Supremacy Games Chapter 1838 Hurled Into The Center of The Chaos!

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Chapter 1838 Hurled Into The Center of The Chaos!

1838 Hurled Into The Center of The Chaos!

The portal was right behind them, the link to the void that fed his army infinitely with dark energy.

Thus, as long as he had it protected with the rest of the portals, there was nothing that could defeat him!

Right now, Xylos and his troops were responsible for defending the portals with their lives as they watched the epic clash between both armies.

When he saw that the dark creatures ended up transforming into little Quantaars during each contact with them, his eyes couldn't help but widen a little.

"Is the dark army really losing?" He mumbled. But soon, he shook his head, "It impossible for the King of Darkness to lose with such an army."

While his confidence was still holding strong on Apollo's side, seeds of doubt were already starting to sprout in his mind...For Chaosians, this was a dangerous thing.

Meanwhile, the war was already getting heated with explosions and destruction spreading far and wide.

No one was holding back, understanding that this war was going to decide the future of the realm.

That's why Timeon and his nation decided to help out the Vibronoxians even when their territories weren't targeted.

Most of the nations already suffered immensely in the war near the ruins and since the Chaosians had betrayed the realm, it implied that his nation would be the next target if the Vibronoxians had fallen.

"Do not falter!!" Quantix Prime kept hollering behind his troops, "His army will soon become ours!!"

As he mentioned, the little Quantaars were absolutely dominating the dark creatures even though their numbers were nowhere close!

Everyone could see that the little Quantaars' attacks were already geared to transform the dark creatures and bring them to their side.

Even when they get killed, they explode and release the same vibrational waves on a much wider scale, transforming at least thousands if not more!

This irked Apollo to no end as he had never met a more aggravating species than his dark creatures!

"d.a.m.n it, it's like I am fighting a virus that refuses to die." He cursed as he watched the numbers of little Quantaars actually increase with time!

'Something has to be done.'

This drove Apollo for the time ever to start thinking of ways to help out his army instead of just watching them bulldozer through everything!

'Frequencies is the key.' Apollo narrowed his eyes in focus, 'The Quantaar can a.n.a.lyze and change a frequency in the blink of an eye on a wider scale. I have to find a way to stop the process before it concludes.'

'If it's like this, then this might work.'

After putting some thought into it, he found a quick way to pull this off.

Without further ado, he commanded his dark creatures to merge and separate nonstop while they continued their attacks!

When Quantix Prime and the others saw this weird change in the dark creatures' movements, they were confused.

But then, it hit them after noticing that the little Quantaar explosions failed to transform the dark creatures near them!

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He is continually changing the frequencies of the dark creatures, making it impossible to transform them!" Quantix Prime's expression turned ugly, figuring out the simple, but effective counter-measure of Apollo.

Even if the Quantaar's vibrational control was on an unimaginable level, there wasn't much it could do if the frequencies kept changing.

After all, reality-bending through frequencies required precise work and a tiny interference was enough to collapse the whole thing.

The Quantaar seemed to have figured out too that his efforts were being wasted and his army was thinning out. However, it didn't seem fazed.

It simply adapted and switched its formula from transforming the dark creatures, into blowing them off by shattering their frequencies.

Thus, those little Quantaars were turned into killing machines, releasing vibrational waves capable of killing the dark creatures from within.

While this caused the dark army to thin out rapidly by the millions, Apollo merely smiled.

In his eyes, he would rather trade deaths since he knew that the little Quantaars were bound to die out first.

's.h.i.+t, we are bound to lose at this rate.' Quantix Prime clenched his jaw as he gazed at the origin of the dark creatures.

His eyes kept going with the long string of dark creatures until they reached a giant chaotic portal.

The moment he gazed this way, Xylos, who was responsible for protecting the portal, swiftly sensed him and looked in his direction.

Both of them shared a long staredown without really staring at each other in the eyes, seemingly just sensing each other presence.

A cold smile crept on Xylo's face without saying much, but this smile was enough to let Quantix Prime that he was being challenged...Challenged to dare target the portal.


Suddenly, their attention was stolen by a series of thunderous explosions resounding on the battlefield.

To be more specific, on the ground of the battlefield, the Quantaar started firing off destructive laser beams from its eye, aiming at the crawling sea of gloomy creatures!

The war on the sky was already handled by the little Quantaars and the Allied armies. But, no one was dealing with the ones rus.h.i.+ng from the bottom!

Since Apollo found a way to handle the transformations, he decided to push again towards the Quantaar, which forced it to turn aggressive again!

Those laser beams were powerful enough to rip apart at the very depths of the forest, leaving behind long abyss-like craters, gazing into the darkness!

Meanwhile, the dark creatures were like an infinite glitch in a game system. No matter how many beams they ate directly, they continued moving forward, making it seem like their numbers hadn't been reduced in the slightest!

As the beams kept raining down on the forest, completely deforming and reshaping it, everyone's eyes were on the crawling dark creatures.

Unbeknownst to them, those mighty explosions were getting closer and closer to the area, where the dimensional bag was buried...Right now, the pouch was already shaking nonstop with each tremor.

With the dark creatures continuing their advancement and the Quantaar seemingly not getting exhausted even a little, the pouch's fate was already decided...

A singular beam razed the ground in a straight line, right above the bag's position! While the beam itself hadn't landed on it, the shockwave released was enough to tear through the pouch in an instant.

Its materials were nowhere strong enough to take on such a force...With the dimensional pocket within it requiring delicate spatial stability, the pouch didn't just break apart...


It exploded into a spatial storm within the ground, resulting in the destruction and release of everything within it and near it!!

However, the coc.o.o.n wasn't even scratched by this spatial storm. Instead, it got hurled away into the surface, bursting from the beam's aftermath and the gloomy creatures' army!

In less than a second, the milky white coc.o.o.n stabilized in mid-air and remained hovering correct in the center of this chaos, seemingly out of place...




The three rulers, Apollo, Aeolus, Athena, Artemis, Quantix Prime, Xylos, Timeon, and even the Quantaar's ma.s.sive eye focused on this small white coc.o.o.n.

Weirdly enough, silence seemed to take place within the battlefield for a split second as everyone's stunned gaze were affixed to the coc.o.o.n...

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