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Chapter 1267 - 1267 Another Horned Dragon!

1267 Another Horned Dragon!

After Jordan hid in the cave, the golden-horned dragon lost its target and kept attacking the mountain peak where Jordan had disappeared.

However, these mountains that had stood for thousands of years were not so fragile. They would not disappear easily like bubbles.

When Mike Baylor saw that, he thought to himself that not only could his golden-horned dragon not completely destroy the mountains, but even if it could shatter these mountains and press these rocks on Jordan, he firmly believed that Jordan would not die under these rocks. Instead, it would be even harder to find him.

Mike Baylor thought that Jordan was acting shamelessly and did not dare to come out now. On the other hand, he wanted to let the Horned Dragon chase after him and defeat Jordan directly to end the battle.


“Big baby, go down and find him!”

Mike Baylor shouted at the golden-horned dragon.

After the golden-horned dragon heard the order, it stopped attacking and slowly flew down.

The golden-horned dragon was not unaccustomed to being on land. Even though the sky and sea were the areas where it was most adept at fighting, with its terrifying size and power, it was the overlord of the land.

At that moment, Jordan already knew that the golden-horned dragon had come down to look for him. Hiding in the cave, he began to seriously think of a countermeasure.

“With my current abilities, it’s impossible for me to kill this dragon in a short period. Its defense and endurance are too strong. It’s much stronger than a golden mutant like me.”

Without the help of weapons, humans could not compare to animals in terms of physical strength.

Previously, no one had been able to kill a tiger alone. Now, with Mirakuru’s serum and mutant talent, some people could defeat these ferocious beasts.

But what if these ferocious beasts also evolved further?

Just like the golden-horned dragon in front of him. If a golden mutant was simply competing with it in terms of endurance and strength, he would not be able to compare at all.

Although Jordan could create something out of nothing, just as Mike Baylor had said, he could not conjure everything. His current attack ability was still very limited, so he could not kill the golden-horned dragon in one strike.

“If I want to defeat the golden-horned dragon, why don’t I create a golden-horned dragon too?”

Jordan could create most of the things he had seen, including animals. Therefore, he thought that if he could create an identical horned dragon, he could let this horned dragon fight it.

Just as Jordan had the thought of trying, a buzzing sound sounded in his head.

“This won’t do. This golden-horned dragon’s cultivation level is too high. It can spit fire and also borrow the power of lightning. I can’t create something exactly like it. If I can really create it, I still shouldn’t do it! Because Mike Baylor can control all animals. If I transform into another horned dragon, it will be a huge gift to him!”

Jordan immediately rejected the idea as soon as he had it.


Jordan heard the roar that was getting closer and closer outside the cave. Tremors filled the cave.

There wasn’t much time to think. He had to think of a countermeasure as soon as possible!

“I got it! I can still turn into a horned dragon to deal with it, but it might not have to be real! I can create a fake one!”

Jordan suddenly thought of using a fake horned dragon to attract the golden-horned dragon’s attention before launching a surprise attack on it!

“Looks like I have to calm this horned dragon down first.”

Many of Mike Baylor’s mythical beasts were created by inspiration from the Cla.s.sic of Mountains and Seas. Coincidentally, Jordan had also read the Cla.s.sic of Mountains and Seas some time ago.

Jordan knew the environment that Horned Dragon liked very well.

Outside the cave.

“That’s right, it’s the cave in front. Hurry up and find him!” Mike Baylor urged the golden-horned dragon.

The golden-horned dragon strode forward step by step with its thick dragon claws.

All of a sudden, the golden-horned dragon and Mike Baylor were stunned.

They saw that the environment in front of them had suddenly changed.

What had once been a bare mountain range was now a green jungle. The sparkling lake water, the light from the sky s.h.i.+ning through the gaps in the tall trees, the sound of birdsong, and the occasional cute rabbit running.

“This is…”

When Mike Baylor, Moon Maiden, and Jiumo Kasyapa saw this, they were all stunned.

They knew that the environment would not change for no reason. This must be Jordan’s masterpiece!

Mike Baylor had a bad premonition, “d.a.m.n it, what the h.e.l.l is this brat doing again! The environment he arranged is very similar to the place where the golden-horned dragon usually stays… How did he know what kind of environment my horned dragon usually lives in!”

The Moon Maiden and Jiumo Kasyapa became even more curious and watched with antic.i.p.ation.

After the golden-horned dragon stepped into this environment, the anger on its body gradually dissipated and gradually became gentle. This was because this place was like its home. It was as if it had returned home.

Just like that, the golden-horned dragon walked forward step by step. When it suddenly arrived at a place, it stopped moving completely. The entire dragon was stunned!

A horned dragon suddenly appeared in front of him! And it was purple!

The purple-horned dragon was slightly smaller than the golden-horned dragon, but they were about the same, and their shapes were almost identical. However, the purple-horned dragon looked more delicate, and it was clearly a female.

When the golden-horned dragon saw the purple-horned dragon, it drooled on the spot and its entire body became even more restless!

Moreover, it made a whimpering sound!

This was what the horned dragon would do when it wanted to seek something!

“No! This isn’t a real horned dragon. This is a holographic projection. This is fake!”

Mike Baylor suddenly panicked. He originally thought that it was a real dragon, but he could control all the animals in the world, and his perception of animals was extraordinary. He immediately saw that it was a holographic projection that was fake. It was not real at all.

However, the golden-horned dragon did not have such judgment, nor did it know what a holographic projection was. When it saw it, it believed that the purple-horned dragon in front of it really existed!

Ever since the golden-horned dragon was created, it had never encountered its own kind. Moreover, its age had long reached the point where it had beastly desires.

Now that he saw the beautiful purple-horned dragon, he could not control himself at all.

“That’s fake. Don’t get close! Don’t get close!”

Mike Baylor kept reminding the golden-horned dragon. However, at this moment, the golden-horned dragon was completely focused on the purple-horned dragon and completely ignored Mike Baylor’s words.

The golden-horned dragon approached the purple-horned dragon step by step.

When the purple-horned dragon saw the golden-horned dragon approaching, it slowly lay on the ground and made a seductive expression.

Unable to control itself, the golden-horned dragon obediently lay on the ground like a purple-horned dragon and gazed at it affectionately.

“d.a.m.n it! Big baby, get up! Get up!”

Mike Baylor knew that his Horned Dragon was in great danger and kept reminding him.

However, the golden-horned dragon, who was deeply in love, could not listen to anyone’s orders.

At this moment, Jordan suddenly appeared!

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