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Chapter 639: Making an Example (3)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

He stabbed the few Earth Immortals who were the most clamoring twice.

He stabbed them until they were dispirited and weak.

Seeing this scene, the remaining Earth Immortals fell silent.

These two Earth-rank artifacts were too sinister. Even an Earth Immortal would be unlucky.

Seeing them behave, Jiang Li continued.


“I heard from the warden that everyone is very stubborn and would rather die than submit.”

“To be honest, I admire your integrity and am deeply touched.”

“Look, these bones are so hard. If we dig them out and stew them, they definitely won’t rot for ten years.”

Jiang Li smiled as he walked to the side of a familiar person and grabbed his shoulder.

With a crisp crack, the shoulder bone of a dignified Earth Immortal expert was actually easily crushed by Jiang Li.

“Oh my, sorry, sorry. I accidentally used a little more strength.”

“We’re old friends. I believe you’ll definitely forgive me.”

“Don’t you agree? Myriad Slaughter Sect Master, Wu Fan!”

Since he had to throw the book at someone to set an example, it was naturally best if the target he found was the Myriad Slaughter Sect Master who had some grudges with him!

After such a long time, this fellow had finally fallen into Jiang Li’s hands!

This expert who had once forced the Great Mountain Alliance into a corner was currently frowning tightly and staring fixedly at Jiang Li.

“What? Sect Master Wu Fan, don’t you remember me?”

Jiang Li placed his hand on the other shoulder, and soon, cracking sounds sounded.

“Great Mountain Alliance Leader! Jiang Li!”

Wu Fan practically ground his teeth as he called out Jiang Li’s name.

“Senior Wu Fan, you have a good memory. You actually remember a small figure like me.”

“I’m flattered.”

“On account of our friends.h.i.+p, say a few last words. It can also lighten the mood of the other good friends present, right?”

As Jiang Li spoke, he pulled out a bone from the other party’s body.

After carefully wiping it clean, it was as translucent as a red crystal. There were also some Dao Essence patterns engraved on the surface.

Jiang Li showed the bone to the other Earth Immortals with interest.

“Look, so this is the bone of an Earth Immortal.”

“I’m sure that this bone is very artistic.”

“I wonder if the bones of Earth Immortals who cultivate different cultivation methods will be different.”

After walking around and letting everyone see it, Jiang Li returned it to its original owner and stuffed the bone back in another place.

The Myriad Slaughter Sect Master, who had been closing his eyes and rejecting Jiang Li’s teasing, finally could not endure it.

“The winner takes all. If you want to kill, do it. The hatred between us has long been planted. There’s no point in saying anything. Kill me!”

Being in the hands of an enemy might be even more painful than death.

Ever since Wu Fan found out that he had been scammed by the Blood King Palace, his mind had already exploded.

Now, he had fallen into the hands of this originally weak leader of a small faction. Instead of enduring torture, it was better to die!

However, as a captive, he could die if he wanted to? How could there be such a good thing in this world?

Jiang Li took two steps back and patted his chest as if he was frightened by the other party’s ferocity.

“What a difficult person to get along with.”

“However, Senior, don’t worry. I’ll use your body well.”

Jiang Li finally lost interest in playing with the other party. If he continued like this, it might seem like he was a little crazy.

After politely rea.s.suring the other party, Jiang Li stretched out his hand and grabbed Wu Fan’s head. His fingers exerted strength and slowly stabbed into the other party’s head.

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