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Chapter 2217 - 2217: Helping the Wen Family (1)

Translator: 549690339

Qi Xibei was not surprised to see Wen Luochun. He smiled and said,” Of course.””

She came here this time for General Wen.

General Wen was the best candidate to restrain Prince Gong and Princess Ruyi.

Qi Xibei did not think that he would stand in front of the stage and fight against Princess Ruyi.

Therefore, finding someone to suppress the other party was very important.

General Wen was magnanimous and generous. He was very loyal.

He was the best guardian of this country.

Even without Princess Ruyi, Qi Xibei would still be willing to help.

As for Wen Guqun’s poison, it was just an accident.

However, this accident brought about a different development.

The Wen family had very few children. Wen Luochun had four sons, three of whom had died on the battlefield.

Now, only Wen Juncheng was left.

As for his grandchildren, other than Wen Guqun, there were three boys and four girls. Almost all the girls were married.

These younger generations were unable to support the Wen family.

If anything happened to General Wen, the Wen family would decline.

Once the Wen family declined, no one would be able to restrain Prince Gong.

Moreover, this country would also be attacked by other countries.

Although Qi Xibei was not from this country and did not have a sense of belonging, she still admired those who protected their country with their lives.

“Thank you so much!”

Wen Juncheng immediately reacted and led Qi Xibei to his seat.” Butler, quickly serve tea!”

“Ah, yes!”

The butler also recovered from his shock and immediately nodded. He turned around and left.

His excitement was no less than the others.

The butler went out, and the group was still a little confused.

After all, it was not easy to accept that he had been poisoned for nearly ten years.

“Come over.” Qi Xibei said calmly.

“Come over quickly!”

Wen Juncheng looked at his son standing there foolishly and immediately became anxious.

He strode forward, pulled Wen Guqun over, and pressed him on the chair opposite Qi Xibei. Then, he said to Qi Xibei with a smile,””Master Maverick, I’ll have to trouble you!”

Looking at his pa.s.sionate appearance, he did not look calm at all.

However, when it came to their own son, how many people could be steady?

“Master Maverick, sorry to trouble you.”

Wen Luochun also said. His voice was deep, as if it was coming from his chest, filled with power.

Qi Xibei looked deeply at Wen Luochun and said nothing. He turned to Wen

Guqun and said,””Hand.”

Wen Guqun stretched out his hand in a daze.

Qi Xibei checked Wen Guqun’s pulse and waved his hand. A bag of silver needles appeared in his hand.

Their eyes moved slightly.

It was actually a storage ring!

As expected of a high-grade alchemist!

In the Wen family, only Wen Luochun and Wen Juncheng had a storage ring.

The others didn’t have one.

This also gave them more confidence.

After all, the ident.i.ty of a high alchemist who possessed a storage ring was even more different.

Wen Guqun looked at Qi Xibei in a daze and then felt a pain in his arm. He looked down and almost pulled his hand back.

Because there were a few silver needles on his arm.

The silver needles that made one’s heart tremble were inserted into it, and the ends were still swaying slightly.

This was too terrifying.

“Don’t move.”

Qi Xibei said indifferently, but he did not stop what he was doing.

“Don’t move!”

Wen Juncheng held Wen Guqun down, not letting him move.

Wen Gu Group’s face was numb. What was going on?

Although he did not understand Qi Xibei’s technique, Wen Guqun still sat quietly in his chair..

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The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce Chapter 2217: Helping the Wen Family (1) summary

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