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Chapter 410: Heavenly Monarch

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

After settling the matter of Wu Mountain, Lin Bai and Luo Ningyu went to the northern region to join the organization behind Luo Ningyu, the Heaven and Earth Society.

The purpose of the Heaven and Earth Society was to fight with the demons. After Lin Bai joined, he also learned that the demons had been coveting the human world. Incidents like Lin Bai and Wu Mountain had occurred many times in this world.

At this time, the Winter Kingdom within the ten countries of the northern region was invaded and infiltrated by the demons. Lin Bai and Luo Ningyu entered together, pretending to join the Winter Kingdom in an attempt to serve the demons. During this period, several generals of the demon race and the human race members began to doubt Lin Bai’s ident.i.ty.

When they plotted to attack Lin Bai, Lin Bai killed them one by one. After that, Lin Bai even blamed this “crime” on a person who had betrayed the human race. After that, Lin Bai was placed in an important position by the higher-ups of the Winter Kingdom. At the same time, he became a part of the core combat strength of the Winter Kingdom.

Lin Bai gradually got closer to the higher-ups of the Winter Kingdom. He already knew that the royal family of the Winter Kingdom had been tempted by the demons. They wholeheartedly cultivated the demon path and attempted to live forever. For this, they were willing to sacrifice thousands of lives. At the same time, Luo Ningyu, who had sneaked into the Winter Kingdom with Lin Bai, suddenly disappeared.

After Lin Bai’s search and secret plotting, he discovered that a traitor had appeared in the Heaven and Earth Society. He had joined the demons to imprison Luo Ningyu and attempted to use her for dual cultivation. Lin Bai was furious. On this day, his slaughter reach across the entire Winter Kingdom, causing the entire kingdom to wail in grief. He had killed the Demon Monarch “Haotian” behind the Winter Kingdom, causing him to die in hatred.

However, because of Haotian’s final struggle, Luo Ningyu was cursed by the secret skill of the demon race. She had to use a devil embryo fruit in the demon world to save her.

Then, Lin Bai ignored the obstruction of the Heaven and Earth a.s.sociation and obtained the method to enter the demon world. He successfully sneaked into the demon world and disguised himself as Haotian. He obtained the help of the elder of the demon world, Yue. Yue had some doubts about Lin Bai’s ident.i.ty, but she could not produce enough evidence. She could only entrust Lin Bai with an impossible task. He had to go to the ten thousand demon caves of the demon world to retrieve the bone of an ancient heaven demon.

Lin Bai had no helpers in the demon realm and pretended to agree. After nightfall, he used a secret skill to heavily injure elder Yue. Yue chased after him and sent out tens of thousands of demon. However, Lin Bai hid in the demon realm. Before elder Yue came out, he had already found out the location of the devil embryo fruit.

Elder Yue guessed Lin Bai’s plan and laid in ambush around the devil embryo fruit in advance. The moment Lin Bai successfully obtained the devil embryo fruit, she brought a group of demon to encircle Lin Bai. Lin Bai used his lifespan to activate the small cauldron and killed elder Yue. After killing two thousand devil generals, he successfully escaped from the demon realm.

After returning to the human world, Lin Bai had yet to find Luo Ningyu. After Lin Bai was enraged, he realized that it was the Luo family who had forcefully brought Luo Ningyu back. Heaven and Earth society had attempted to stop them, but they were heavily injured.

Lin Bai was furious. He went to the Luo family and slaughtered his way from foot of the mountain. The Luo family’s corpses all over the mountain. Luo Heng, the head of the Luo family, was furious and was easily killed by Lin Bai. But the Luo family’s hermit, the ancestor of the Luo clan, Luo Ming appeared.

Luo Ming did not have much time left. After learning of Luo Ningyu’s illness, it coincided with one of Luo Ming’s secret techniques. Using the person cursed by the demon race as the source, he could activate a secret technique that would allow Luo Ming to advance further on the path of immortal cultivation, it would allow Luo Ming to gain another life span.

On this day, Luo Ming and Lin Bai fought until the sky turned dark. In the end, with the Luo clan as the center, the area within a thousand km was reduced to flat ground. Luo Ming was even destroyed in body and soul by Lin Bai.

From then on, Lin Bai’s name resounded throughout the ten northern kingdoms.

Luo Ningyu was successfully healed by the help of the devil embryo fruit. The two of them were so happy that they wept. They planned to become dao companions from then on and walk freely in this world. After that, Lin Bai held his wedding.

This wedding reverberated throughout the ten northern kingdoms. Masters from all over gathered and the royal families came to offer their gifts. On the night of the wedding, people from the demon realm appeared and three Demon Emperors appeared.

The moment the Demon Emperors appeared, the sky turned dark and everything within a thousand miles became a ghost realm. Lin Bai fought with the three Demon Emperors alone and after using his last bit of lifespan, he successfully killed the three Demon Emperors. However, Lin Bai didn’t have much lifespan after that and became a white-haired man.

Di Tian, the founder of the Heaven and Earth Society, appeared and told Lin Bai that there was a ten thousand year ice spring in Bei Ming. If he went there, he would definitely be able to break through.

Di Tian originally wanted to help Lin Bai, but he had no choice as he was entangled by demons. He couldn’t get away at all, so he sent one of the Heaven and Earth a.s.sociation Society, w.a.n.g Feng and Luo Ningyu, to go with Lin Bai to Bei Ming.

Along the way, the people from the ten countries of the Northern Region chased after Lin Bai time and time again. They didn’t want to see an existence like Lin Bai appear, and they didn’t want Lin Bai to recover his strength. w.a.n.g Feng and Luo Ningyu protected Lin Bai. Blood splattered for three thousand miles, and w.a.n.g Feng’s arm was chopped off.

But in the end, the three of them finally reached the ten thousand year ice spring, and Lin Bai began his closed-door cultivation.

When the demons received the news that Lin Bai was about to recover, elder Yue and the demons of the Haotian lineage were furious. They attacked Lin Bai, who was in closed-door cultivation, in an attempt to kill him.

w.a.n.g Feng burned his blood essence and activated his natal spiritual qi, killing a demon emperor, severely injuring a demon emperor, and defeating a demon emperor. Then, he died.

The remaining three demon emperors attacked Luo Ningyu. Luo Ningyu was also heavily injured after holding on. Just as Luo Ningyu was about to despair, the sky above the ten-thousand-year-old ice spring started to shake, and seven-colored light appeared in the sky. There were even saints in the sky who were wors.h.i.+pping the ten-thousand-year-old ice spring. Not only did Lin Bai recover, but he also made another breakthrough.

Lin Bai looked at w.a.n.g Feng and Luo Ningyu. He killed all the demons outside the ten-thousand-year-old ice spring and entered the demon realm again. He slaughtered more than ten-thousand miles all the way to the demon city. On this day, there were a million corpses in the demon realm!

After Lin Bai successfully returned, all the masters who lived in seclusion gathered together and discussed the final battle with the demon race. They asked Lin Bai to help the human race as much as possible so that they could grow stronger and gain more battle strength.

On this day, Lin Bai was crowned as Emperor Lin and took charge of the human race. Two years later, he had a final battle with the demons.

During the great battle between humans and demons, the human race suffered heavy losses. Although the residents of the ten countries of the northern region had long been evacuated, every inch of the land of the ten countries of the northern region was filled with the smell of blood.

In the end, the demon monarch appeared and killed the five great battle strength of the human race with a single palm. Lin Bai roared in anger and fought the demon monarch until the sky turned dark. Mountains and rivers were shattered, and thousands of demons were affected by the battle between the two of them and turned into meat paste.

The demon monarch saw that things were not going well and sacrificed the entire demon realm to become a real demon lord. Mountains were shattered as he breathed in and out. Lin Bai stood alone in front of the demon lord, in front of billions of people, and fought with the demon lord for the last time, he successfully destroyed the demon lord.

After that, there was no more emperor Lin in the human world, only a legend.

There was only a mountain peak that was surrounded by clouds and mist that went straight into the clouds. There was an immortal couple and a boy and girl twin, living a warm life.

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