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Chapter 926: LY’s New Head Coach, Wen Xiao

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The press conference continued.

As Yu Yu sat in the first row, every second felt like a year.

She could tell that although this press conference seemed to be hosted by Yang Tao, the real person in charge was still Shen Li.

Even though she did not say much throughout the entire press conference, Yang Tao and Ji Shu were obviously focused on her. Whenever they finished speaking, they would often subconsciously look in Shen Li’s direction.

This realization made Yu Yu’s mood even worse.


She did not want to be inferior to Shen Li. The reason she had come today was because of the pressure from Old Master Yu and Yu Ming.

Who would have known that it would be so embarra.s.sing!

During this press conference, Ji Shu was slowly clearing the stigma he had been carrying. And here she was, sitting here, taking the blame and ridicule on behalf of Yu Cheng and FN!


Yu Yu could not help but look at Shen Li again.

As if sensing something, Shen Li also looked up at her.

It was extremely light, extremely faint.

Those dark and quiet eyes were calm and emotionless.

After looking at each other for a moment, Shen Li suddenly smiled.

Her smile was very faint and only the corners of her lips curved slightly. However, it disappeared very quickly.

However, Yu Yu still understood– Shen Li’s smile had been aimed at her!

All her unfinished words were hidden in this cold and indifferent smile.

‘You want an answer?

‘This is my answer.

‘It’s impossible to reconcile.

‘You must be delusional to even ask for my help.’

In just a moment, Shen Li s.h.i.+fted her gaze.

Only Yu Yu sat stiffly with her fingers clenched. The hatred she had for Shen Li deepened.

She was even more embarra.s.sed because Old Master Yu and Yu Ming had blamed her.

If they had not insisted on her cleaning up Yu Cheng’s mess, how could she have fallen into such a situation?!

So many people were laughing at her!

At this moment, the press conference had been going on for quite some time. The camera swept across the entire venue and Yu Yu’s face appeared for a few seconds.

Someone in the live broadcast room quickly recognized her.

[ Why is it that I seem to have seen Yu Yu? ]

[ The one in the front right of the first row? It looks like her to me too! ]

[ It can’t be! Why is she here? This is LY’s press conference! ]

[ For the sake of transparency, that really is Yu Yu. For the sake of transparency. She came before the live broadcast and apologized to Ji Shu and LY in front of everyone. ]

[ I’m not well read, and I don’t read much. Don’t lie to me! ]

[ She apologized? She actually apologized?! Did anyone record it?! I want to see it! ]

[ I want to see + 1! ]

[ I want to see + ID card number! ]

That person seemed to be quite busy and only returned after quite a while.

[ I did. Actually, the press conference was about to start and everyone’s cameras were switched on. There should be quite a number of people who have recorded it. I posted it on the main page. It’s the latest post. Go and see for yourself if you want to see it. ]

Since this matter was public, it was not a big deal to post a video.

There were so many media outlets present. Which one of them did not want to steal this amount of traffic and popularity?

Hence, countless people swarmed over.

[ I’m back after watching it! I just want to say that it felt so good! ]

[ Oh my G.o.d, Yu Yu’s expression at that time was so ugly, right? But how can I break it when I’m so happy? ]

[ Me too! After all, the Yu family deserved it! Why are they only admitting their mistakes now? Who knows what they had to do earlier? ]

[ Who cares if it’s sooner or later? Just lower your head and it’ll be over! I’ve finally vented my anger! ]

[ She’s actually still sitting at the scene. Doesn’t she feel terrible? Hahahaha! ]

On the Internet, the moment the video of Yu Yu apologizing was posted, it caused a frenzy of reposts.

# Yu Yu apologizes to Ji Shu and LY # quickly became a trending topic.

More people saw the trending topic and were led to LY’s official Weibo live broadcast room.

Within a short period of time, the number of online viewers had already exceeded 800,000!

The most heated issue in recent days was the matter between Ji Shu and FN.

Even though it had already been clarified by the police that Ji Shu was not involved in drugs, not everyone would have followed up on the matter.

Hence, in many people’s minds, Ji Shu’s name was still a.s.sociated with drug abuse.

Now, however, LY was holding a press conference and had made an official statement.

More importantly, Yu Yu had personally appeared at LY’s press conference and apologized to Ji Shu on behalf of the Yu family!

There was nothing more important than this apology to make everyone realize that Ji Shu had indeed been wronged!

Usually, no one would pay attention to the victim’s personal defense.

However, the contrast between the victim’s apology and his submission always had a huge impact!

Perhaps not many people would remember the police report, and not many people would remember that Ji Shu’s hair test results had come out negative.

However, in the luxurious and s.p.a.cious banquet hall, under the countless cameras, the words “I’m sorry” that Yu Yu had said while bowing down would be deeply engraved in the minds of countless people!

At this moment, Yu Yu did not know what was happening on the Internet, nor did she know that she had already become the highlight of this press conference.

Shen Li glanced at her.

Even though she had hidden it well, the anxiety and annoyance in her eyes still clearly displayed her current state of mind.

She must really be wanting to get up and leave immediately.

The corners of Shen Li’s lips curled up slightly.

However, as an indispensable and important person in today’s press conference, naturally, she had to stay here until the end.

Otherwise, how could she highlight the Yu family’s apology?

Yang Tao’s gaze swept past Yu Yu’s face before looking at the many media outlets sitting around her, trapping her tightly. He could not help but sigh inwardly.

It was no wonder that when he mentioned the press conference a few times before, Shen Li had always said that she was not in a hurry. It was not until Yu Yu had called to beg for peace that she had finally set the time.

She had been waiting for Yu Yu’s arrival.

The real spokesperson for this press conference was not Ji Shu, not him, or even Shen Li.

It was Yu Yu!

She had wanted Yu Yu to come and personally wash away the dirty water that had been poured on Ji Shu!

Another reporter stood up, and this time, the person he aimed a question at was Shen Li.

“h.e.l.lo, Shen Li. I’m a reporter from Honghe Sports. Although the storm has subsided and Ji Shu has been cleared of all wrongdoing, this incident has still caused quite a shock to LY. After a period of time, LY will be representing the country and partic.i.p.ating in the World Car Champions.h.i.+p. I wonder if many LY drivers, including Ji Shu, will be affected by this fiasco? Also, as the captain of LY, will you feel pressured because of this?”

His words were blunt and incisive. There was even a hint of aggressiveness in them.

That was because for a team, results were the most important thing!

Would LY still be able to hold on, especially after experiencing so many twists and turns,?

The camera focused on Shen Li.

Everyone’s attention was focused on her as well.

Yang Tao and the rest could not help but look at her, their hearts breaking out in a cold sweat.

How should they answer this question?

“I won’t.”

The young girl’s clear and calm voice rang out in the venue.

“LY has the confidence to bring out her best form in the upcoming world car racing champions.h.i.+ps and win the victory that belongs to us.”

Everyone was shocked by her confident tone.

Then, the girl suddenly stood up and gave a lazy smile to the camera.

“Next, on behalf of the entire LY team, please allow me to welcome LY’s new head coach.”

“Wen Xiao.”

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