to attend the meeting regarding establis.h.i.+ng a chamber of commerce?” Kaerton complained. “I have heard of Eugene. He is the most talented heir of the Eugene family. In a few years, even I won't be a match for him. He is a true genius with the poise of a hero! Hark, what do you think?”

“There is nothing that Su Ye can't achieve.” Hark's voice sounded like a man who had gone through vicissitudes.

“It makes sense if we look from your perspective. It seems that Eugene will lose. How about this? We'll use your magic dagger as a bet.” Kaerton proposed.

Hark silently stared at Kaerton. His gaze seemed as though he was conveying a roar, “Why don't we use yours?”

Kaerton said, “If Su Ye wins an overwhelming victory this time, you will give that magic dagger of yours to Su Ye, and I'll buy you a new one. If he loses, or if he has a narrow victory, you'll serve me for another three years. How about that?”

“Two years.”

“No way! I'm the one who pays to hire you. Why do you still think you're at a disadvantage?” Kaerton asked.

“It's because with three additional years, I'll be serving you for 93 years. I don't want to stay with you for that long.” Hark's expression was cold and his voice was full of bitterness.

“No, you want to. It's settled. Three years.” Kaerton laughed.

“What if he wins a flawless victory?” Hark suddenly asked.

Kaerton looked at Hark warily and said, “Why do I feel that you've picked up a bad habit? You're not going to contact Su Ye privately and work together to set a trap for me, are you?”

Hark couldn't be bothered with entertaining Kaerton's fantasy.

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