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Chapter 719: Throwing Dirty Water on Third Master, Swallowing the Sinful Fruit in Death (2)

For a moment, almost all the dirty water was splashed on Fu Chen.

Later, Fu Chen received a call from Sun Qionghua, telling him that Song Fengwan and the dog had been detained.

“Third Brother, I’m going to check the surveillance footage now. Don’t worry. Qian Jiang followed her to the police station. There won’t be any problems for the time being.”


Although Fu Chen said this, his fingers suddenly exerted force, and the tip of the pen instantly pierced the paper, creating a pool of ink.

“Third Master?” s.h.i.+ Fang asked timidly.

Fu Chen’s eyes were dark. He didn’t say anything, looking increasingly depressed and terrifying.

Immediately afterward, the shameless relatives of the Jiang family actually accepted an interview saying that the Fu family had allowed the dog to commit murder. Jiang Fengya had already lost her child. They were crying bitterly in front of the TV screen, asking the Fu family for an explanation.

They said that her life and death were uncertain now, and they wanted to stand up for her and seek justice.


Half an hour after the matter fermented, a surveillance video was posted on Duan Linbai’s Weibo.

In the video, Jiang Fengya was pacing back and forth not far from the compound half an hour ago. When she saw Fu Xinhan, the two of them were about five meters apart. A security guard was half-bent over, seemingly giving him something to eat. He kept shaking his head and wagging his tail.

The scene fast-forwarded. Jiang Fengya said a few words to the security guard. At the time, Fu Xinhan was nearly two meters away from her. He only glanced at her, but she suddenly threw her bag at him.

When he was reprimanded by the security guard, the dog turned around and tried to leave.

But then everyone noticed that there was a cat beside the security room.

Jiang Fengya suddenly raised her leg and kicked the cat away. At this moment, the well-behaved and docile big dog pounced over and bit her leg.

The later scenes were pixelated.

The video didn’t last long. Because the security guards stopped him, Fu Xinhan pushed her down and quickly left. He just stood at the side and made an aggressive posture, but he didn’t continue moving. During this period, Jiang Fengya even threw something at his head.

Duan Linbai commented: [Sometimes, people are ruthless and even worse than dogs. If this dog is a beast, some people are even worse than beasts.]

The video made waves.

Almost at the same time, Jiang Fengya was pushed out of the emergency room. A reporter immediately interviewed the attending doctor.

“… How is the pregnant woman? Is the child safe?”

The doctor glanced at the reporter. “She already lost her child a few days ago. She was bitten twice on the leg, and one of the bites was very deep. I’m afraid it will cause lifelong disability.”

“She already lost it? Didn’t she just…”

“She didn’t rest well after the surgery, and she’s been bleeding down there. It was the same just now. Moreover, she has some inflammation.”

“You mean her child is long gone?”

“It should have been removed within this week. Sorry, I still have work.” The doctor was about to leave.

“How could she have lost the child? You must be colluding with the Fu family?!” The Jiang family members were just outside. When they heard this, they instantly jumped up.

The doctor stopped and glanced at them. “If you don’t believe me, you can find another doctor to consult. She had an operation a few days ago. Whether she miscarried now or before, we’ll know after checking.

“You think I united with outsiders to get rid of her child?

“I can sue you for slander.” The doctor’s face turned green after she heard this. “What kind of people are you? Since she’s your family, don’t you know that she miscarried long ago?

“What are you doing?! Women who miscarry are very weak, and her postoperative recovery was very poor! The infection is very serious. What are you family members doing?!

“Besides, she’s been drinking. Are you crazy to let a pregnant woman drink?”

Doctors were benevolent. She didn’t want to care about Jiang Fengya’s character, but this family’s actions had angered her. This video was posted online.

Only then did everyone realize that Jiang Fengya had already miscarried a long time ago. Then, why was she still pretending to be pregnant and strolling around the Fu residence?

The Jiang family was really comical.

They actually denounced the Fu family in the name of upholding justice for the pregnant woman. But in the end, the child was long gone, and she instantly became the target of everyone’s attacks.

“She deserves to be bitten by a dog. Even a human can’t stand such provocations, let alone a dog.”

“This family is really shameless. They even planned to use the miscarriage to extort Third Master? They didn’t even know if the child was still there. They even dared to question the doctor. Now that they were put in their place, they don’t even dare to say a word.”

“They’re trash. The whole family is shameless. Jiang Fengya was at the entrance of the compound and probably wanted to scam them, but she was bitten by the dog.”

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