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Chapter 381: Same Origin

Prima put down the communications device and let out a long sigh of relief. Then, she patted her face all over to clear her mind that had been immersed in reading and making elixirs for a long time.

She glanced at the vials beside her, then picked up Primordial Tome of Potions from its place on the spotless experiment table. Her fingers ran over the book's cover as she gazed in fascination at the seemingly s.h.i.+ning golden words.

To Prima, this was the light of truth.

This book recorded almost all knowledge of potions that far surpa.s.sed current research. It was the lifelong pursuit of all apothecaries.

She hugged the thick book tightly, and her heart couldn't help but pound wildly with excitement.

Boss Lin's intent… was Lady Walpurgis' intent.

During the time spent in the bookstore, Prima had come to thoroughly understand one thing: As the next person wielding the authority to rule over the night, Mu'en was also sincerely and diligently managing as the bookstore's a.s.sistant, because the owner, Lin Jie, was the 'father' that had given her a new life.

Lin Jie was first and foremost in everything that Mu'en thought or did.

Therefore, Prima, who had lived with Mu'en during that period and listened to Mu'en's reverence toward Boss Lin every single day, naturally had this bit engraved down to her core.

This must be a test! Boss Lin hopes that I can solve problems with my own strength and offer my value to him!

Prima's life had begun to change drastically ever since she left the bookstore. This great existence, said to be omniscient and omnipotent, had completely changed her fate as a casual charity.

Since this was so, she ought to do her best to repay him.

Ever since obtaining knowledge from Boss Lin, Prima had never stopped learning. She had been awaiting this day to come!

Prima took a few deep breaths. She couldn't help but feel a tad nervous at the thought of having to lead and direct others for the first time after being promoted to Head of Medicine.

After mentally rehearsing how she ought to act, the shy girl mustered her courage, tidied her clothes, and stepped out of the laboratory, then observed the scholars that were all looking toward her.

She endured the subconscious urge to shrink back and hide behind the door. Imitating her sister's lively and capable bearing from her memories, she announced calmly, "This is an emergency mission. Those A-rank and above who aren't on any researching missions are to follow me. Bring along protective equipment. We are heading to 67th Avenue."

This could be considered the first time Prima had ever given an order. Watching the silent bunch before her, she even wished the ground could open and swallow her up.

Sure enough, I'm still—

"Yes, Head."

The scholars naturally divided into two groups. Those below A-rank continued to work, while those above A-rank got up and headed toward the room where protective gear was stored.

Ordinary scholars that hadn't yet come into contact with levels of authority merely had pure, simple thoughts. As long as there were orders from above, they would comply.

With protective suits, at least there was a guarantee on their lives, and infection or pollution was a small matter.

Moreover, 67th Avenue was a rare site left behind by two Supreme-ranks that had fought with all their might... Surely, there was a lot there worth studying!

As long as some results could be achieved, they could leave a mark in the field of academia. Even if they died, this would be all worth it!

Some scholars even walked over excitedly and shook Prima's hand. "Thank you for this opportunity, Boss! I'll definitely carry out any instructions you have well!"

Prima observed the scholar in front of her and nodded vigorously as the apprehension in her heart turned into joy.

So… this is how Sis felt like.


67th Avenue.

The smoke that filled the air was mixed with the powerful aether and chaotic Law. Like a mist, when sucked into the lungs, it was like a slow-acting poison that continuously killed unlimited lives.

Winston fidgeted anxiously as he eyed the communications device in his hand, then turned to glance at Caroline, who was resting. Her few instances of probing had pushed her to her limits. Currently, she had completely lost consciousness and couldn't condense any aether.

But... It had still been all for naught.

Caroline's Eyes of Gazing could only sense Joseph's power of Burning still pulsing rhythmically, just like a departed soul still lingering on this desolate battlefield, interfering with all the information she could garner.

This made Caroline feel utterly helpless.

Similarly, all these lingering residual power prevented Winston from stepping into this area.

Now, their only hope was the personnel that the Truth Union would send.

A hand suddenly patted Winston on his shoulder.

Winston was startled and had the subconscious urge to draw his sword. But then he realized that there wasn't anyone else here but Caroline and himself, and thus the arrival could only be the rescue team they were awaiting. With that, he felt a sense of joy and relief.

He turned his head, then... saw nothing.

"Please lower your head."

Hearing this, Winston immediately lowered his gaze and saw a completely covered shorty looking at him.

"You are..."

"Prima Sandra, the Truth Union's Head of Medicine." Prima's m.u.f.fled voice came through the aether protection suit. "Vice-Chairman Andrew sent me here."

"So it's you." Winston was slightly caught by surprise. According to Secret Rite Tower intelligence, Prima was also one of the few that had an extended stay at the bookstore for some time. After that period of time, she was directly promoted by Andrew to Head of Medicine.

Indeed, as long as it concerns Boss Lin, Andrew doesn't dare be negligent and sends someone so directly connected to the bookstore.

But, does this mean that what Boss Lin said back then was true? "Joseph will win, just that the process might be a little complicated"... or so.

After all, if that being really wanted to toy with them, he could easily have stopped Prima from coming.

Winston felt as if half the weight had been lifted from his shoulders.In that case, Joseph's chances of survival were at least twenty percent higher than before.

Great… But can this young lady before me really do it?

Winston couldn't hide his worry. Although Prima was indeed favored by the bookstore, she was still really young… Moreover, even the intelligence reports of Secret Rite Tower had no records of the girl's achievements in the field of medicine.

Even if Joseph was still alive, the situation was probably dire. Could she really do it?

Just relying on those doctors and apothecaries that made up the numbers wasn't enough.

Even though she could see the doubt in the knight's eyes, Prima no longer doubted herself anymore. Calmly, she replied in a firm manner, "Although Vice-Chairman Andrew didn't say, I believe you want me to save Mr. Joseph, right? Please have faith in me. I will definitely bring him out! I swear in the name of the night!"

Winston was taken aback. He never imagined that she would actually be a believer of a Primordial Witch.

But… that's not right! Since she believes in Walpurgis, then her stance toward the bookstore owner should be one toward pagans... or a pagan G.o.d! After all, it's that existence who's the originator of the Corpse Devouring Sect.

Why would Prima accept the bookstore's bestowment and even stand directly on Andrew's side? Could she have betrayed her faith... No, that can't be right either. Her gaze was sincere... almost fanatic...

Winston stared in puzzlement at the back of the girl that had turned around. The confusion he had couldn't be answered, but a frightening guess had vaguely taken shape.

In such a situation, there might only be one possibility—the bookstore owner and the Primordial Witch… are of the same origin?

At the moment Winston was utterly shocked by his own conjecture, Prima had already led her subordinates into the h.e.l.lish battlefield without any hesitation.

The pervading aether force field tore at Prima's protective suit like a wild beast. Prima tightened her hold of Primordial Tome of Potions in her arms and took a deep breath. After a.s.signing tasks to the others, she gradually went deeper into the heart of that ruined battlefield.

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