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Chapter 2216 - 2216: Poisoned at the Age of Ten

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Not only Wen Guqun, Wen Juncheng was also very anxious.

“Master Maverick!”

This time, he shouted sincerely,” May I ask, what’s wrong with Gu Qun?”

The smell of the blood that flowed out of the group was too terrifying. Anyone could have noticed the problem.

“I was poisoned.” Qi Xibei looked proud and confident.” He must have been poisoned when he was ten years old.”

Ten years old?

The few of them were stunned.

Wen Juncheng was especially shocked.

Thinking about it carefully, it seemed that the group of scholars had really been different since they were ten years old.

Before the age of ten, Wen Guqun was still very serious in his cultivation. He admired the old man and wanted to go to the battlefield.

However, after he was ten years old, he began to fish for three days and dry the net for two days.

At that time, everyone said that he had grown up and had his own thoughts. He wanted to play, so that was why he was like this.

Moreover, he had also made some friends who liked to fool around outside. Naturally, there would be changes.

Therefore, from then on, Wen Guqun did not put his mind on cultivation at all.

The elders had said, scolded, and hit him, but they had not been able to pull him back to the “right path.”

In the end, everyone got annoyed and gave up on disciplining him.

Anyway, there were many people in the Wen family, so he was not lacking.

But now, someone told them that the reason why the Wen Gu Group couldn’t concentrate on cultivation was because they were poisoned when they were ten years old?!

Even the butler was shocked.

Wen Guqun was a well-known silkpants of the Wen family. He did not have much strength and only liked to eat, drink, and play.

What was even funnier was that he would also spend time cultivating.

Although he ran out after a while.

Everyone felt that he was only doing this to put on an act.

Such an act was really laughable. Many people were still watching the joke!

Everyone said that if you want to be a silkpants, you should do it well. Don’t waste your time on cultivation.

If he really wanted to cultivate, then he should cultivate properly!

Wouldn’t he be a joke if he did the same thing later?

Only now did they know that the reason why the Wen Gu Group had such a contradictory approach was actually because they were poisoned!

These poisons prevented him from focusing on his cultivation, but he really wanted to cultivate.

That was why he was so conflicted and ridiculous.

After knowing the truth, their feelings were very complicated.

It could be said that the entire Wen family was already disappointed in Wen Guqun.

Only now did she know that he was actually a good child and was also motivated!

Otherwise, there was no need for him to spend time on cultivation every day. Even if it was just a little bit of time.

Such a situation made them feel extremely ashamed.

Especially Wen Juncheng, his heart ached even more and he was very ashamed.

He was the father of Wen Guqun. He didn’t know that his child had been poisoned, but he blamed his child for not working hard.

He was clearly the one in the wrong!

The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became a little awkward.

Wen Guqun was stunned.

He had never thought that he was poisoned.

He had clearly been injured a few times before and had seen a doctor. However, no one had ever told him that he was poisoned.

“Master Maverick, can I trouble you to cure the poison in Gu Qun’s body?”

A deep voice sounded.

Qi Xibei looked up and saw a tall middle-aged man walking out.

The man’s facial features were somewhat similar to Wen Juncheng and his son, and his face was much older.

This should be her target this time-General Wen, Wen Luochun!


Wen Guqun immediately shouted..

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