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Chapter 1268  We are leaving

Blood splattered everywhere and finally, the person who was revealed as a beastkin was saved by the system when a s.h.i.+ning golden bubble covered him, protecting him from the rabid fox.

Many among the crowd gulped subconsciously as they stared at the vicious little creature who was under the hide of the cute furball. Just what the h.e.l.l was this fox? A mutant variant of the firefox?

Under the eyes of the many, Liam and Luna walked out of the fighting pits unscathed. A huge sum of money was instantly deposited in their account. To everyone's surprise, instead of registering for another match like he had done previously, Liam walked right out of the area, seemingly done with fighting.

"Bro? You are not going to go again?" Rey asked.

"No." Liam nodded. "I have a reason but you three should continue to queue up and gain more experience." He handed him a ring filled with all sorts of healing items. "Let me know if you need more."

"Can I also have some?" A familiar voice interrupted their conversation and a sheepishly smiling elf waltzed towards them.

Liam indifferently watched Eldrin walk over without any expression on his face. But the elf was shameless enough to ignore his stare. "He He. I knew you guys were here. I heard that someone new was stirring things up in the system shop. See. I knew I could find you guys easily. We did not even have to set up some sort of meeting point or time."

Hearing him, Rey and Madan rolled their eyes but they remained silent. More importantly, the group paid attention to the two figures standing behind him. From their looks they seemed to be nymphs. However, their faces were covered.

"My new slaves. My new slaves." Eldrin quickly explained.

Rey and Madan immediately widened their eyes as they stared at the elf. Not only did he abandon them when he wanted and show up when he wanted but he was also boasting in front of them now?

But there was a small movement from the two nymphs as soon as Eldrin introduced them as slaves and it did not escape Liam's eyes. He observed them from top to bottom and their figure exuded grace and elegance, and their bodies perfectly proportioned and seductive enough to tantalize many men. He couldn't sense any aura coming from them. They might as well be mortals which only made them more suspicious.

More importantly, they were a.s.sociated with the crafty elf. Liam knew better than to think of the elf as a frivolous wastrel. When he had abandoned them earlier, he wondered what was going on but now he was sure. The elf's disappearance had something to do with these two. These two nymphs were definitely not ordinary.

But that was not his concern at the moment. Perhaps a future headache. Right now he had more pressing matters at hand.

All of a sudden he stopped ignoring the elf and stepped forward to give him a hug. "You came at a good time. We need to talk about the auction. I have a lot of new materials gathered up."

"Huh?" Eldrin was confused.

"Let's not talk here." Liam pulled the guy along as the two of them started walking out of the floor, leaving behind a dumbfounded Rey, Madan and Dante.

Liam then turned to look at Dante. "You are not coming?"

"Ah…" Dante stammered and shuffled his feet to quickly catch up to the group. They continued walking to one of the private meeting rooms where Liam silently sat down without explaining anything.

"So we are not attending the auction?" Eldrin grinned as he casually laid back on the chair. Liam's single action told him everything that he needed to know. "But don't you think that your strategy is too obvious? They are definitely going to make a plan for it."

"Hmmm." Liam slightly hummed.

"You have a plan for that too, I presume."

"Let's see."

Eldrin sighed. He had already hitched his wagon to this lunatic and now there was no other choice. If Liam went up, he would also go up. If he went down, then… of course, he had some of his own plans to not go down along with him.

The next few days went by uneventfully. Each day Liam spent some time browsing through the system shop and combing through various departments. He then visited the appraisal counter to get a few items examined. Lastly, he visited the gambling den and checked out all the counters, ending his day with pet battles. Apart from one or two purchases, he did not make any big moves either.

It was clear that he was simply gathering funds at the moment and trying to ama.s.s as much as he could from the system shop. Even his action of getting many many items appraised proved that he was definitely attending the auction.

By now his fame or rather his infamy had also spread so much that many local powerhouses even tried to arrange meeting with him within the system shop itself. They offered to buy out all of his goods at premium rate.

Liam politely refused these people under the premises that he needed a lot of resources at the moment and would prefer auctioning the items than selling them. This angered a few powerhouses further but also drove in the point that he was definitely attending the auction house.

Days pa.s.sed by in a similar fas.h.i.+on when three days before the auction, Liam sent messages to Rey, Madan and Lan Deming. The three hurried over to find Liam and Dante already waiting for them on the teleportation portals floor.

"We are leaving." Liam abruptly said. Everyone nodded, understanding the plan. The group walked over when a set of rushed footsteps approached them. "He he. My lord, don't leave without me. I can pay for my own teleportation fees." It was Eldrin who hurriedly jogged over. Following him were the two nymphs, their faces covered yet again.

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