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Chapter 1741 - 1741 Don't Want to Involve You

1741 Don’t Want to Involve You

Han Rui was very serious and resolute when it came to his own affairs.

He did not want to involve Qiao Yanjue and Xia Xibei. This was not something they should know about in the first place.

Those people were heartless, not something they could deal with.

However, Han Rui’s good intentions were not accepted by the two.

“It’s come to this, and you still don’t say anything?” Qiao Yanjue snorted coldly, “You think you’re a superhero and the whole world is waiting for you to save it?”


Qiao Yanjue looked him up and down, his eyes showing contempt.

“With this skill, if you want to save the world, won’t you just die halfway?”

Han Rui’s face turned grim.

Although he knew Qiao Yanjue was provoking him, this was too toxic!

“At least I’m much better than you,” Qiao Yanjue laughed coldly. “I really can’t understand how you can be so great with this level of ability.”

Han Rui looked at him with a sharp gaze, firing death rays.

Han Rui wanted to retort, arguing that he was much stronger than Qiao Yanjue.

Thinking about earlier, however, when he was subdued by Qiao Yanjue, the words came to a halt.

He didn’t know why Qiao Yanjue had gone crazy to think he was better than him!

So, such words could not really be said.

However, he still stiffened his face and did not say anything.

Looking at the two people squirming, Xia Xibei shook her head speechlessly.

Couldn’t they talk properly?

“Don’t worry, we are more capable than you think,” Xia Xibei said in a warm voice.

Her gentle tone made Han Rui feel a little better, but he still shook his head firmly.

“This is not something you should know, and I don’t want to drag you down.”

“Are you mistaken?” Qiao Yanjue looked at him while hugging his own chest. “You’ve already dragged us down, okay!”

Only Han Rui was deceiving himself to say that he would not involve them.

These words made Han Rui’s face even darker.

This… Seemed to be true.

What he did had already involved the two of them.

Even his own sister, Han Rui, did not know about these things.

However, Qiao Yanjue and Xia Xibei both knew him well.

“If you don’t tell us the truth, we might be bullied instead,” Xia Xibei said with a calm expression. “If you tell us, we could help more.”

“Come on, don’t talk nonsense with him.” Qiao Yanjue put away the bottles on the table. “Why are you giving him these things, they’re not useful.”

“Don’t!” Han Rui immediately stopped Qiao Yanjue.

These pills were all good stuff!

Qiao Yanjue sneered, “What’s the matter, you think these are good things? Pfft! Not for you!”

When Xia Xibei looked at Qiao Yanjue’s childish appearance, the corners of her mouth could not help but twitch.

She held her forehead and couldn’t bear to look anymore.

It was too terrible, this Qiao Yanjue looked ridiculous.

However, he was just being himself in front of his close friend.

“Don’t!” Han Rui was anxious. “These are all from Beibei, not you!”

Qiao Yanjue got even angrier. “She’s my girlfriend, we’re one! Of course her stuff is mine too! Get lost!”

The two of them argued for a while, and Xia Xibei separated them.

“Sit down!”

With a long black face, she put the two away like two misbehaving kids and made them sit on one sofa each, pulling them apart.

“If you move again, don’t blame me for not being polite!”

She was a little tired. What the h.e.l.l was all this?!

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The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce Chapter 1741 - 1741 Don't Want to Involve You summary

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