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Chapter 746: F Apologizes!

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He liked to show off in front of others that Sheng Sheng was his girlfriend.

If it weren’t for Qin Sheng’s disapproval, Fu Hanchuan would have really wanted to announce to the world that Qin Sheng was with him.

When F saw Qin Sheng and Fu Hanchuan’s words, he was very disdainful. [You are you, and he is him. How can you be compared? Moreover, the two of you will break up sooner or later. Don’t talk about not being able to differentiate each other. Aren’t you ashamed?]

Qin Sheng’s eyes narrowed dangerously. [You can apologize now.]

F’s heart trembled. He subconsciously typed on the computer to apologize.


However, in the end, F stopped himself from sending those three words out.

He gritted his teeth. [My ident.i.ty and information were all found out by you. If I don’t apologize, you don’t have any leverage to threaten me. You exposed my ident.i.ty and want me to apologize? QS, do you really think I’m stupid? Ridiculous!]

[Is that so?]

Qin Sheng’s message was sent very quickly.

F’s heart skipped a beat, and a very bad premonition arose in his heart.

He clenched his fists.

QS wouldn’t have any other evidence against him!

As he was thinking, Qin Sheng sent another long message. There were many names on it.

F saw it at first glance. He knew many of the people on it.

In order to make money and his own bad taste, he hacked into many people and companies’ computers and spread their news and information.

Many people hated F to the bone.

The cold sweat on F’s forehead kept falling.

How did QS find these people?

At this time, F also thought that he had kicked an iron plate.

He shouldn’t have come to Black Emperor to provoke QS and the others.

Black Emperor’s notification sounded.

Qin Sheng sent him another private message.

QS: [You should be very familiar with the people above. Tell me, if I tell them your ident.i.ty, what will happen to you?]

F’s face was extremely gloomy. [QS, don’t be too despicable.]

Qin Sheng curled her lips. [No matter how despicable you are, I can’t be compared to you. I’ll give you two minutes to consider. If you don’t apologize within three minutes, your message will appear in these people’s phones within fifteen minutes. The choice is in your hands.]

F clenched his fists tightly.

QS actually dared to threaten him?

F was extremely against apologizing to the Chinese, but this time, he did not dare to refuse.

If those people knew, his ending would definitely be very bad.


Time pa.s.sed by minute by minute.

F’s hands were tightly clenched, his fingertips turning white.

Compared to F’s restlessness, Qin Sheng slowly picked up a cup of tea on the table and sipped it carefully.

She was certain that F would apologize. He had no choice.

However, even if he apologized, F would not end up well because F’s ident.i.ty had already been exposed in Black Emperor. It was likely that many people would spread this news.

When the time came, those people that F had offended would naturally know.

It was only a matter of time.

At the last minute, Qin Sheng raised her eyebrows. “It’s time. Have you made your decision?”

Qin Sheng’s words were not aggressive. Instead, they forced F’s face to turn pale.

Qin Sheng’s fingertips lightly tapped on the table.

She was waiting for F to apologize.

At the last moment, F announced the news in the world.

F: [I, He Tianqing, am officially sorry to all the Chinese people in Black Emperor today. I should not have insulted you or looked down on you. You are very strong. You are not trash. I am. I will fulfill my promise. From tomorrow onwards, I will get out of Black Emperor. I will not take another step into Black Emperor.]

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All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled By A Bigshot Chapter 746 - F Apologizes! summary

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