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Chapter 1376 - Golden Dragon Bone Soup

“What do you think? Why aren’t you saying anything?” Lil’ Purple asked as she stared at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun knew that Lil’ Purple was still holding a grudge against Qin Cang. But when he considered what she said, the sound of that suggestion was pretty good. As he caressed her head, he smiled, “Why don’t we go and obtain the Sovereign Divine Rune first?”

“Hmph, extracting the Sovereign Divine Rune is dangerous, so we need to fill up our tummies before we have the strength to do it. We have no idea what will happen, and we might even die in there,” said Lil’ Purple.

“Then, I’ll go make some preparations and see what I can pair with the dragon bone,” said Lin Yun. Making the Golden Dragon Bone Soup wouldn’t be easy, and those ordinary tools wouldn’t work. He had to borrow a cauldron from the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect. But if he was going to use a cauldron, just the dragon bone alone seemed a little lacking to brew a soup.

So he had to get help from Feng Zhang, Liu Qingyan, and the others to catch eight rare Snowdragon Carp from the sea. When Lin Yun went to look for them, they were still baffled about what Lin Yun was trying to do. But Lin Yun didn’t bother explaining and just asked them to do as they were told. After they captured the carps, he called Ye Ziling, w.a.n.g Yuruo, and Su Ziyao.

When Lin Yun sorted out all the preparation work, he tossed the ordinary ingredients into the cauldron.

“Junior Brother Lin, what are you doing?”

“Are you going to cook?” Everyone was baffled and asked with a smile as they looked at Lin Yun. Because if Lin Yun was going to cook, there was simply no need for him to do it personally and make such a big fuss over it, especially the Snowdragon Carps that were hard to capture. Even Dragon Pulse Realm experts would have difficulty catching the carps if one wasn't proficient in it.

But they were happy that they could taste Snowdragon Carps together because they were known to be a delicacy. But shortly after, their expressions turned into shock when they saw Lin Yun crus.h.i.+ng several saint elixirs he took from Lil’ Purple and tossed them into the cauldron after the fire started blazing.

“Saint elixirs!” Jiang Lichen and the rest gulped down a mouthful of saliva with disbelief. They only heard that saint elixirs were refined into pellets or refined with cultivation techniques. But they had never heard of saint elixirs being used as a cooking ingredient.

But what Lin Yun did next left them even more shocked. They were dumbfounded as they watched Lin Yun retrieve the Golden Dragon Bone and removed the imprint on it before creating several cracks on the surface of it with his sword intent.

“Oh my G.o.d! That’s the Golden Dragon Bone!”

“Golden Dragon Bone Soup?!”

“Holy s.h.i.+t. Why is he using it to brew soup?!” Jiang Lichen was on the verge of going insane, with his eyes turning red because Lin Yun was simply wasting it. If Lin Yun didn’t want it, he wouldn’t mind accepting it.

“Don’t bother feeling pity over it. You won’t dare to use it even if I give it to you. If Qin Cang knows that you took the Golden Dragon Bone, he’ll probably immediately kill his way to the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect,” smiled Lin Yun because he could tell what Jiang Lichen was thinking with a glance.

“That’s right. The Golden Dragon Bone is good, but it’s only a disaster if it’s in the hands of those who aren’t strong enough.” Ye Ziling added.

Su Ziyao, seated beside Lin Yun, also joined in, “This is a Divine Dragon True Bone, the bone beneath the reverse scale of a divine dragon. So it contains the essence of a divine dragon. The Divine Dragon True Blood can strengthen your bloodline, the Divine Dragon Essence can strengthen your soul, the golden saint liquid can strengthen the foundation of your cultivation, and the marrow can transform your body. Perhaps cooking it is the best way.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they heard what Su Ziyao said, and they couldn’t help getting excited. When Jiang Lichen heard what Ye Ziling and Su Ziyao noted, he could only quietly pout his lips.

The process of brewing the dragon bone was long. So while they waited, Lin Yun took out the Dragon Clan’s wine and shared it with everyone. In the process, Lin Yun even took out the Divine Indigo Jade Bamboo Flute and blew it. When he blew on the flute, this enveloped him in a faint sacred light that soon made everyone immersed in his song.

“Big Sister Su, why don’t you play something as well?” Ye Ziling suddenly turned to Su Ziyao when she seemed to recall something.

“Lady Su, why don’t you join in?” Jiang Lichen and the others also echoed along with Ye Ziling.

Su Ziyao briefly hesitated when they heard their suggestion. But when she swept her gaze over, Lin Yun just happened to look at her as well. When she looked Lin Yun in the eyes, Su Ziyao lightly nodded her head before she took out a zither and started playing it, matching Lin Yun’s song perfectly.

“It’s really beautiful,” said w.a.n.g Yuruo as she leaned against Ye Ziling.

As time pa.s.sed, the Golden Dragon Bone emitted a faint glow from the cauldron with the Divine Dragon Essence slowly seeping from the cracks that Lin Yun created. It was fortunate that Lin Yun used the Iris Sacred Flame. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be easy for him to boil the dragon bone, even if he had already created some cracks on the surface of it. So it didn’t take long for the Divine Dragon Blood to seep from the cracks and merge with the soup.

“There’s really dragon blood!” Jiang Lichen and the rest had their jaws dropped when they saw the Divine Dragon Blood. As the golden dragon blood emitted a sacred aura, the aroma that came from the soup became even more tempting.

“The marrow is also out!” A brief moment later, the entire dragon bone melted and turned into a jelly substance.

“Almost ready.” Lin Yun lowered his flute and smiled at Su Ziyao before he flew to the cauldron. As he stretched his hand out, he used his aura as a giant spoon and started stirring the soup. Very quickly, the soup began to clear up along with his stirs. At the same time, the Snowdragon Carps were well-protected by his sword intent, preventing them from breaking apart.

“Not enough!” Lin Yun laughed as he released his firmament sword intent, instantly shattering the fourth layer of heaven and starlight poured down like a waterfall into the cauldron.

“Holy s.h.i.+t…!”

“Isn’t this a little too extravagant just to brew soup?” Jiang Lichen, Feng Zhang, and Liu Qingyan were shocked by Lin Yun’s actions.

When the starlight dissipated and the sky slowly closed up, Lin Yun was finally done brewing the soup. Without hesitation, everyone flew over and was shocked when they looked at the cauldron. The soup that previously looked sticky had cleared up with faint starlight, making the entire soup look like a clear lake.

But that wasn’t what shocked them the most. What surprised them the most were the eight Snowdragon Carps that looked as though they were still alive in the cauldron while the saint elixirs and dragon bone had disappeared, merging into the soup entirely.

“Is this really the Golden Dragon Bone Soup?” Jiang Lichen rubbed his head with disbelief because Lin Yun’s culinary skill was too terrifying.

“You’ve hidden it well. I couldn’t tell that you have such good culinary skills,” exclaimed Su Ziyao.

“Well, I can cook for you every day if you like,” replied Lin Yun.

“Do you think dragon bones are like gra.s.s that can be found anywhere?” Su Ziyao smiled.

The conversation between the two made Jiang Lichen, Feng Zhang, and the rest awkward because they felt their presence was unnecessary here.

Ye Ziling interrupted with a smile, “Lin Yun, you’re not going to let us stand here and watch, right?”

“Yuruo wants soup! Yuruo wants the Golden Dragon Bone Soup!” w.a.n.g Yuruo stepped forth.

“Sob, sob! All of you get lost! This belongs to this empress; it all belongs to me! Lin Yun, you sc.u.mbag!” Lil’ Purple was so anxious that she was about to cry when she couldn’t squeeze into the circle. She was the one who suggested it in the first place, but there was no room for her now.

“Haha, relax. One at a time, let Lil’ Purple will have it first,” smiled Lin Yun as he scooped a bowl for Lil’ Purple and even gave her a Snowdragon Carp.

“Lil’ Red too! Lil’ Red too!” Lil’ Purple yelled.

“I know. I know.” Lin Yun wasn’t in a rush as he scooped another bowl for Lil’ Red before Lil’ Purple was finally satisfied.

It didn’t take long for everyone to hold a bowl of the Golden Dragon Bone Soup. When the soup entered their mouths, they all wore satisfied expressions on their faces because they could feel a warm current traveling through their bodies that made them feel like they were floating with the clouds.

At the same time, their bodies swiftly began to glow. But then, Jiang Lichen started to bleed from his nose as he could feel his blood surging within his body. Jiang Lichen then gulped down the entire bowl before he sat down and circulated his cultivation technique to refine the Golden Dragon Bone Soup, “I can’t take it anymore. I have to meditate.”

Before everyone else could tease Jiang Lichen, their faces changed with joy because they finally knew why Jiang Lichen had to meditate. The Golden Dragon Bone Soup was equivalent to a strengthened saint elixir because the benefit was unimaginable.

Right then, Jian Jingtian and Feng Jue turned into two sword rays and landed in Lin Yun’s residence. They were both shocked when they looked at the Golden Dragon Bone Soup. Without any hesitation, Feng Jue left right away. But just when Lin Yun was feeling uncertain, Feng Jue returned while chuckling and carried a larger bowl than everyone else.

“Senior Brother, isn’t that a basin?” Lin Yun’s lip twitched.

“Bulls.h.i.+t, this is a bowl. Isn’t it just a bowl of bone soup? It won’t harm you to give me some,” smiled Feng Jue before he started to gulp it down after he filled his ‘bowl’ with soup. “Golden Dragon Bone Soup, I bet no one dares to make a soup like that in ancient times!”

“Cough, cough.” Jian Jingtian coughed and said, “Give me some as well.”

“Alrighty!” Lin Yun smiled.

Just like that, everyone was satisfied after drinking the Golden Dragon Bone Soup. Since Feng Jue and Jian Jingtian were both at the Samsara Edict Realm, their portion naturally exceeded everyone else’s.

When the cauldron was emptied of the Golden Dragon Bone Soup, Jian Jingtian quickly said, “Don’t waste the remains. I can brew it again to ensure that all the core disciples in the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect can drink a bowl.”

“Isn’t this a little too inappropriate?” Lin Yun asked. He didn’t feel bad for others to drink their remains.

“What do you know?” Jian Jingtian glared at Lin Yun. “There’s no way they can drink the original soup with their cultivation. Brewing the remains is just perfect for them, and it can allow them to transform. In the future, my Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect might be able to give birth to several fated transcendents with it!”

Four hours later, everyone else was seated in Lin Yun’s residence, digesting the Golden Dragon Bone Soup because the benefits they got from it were too terrifying.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you to the Sword Saint Mountain.” Jian Jingtian stood up and soared into the sky when Lin Yun opened his eyes.

“This empress will go as well!” Lil’ Purple yelled as she quickly entered the sword box.

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