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Chapter 610: Fever

Thinking about how Jiang Li had prepared such a big table of food and waited for him alone last night, Fu Jiuxiao felt guilty.

In order to socialize, he left Jiang Li alone in the hotel. He swore that when Jiang Li woke up, he would kiss Jiang Li so that Jiang Li would feel his love.

Fu Jiuxiao took the food to the microwave to heat it up, and he went to the bathroom to take a shower.

He went back to the dining table and took out the food from the microwave. Then, he ate the hot food alone.

Although the taste was not as delicious after the whole night, it felt like the most delicious food in the world in Fu Jiuxiao’s mouth.

Fu Jiuxiao finished all the food out of respect.

Zhuo Yihang seemed to have woken up from his drunkenness and sent Fu Jiuxiao his schedule for the day.

Fu Jiuxiao did not even look at it. He just told Zhuo Yihang that he would take a day off this day and that his schedule would be pushed back one day.

Zhuo Yihang thought that Fu Jiuxiao finally understood that his subordinates had given him a day off. It just so happened that Zhuo Yihang was so drunk last night that his head was still groggy this morning.

If he really had to work this day, he might not be able to handle it.

However, when Fu Jiuxiao added that it was to accompany Jiang Li, Zhuo Yihang suddenly felt that Fu Jiuxiao did not love him.

He replied sourly and then went back to bed.

Fu Jiuxiao also went back to bed and hugged Jiang Li to catch up on his sleep.

He slept until noon. When Fu Jiuxiao woke up, he found that Jiang Li had not woken up yet.

Considering that Jiang Li had not eaten for more than half a day, it was not good for her stomach, so Fu Jiuxiao had to wake Jiang Li up.

Fu Jiuxiao called out to Jiang Li, but Jiang Li did not respond.

Fu Jiuxiao had no choice but to wake Jiang Li up with a kiss, but he found that Jiang Li’s face was burning hot.

If he looked closely, he would find that Jiang Li’s face was a little unnatural red, and there was sweat on her forehead.

Fu Jiuxiao was shocked, and he hurriedly sat up from the bed and gently pulled Jiang Li into his arms.

He gently measured Jiang Li’s temperature with his face. This time, his Ah Li seemed to have a fever!

Even though Fu Jiuxiao picked her up, Jiang Li still did not have any reaction. She just frowned uncomfortably, and it was obvious that her body was in great pain.

Fu Jiuxiao quickly got out of bed and wiped Jiang Li’s body with hot water. Then, he put a cold towel on Jiang Li’s forehead to lower Jiang Li’s temperature.

After that, he contacted the doctor.

Fu Jiuxiao’s heart ached a little, and he blamed himself for not being able to control himself properly last night.

When he was wiping Jiang Li’s body, he found that Jiang Li’s private area was a little red and swollen. It was probably because he had asked for it too many times last night.

Fu Jiuxiao anxiously waited for the doctor’s arrival.

When Dapeng brought the doctor in, Fu Jiuxiao’s face was so dark that ink was almost dripping out.

The doctor was so scared that he quickly went to check Jiang Li’s body.

This doctor was relatively young. When he was examining Jiang Li’s body, Fu Jiuxiao’s eyes were staring at him, making the doctor so nervous that he broke out in cold sweat.

When the doctor saw the ambiguous marks on Jiang Li’s body, his face immediately turned red, and he became even more nervous. He could not help but glance at Fu Jiuxiao, but after looking at him, he was so scared that he stuttered.

“How is my wife?”

Fu Jiuxiao frowned. He was very dissatisfied with this doctor, and he did not know where Dapeng found such a doctor.

The doctor’s voice was a little shaky,

“Your wife must have caught a cold, plus… plus a fever caused by excessive s.e.xual desire.”

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