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Chapter 1809: There Must Be a Condition

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Looking at Kou Sun’s disappearing figure, Lu Zijia and the others couldn’t help looking at each other, feeling awkward.

“You two brats, sit in front to block the wind for me!” Du He was so angry that he glared and directly scolded Mu Tianyan and Lu Xing.

Mu Tianyan, who knew that he was in the wrong, glanced at his wife helplessly and planned to let her go, while he went to block the wind himself.

Even though in fact, he couldn’t block the wind alone when flying at such a high alt.i.tude.

“Actually, it’s not bad for us to see the scenery in front together.” Lu Zijia grabbed his big hand and walked forward with a smile.

Mu Tianyan’s thin lips curled up slightly and he turned his body slightly to block a small portion of the strong wind for his wife.

Lu Xing was indignant in his mind, but he still walked to the front and sat down in the end, though he deliberately distanced himself from Lu Zijia and the others.

“Tsk, you’re so clingy all day. Aren’t you tired of it?” Looking at the two people leaning against each other, Du He, an old man, couldn’t help feeling very jealous.

Nie Wu and Xu Xiu looked at each other silently and thought to themselves, The couple can be clingy because they have the ability to do so, but single people like us don’t even have the ability to be clingy.

Feeling the strong wind beside their ears, Nie Wu and Xu Xiu suddenly felt a bit cold.

In this way, Lu Zijia and the others stayed on the back of the flying spirit beast for a month before they finally arrived at the Holy Cloud Empire.

Fortunately, Lu Zijia and the others were all cultivators. If mortals had to stay like this for a month, they would probably be on the verge of death along the way.

However, even though Lu Zijia was still energetic, she still couldn’t help sighing that it was finally over when she landed on the ground.

d.a.m.n, when she was free, she would definitely refine the st.u.r.diest carriage, the kind that even Golden Core cultivators couldn’t break even if they used all their strength!

Of course, she couldn’t forget about air-transportation spiritual weapons.

After arriving at the Sacred Cloud Academy of the Sacred Cloud Empire, the instructor in charge of receiving them led them to the courtyard arranged for them.

“This is the courtyard where you live. Distribute the rooms yourselves. This is someone else’s territory after all. Take it easy and don’t loiter around,” Du He reminded the five of them before bringing Instructor Liang to meet Kou Sun in a hurry.

The five of them quickly chose their rooms. Not long after, Nie Wu and Xu Xiu knocked on the door of Lu Zijia’s room.

“We plan to go out for a walk and ask around. Do you want to come with us?” Nie Wu asked.

Lu Zijia looked at her Dao companion and nodded slightly. “We want to take a walk too. Let’S go together.”

The compet.i.tion of the four continents would only start in two days. It was good to go out and ask for information in these two days. After all, only by knowing one’s opponent could one be undefeated in a hundred battles.

Ever since the confrontation on the first day of departure, Lu Xing had been giving them a cold face. Nie Wu and the others certainly wouldn’t stick their warm faces to Lu Xing’s cold b.u.t.t.

So, the four of them directly left the courtyard without calling Lu Xing.

“Compared to our academy, the Sacred Cloud Academy seems to be more prosperous and has a better foundation.”

After walking for half an hour in Sacred Cloud Academy, Nie Wu couldn’t help but sigh.

Hearing that, Lu Zijia smiled mysteriously and thought in her mind, The departments within Hongtian Academy aren’t on good terms, and the dean is in seclusion all year round. It’ll be strange if it can develop well..

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