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Chapter 1839 The Clash For The Coc.o.o.n. I

1839 The Clash For The Coc.o.o.n. I

Almost immediately, Apollo and the three unigins broke out of their daze and sent their senses deep within the coc.o.o.n, attempting to see through it.

'Blocked? Is it really him?!' Athena's pupils thinned out as she asked, 'Were you guys blocked too?'

'Yes, my senses failed to penetrate the coc.o.o.n's surface.' Aeolus replied with a solemn tone, 'This must be it. I have no clue what's the deal with this coc.o.o.n, but the paragon is inside.'

'Do we make our move now? What if he was awake inside? I am not liking this...' Artemis asked with a look of concern.

Before her peers could respond, the first ruler ordered, 'Retrieve him at all cost.'

'You better start moving.' Amun-Ra said coldly as he gazed at Apollo, who was heading toward the coc.o.o.n's location akin to a dark arrow at an unprecedented speed.

With Apollo making his move, it left no time for them to think matters through or even set up a plan. They swiftly transformed into radiant beams and streaked across the sky like screaming meteors.

Meanwhile, Quantix Prime and the rest broke out of their daze the moment they noticed the arrow made out of dark creatures getting closer and closer to the center of the battlefield.

"That must be what Bia was hiding from me. Timeon, with me!" Quantix Prime's expression turned solemn as he started phasing out with Timeon until they got closer to the coc.o.o.n!

"Is this the stone of reality?" Timeon inquired, his expression matching his partner.

"I don't know, but we can't let the King of Darkness obtain it."

Quantix Prime was nearly certain that it was the stone of reality taking another form...If it wasn't, he had no plans of letting anyone pick up the coc.o.o.n right in front of his eyes.

'I finally found you.'

On the other side, Apollo's narrowed eyes were affixed to the coc.o.o.n.

The moment he was a mere few meters from it, he summoned a ma.s.sive dark hand and attempted to take hold of it.

Unfortunately, it got sliced off cleanly by Timeon's temporal blade...Taking advantage of the opportunity, Quantix Prime used his Horn of Harmonies to pull the coc.o.o.n to him, blowing a deep breath in it!


The coc.o.o.n was yanked swiftly in the direction of Quantix Prime without much resistance...This sight didn't please Apollo one bit.

He ignored the coc.o.o.n and appeared right underneath Quantix Prime's shadow, emerging with murderous intent and a shadowy dagger in his right hand.


He sliced his head in one swift motion, but Prime Quantix had the necessary protection. The Quantaar's vibrational barrier repelled the dagger and the harder Apollo tried to pierce through it, the weaker it got.

The vibrations kept a.n.a.lyzing the daggers' frequencies and matching against it, canceling it eventually.

It was similar to Ura.n.u.s' most potent defensive ability and yet, the Quantaar was using it on millions of lifeforms at once...

Athena wasn't lying when she said that its control was on a monstrous level.

Understanding that he couldn't let the coc.o.o.n land in Quantix Prime's hands, Apollo ignored him for now and sent out a dark tendril at the approaching coc.o.o.n!

It latched on it instantly and without an ounce of hesitation, he retreated from Quantix Prime's shadow, traveling through the dark tendril!

"Cut it off!" Quantix Prime asked for Timeon's interference, but it was already too late.

Apollo swiftly emerged at the side of the coc.o.o.n and started releasing dark energy from his palm, covering it entirely!

With an ugly expression, Quantix Prime tried to phase out and appear next to the coc.o.o.n even though he knew it would be too slow.

Just as he was going through the phasing process, his fading vision caught a familiar golden arc land on the coc.o.o.n head-on!


Both Apollo and the coc.o.o.n got hurled into the ground while the darkness was extinguished by the divine light immediately!

Before Apollo could regain his senses, Aeolus appeared right in front of him at an unG.o.dly speed, resembling a vengeful G.o.d covered in divine fury!

With Zephyr's blade in hand and a look of utter coldness, Aeolus swiftly swung at Apollo's torso, attempting to slice him off cleanly.

But, when it came to speed? Apollo was unrivaled even before the G.o.d of the sky!


In an instant, he vanished and reappeared behind Aeolus before his blade could cover half the distance.

Then, he counter-attacked with two blades made out of dark energy, cleaving him in an X shape!

Aeolus ate the attack straight up, knowing that his radiant divine barrier had him covered. Instead, he took advantage of the opportunity to push the coc.o.o.n into the sky with a wind blast from his palm!

Slice Slice!!

Almost simultaneously, the blades landed on his back and as expected, the divine barrier canceled them out, leaving Apollo livid.

"Motherf*ckers." He cursed hatefully, detesting those canceling defensive s.h.i.+elds to the bone.

Knowing that he was going to waste tons of his time on his enemies with such barriers, he decided to secure the coc.o.o.n first and protect it at all costs.

However, the moment he lifted his head and tried to use his G.o.dspeed, he spotted Artemis taking hold of the coc.o.o.n with a wooden grip...Athena was right beside her, providing her with a.s.sistance.

They were also using their divinities to the limit, making them resemble celestial G.o.ddesses.

'Quantaar! I need your a.s.sistance to secure the coc.o.o.n! Don't let them take a grasp of it!'

After the appearence of the three unigins, Quantix Prime knew that his involvement in this battle was going to be limited even with the help of Timeon.

Instead of betting his luck on their capabilities, he sought Quantaar's help, knowing that only a monster could deal with monsters.

However, Quantaar didn't respond...

'Old friend?'

When Quantix Prime switched his focus to him, he noticed that Quantaar's singular ma.s.sive eye was already affixed to the coc.o.o.n.

Its pupil was widened to the limit, seemingly stunned? Shocked? He didn't know, but the Quantaar's reaction wasn't normal...He was sure about that.


Meanwhile, Artemis was already making a run for it with the core in hand while being covered by Athena and Aeolus.

They knew it would be extremely difficult to fight against Apollo near his army. Since it was questionable if they could enlarge their bodies while keeping the coc.o.o.n on them, they didn't risk going for it in such a chaotic situation.

"You wis.h.!.+"

This gave Apollo a chance to chase them down with his G.o.d-like speed, catching up to them in the blink of an eye!

"Just ignore him and keep going!" Athena uttered calmly while gazing at the true danger, which was his army that was creeping up on them rapidly as well.

Apollo began a.s.saulting them with various abilities, using light-based attacks even when it disgusted him.

But alas, divinities were just too powerful and his attacks failed to cause any damage or slow them down.

'd.a.m.n it, d.a.m.n it, d.a.m.n it!'

Apollo started to get desperate, knowing that if they got too far from his army, his chances of defeating them would be reduced significantly.

His entire power in the quantum realm was hauled from his infinite army, without them, he was nothing but another unigin.

'I don't sense their cores on them, which means their power without divinities is laughable at best.' Apollo narrowed his eyes at their speeding backs.

He began thinking of whether it was worth abusing his laws to keep them on the battlefield or just stick to them as glue until their divinities expired.

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