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Chapter 1742 - 1742 What Is the Strength

1742 What Is the Strength

The two finally separated under her strong oppression.

Qiao Yanjue gave Han Rui a haughty look and another hum.

He was not going to take care of this fool!

Looking at the medicine bottle on the table, Han Rui couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

This was good stuff!


Moreover, he could feel that his body was changing, as if he was regaining his strength.

As soon as this thought came to him, he immediately felt himself carefully, then stared with wide eyes.

It really was!

He could feel his body’s strength recovering little by little!

Some of the pain left from old injuries were now gone.

He couldn’t help but poke his elbow.

He had injured his elbow during a previous mission.

Although he was treated afterward, it still left a little aftereffect.

Now, when the weather was not good, he could feel that his elbow was a little weak and sore.

Now, it was starting to rain outside.

Surprisingly, he didn’t feel the soreness!

He continued to poke and prod, but to his amazement, it was really okay!

It was awesome!

It really worked in half an hour!

Watching Han Rui foolishly feel the various injured places on his own body, Qiao Yanjue sat on the sofa and grunted coldly.

However, after seeing Han Rui feeling himself for a while, he couldn’t help himself.

His face was unpleasant.

He didn’t know the art of healing, nor could he refine medicine, so naturally he didn’t know Han Rui’s problem.

He had only heard Xia Xibei say that Han Rui had been injured many times.

However, no amount of hearing was better than seeing it with one’s own eyes.

Han Rui was touching himself everywhere. Didn’t it mean that all those places had been injured?

Roughly counted, it was at least a dozen places!

Qiao Yanjue’s face became even darker when he thought that his brother had suffered so many injuries and was still so tough-mouthed.

“No no!” Han Rui subconsciously shook his head to deny it. “I did not suffer any injuries!”

“Hah,” Qiao Yanjue gave a cold chortle.

Did he really think he was a child? So easily fooled?

“All right, stop it!”

Xia Xibei couldn’t stand it anymore and slapped the coffee table.

A loud bang echoed in the s.p.a.ce.

Han Rui and Qiao Yanjue were startled.

Han Rui was scared even more, because he found that the coffee table that was slapped by Xia Xibei…

Had broken!


It was tempered gla.s.s, right?!

Han Rui’s eyes were round and he was about to jump up.

What kind of force was this?

He knew that this coffee table was made of tempered gla.s.s and was very hard.

Even he could not break the gla.s.s with his bare hands.

Xia Xibei actually broke the gla.s.s?

Looking at the marks on it, his expression stiffened.

What kind of powerful female warrior was she?

Xia Xibei’s action shut him up.

As for Qiao Yanjue, he was also warned by Xia Xibei.

“Have a good talk. Don’t argue and make noise.”

Xia Xibei faintly glanced at Han Rui.

Han Rui’s scalp tingled and he almost jumped up.

He wanted to explain himself.

When did he make noise? It was clearly Qiao Yanjue who was making the noise!

She was too protective!

However, thinking about Xia Xibei’s slap just now, he gave in.

He did dare not mess with this kind of woman!

“Do you think my ability is okay?” Xia Xibei raised her hand and asked indifferently.

Han Rui’s heart jumped and his face changed immediately.

“Of- Of course.”

His expression stiffened.

“That will do.”

Xia Xibei glanced at him, “How does our strength compare to yours?”

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