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Chapter 1151 - 1151 The Yan Family Incident (8)

1151 The Yan Family Incident (8)

Even though he didn’t know why Lu Zijia asked this, the head of the Ji family still nodded. “Yes.”

One only needed to ask around outside to know about this.

After all, their daughter-in-law went to the hospital openly when she gave birth and had no intention of hiding anything.

“You’re just an outsider. It’s none of your business if the baby is born prematurely or not!”


As soon as the Ji family head finished speaking, Dong Mingyue’s sharp and gloomy voice sounded.

“Dong Mingyue!”

Madam Ji suddenly stood up and couldn’t hide the anger on her well-maintained face. “If you continue to be impudent, don’t blame the Ji family for being heartless and kicking you out of the Ji family!”

Madam Ji had lived for so long, but she had never practiced like today. She simply wanted to slap Dong Mingyue, her arrogant daughter-in-law, to death.

However, if Dong Mingyue was afraid of Madam Ji’s warning, she wouldn’t be Dong Mingyue.

Of course, the most important thing was that she had the most important bargaining chip in her hand. Unless she left on her own accord, the Ji family could forget about getting rid of her, Dong Mingyue!

“Heh, the one I married is your son. If you want to kick me out, it depends on whether your son agrees.”

Dong Mingyue wasn’t afraid of falling out with the Ji family’s head and his wife at all. She looked indifferent.

“You… You…!”

Madam Ji was so enraged that her heart ached. She looked at Dong Mingyue with unprecedented disgust.

She knew it. She knew Dong Mingyue wasn’t a kind person.

As expected, she revealed her true colors in less than a year.

If she dared to be so impudent while the elderly couple were still here, the entire Ji family would be turned upside down by her when they died!

“Wifey, drink some water and calm down first.”

Seeing that something was wrong with Madam Ji, the head of the Ji family quickly helped her sit down and handed her a gla.s.s of warm water.

After Madam Ji calmed down a bit, Patriarch Ji’s face darkened and his sharp gaze landed on his son. “Fangping, this is the woman you married. What do you think we should do with her?”

He had already disliked this daughter-in-law from the beginning, and now, he was even more displeased to the extreme.

If it weren’t for his son, he would have immediately asked someone to kick this daughter-in-law, who didn’t know her ident.i.ty, out of the Ji family.

“What right do you have to punish me?”

Before Ji Fangping spoke, Dong Mingyue mocked him with a cold face. “It’s not like I haven’t given your family a grandson. I still have one in my stomach right now! Do you want to become the murderer who killed your own grandson?!”

Dong Mingyue was obviously threatening the members of the Ji family with the child in her stomach.

“Dong Mingyue!”

Ji Fangping suddenly roared, his eyes full of repressed emotions, and his voice was almost gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth.

“No matter what, they’re my parents and your elders. How can you say that? Apologize. Apologize to my parents immediately!”

Dong Mingyue was startled by Ji Fangping’s sudden outburst. When she reacted, she was furious.

“Ji Fangping, how dare you shout at me! Don’t forget that if it weren’t for me a year ago, you would have died long ago!”

Dong Mingyue mentioned a year ago again, turning Ji Fangping’s original anger into embarra.s.sment and a hint of nervousness.

“It’s already in the past. Can you not mention the past again and again? Haven’t I treated you well enough this year?”

Ji Fangping grabbed his hair fiercely with one hand, and he looked as though he was in extreme pain.

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My Wife Is A Transmigrated Master Cultivator Chapter 1151 - 1151 The Yan Family Incident (8) summary

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