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Sun Xiuying, that was the name of Eternal Phoenix.

For Bai Zemin and the others, it might not be much to hear the woman's name in front of them, but only those who knew the reality of the universe would understand how incredible it was for her to say it in front of other living beings.

"... To think that Eternal Phoenix actually revealed her name in front of you."

Lilith's voice was a sign of how surprising what was happening was, after all, she had been silent even when Lucifer left without paying attention to Bai Zemin's warning.

"Zemin, at least within what I know there is no one who knows the name of the Phoenix Empress. Everyone who knew it died, and if there really is anyone who knows it can only be one of her commanders who followed her all their lives. Presumably, the name Sun Xiuying of the Phoenix Empress probably hasn't been mentioned in at least a few million years."

Was it so amazing? Bai Zemin blinked in puzzlement.

Hadn't she ever formed a Soul Contract with other people? Something like temporary peace treaties with some Higher Existence Leader?

Bai Zemin soon began to think that the only reason Eternal Phoenix waited until the end to decide whether to form a Soul Contract with him or not was because she didn't want other people, particularly not Higher Existences, to hear her name.

As to why? Probably only Sun Xiuying herself knew.

Bai Zemin once again cut off his fully healed thumb and said in a deep voice, "I, Bai Zemin, leader of the Transcendent faction, swear on my deepest records not to attack or perform any negative actions towards Sun Xiuying nor Endless Crimson Flame. This contract will become invalid at the moment she or her faction attacks any member of the Transcendent faction or causes harm to Earth."

Soon, the fully golden blood drop of the Phoenix Empress and the red blood drop with small golden dots merged into one before disappearing in a flash of rainbow light.

Bai Zemin sighed a sigh of relief in his heart, and with a smile, he looked at Eternal Phoenix ready to say something when he realized that she was looking at him with weird eyes.

After a few seconds, Empress Phoenix closed her eyes and calmly said, "To form a blood-based Soul Contract you need to swear using your real name, which is why I had no choice but to say mine. However, I would like you all to never mention it. Actually, if you could forget it that would be good."

Bai Zemin and the rest did not understand what the circ.u.mstances of the legend before them were, but they knew that everyone had their own hards.h.i.+ps experienced so eventually they all nodded.

Seeing this, Eternal Phoenix nodded in satisfaction. Soon, the eight wings of bright fire on her back burned brightly and her entire body began to be covered in flames.

"Feng Tian Wu, if you ever change your mind the gates of the phoenix are open to you."

Before she could say anything to these words, Eternal Phoenix shot into the sky at lightning speed.

A phoenix cry ripped through the clouds and the sky was dyed completely crimson for a few seconds before the color slowly faded, returning the sky to its natural blue color.

For several seconds, no one said anything.

Finally, Bai s.h.i.+lin pounced onto Bai Zemin's back, nearly knocking him off the dragon's head that he was standing on.


Bai Zemin looked at the beautiful silver-haired girl whose giggle sounded like silver bells in his ears and couldn't help but smile in response, "s.h.i.+lin, father won."

"Of course, my father is the strongest of all after all!" The girl clenched her small fist and punched forward, inadvertently causing part of the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon's body to explode into a pile of b.l.o.o.d.y pulp.

"... Such a weak dragon." Bai s.h.i.+lin muttered as she discreetly lowered her fist.

"Haha... ha..." Nangong Lingxin could feel the corner of her mouth twitching as she tried to laugh at Bai s.h.i.+lin's innocent words.

If there was a reason why the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon's corpse was so weak it was because Bai Zemin had taken away all of its most important records... but explaining something so complicated to a girl who was barely 1 year old would probably get them nowhere so no one said too much.

Shangguan Bing Xue walked to a stop in front of Bai Zemin. He expected her to say something, but to his surprise, she simply stared at him without saying a word for a long enough amount of time for him to realize that something wasn't right.

Bai Zemin frowned slightly and asked with a faint smile, "Bing Xue? Are you all right?"

Shangguan Bing Xue gently took a big deep breath and nodded before shaking her head only to nod again.

"... You're worrying me." Bai Zemin said before looking at the others for answers.

To his surprise, however, everyone simply looked away.

"You take responsibility." Chen He muttered as he looked at how interesting the very distant white clouds were.

Responsibility? Responsible for what! Bai Zemin really felt like screaming in his face right now and every second that pa.s.sed made him think the worst.

Shangguan Bing Xue looked at Bai Zemin steadily and finally opened her mouth to say something.

Her voice was soft, much softer than any tone of voice she had ever used before to speak to another person to the point where she sounded like a little girl who knew she had done something wrong.

"I... I'll apologize to Yijun later."

"Hah?" Bai Zemin looked at her more and more perplexed, and that's when the unthinkable happened.

p Bai Zemin's eyes widened as the exquisite scent of jasmine flooded his senses and overwhelmed his records, leaving him

Nangong Lingxin: "Waoh..."

Kang Lan: " ... I think Wu Yijun won't accept these apologies so easily."

Bai s.h.i.+lin: "Don't do that! That's very naughty!"

Feng Tian Wu: " ... Such a daring person."

Jack: "... I'd really like that dragon to come back to life and eat him in one bite."

Anderson: "Jack, are you jealous?"

Andrea: "The guy's hot, face it."

Dylan: "Gah! The hero fights to the death to slay the dragon and rescue the princess, thus winning the grand prize!"

Angelo: "... You're out of your mind, Dylan."


While everyone was talking and whispering to each other, Chen He looked with complicated emotions at the scene in front of him. A big sigh escaped from his mouth before he smiled with some bitterness but still with genuine happiness in his eyes.

"... Congratulations, Bing Xue." He whispered as a strong gust of wind shook his and the others' hair wildly. Two single tears slipped from his eyes and were soon swept away by the icy wind blowing as he said in a voice only he could hear, "You have finally broken through that hard sh.e.l.l you locked yourself in all this time."

Bai Zemin's eyes were wide open with both his hands busy holding Bai s.h.i.+lin under her thighs as she hung on his back like a koala.

In front of him, Shangguan Bing Xue with her eyes closed had locked him in with her two hands firmly holding his face.

Her tender pink lips were firmly pressed to his, but as if recalling those events during the counter-invasion of Oblon World her naughty little tongue went in search of revenge and with surprising agility managed to slip into his mouth in a moment of carelessness.

With his heart in a daze but his masculine instincts as strong as ever, Bai Zemin could do nothing when his not-at-all-obedient tongue became entangled with Shangguan Bing Xue's tongue in what seemed to be a dance of memories to relive old times.

How long had it been? Probably no more than 5 seconds in the real world but more than 5 hours in the mind of the stupefied Bai Zemin who was still wondering what had happened even when he received good news out of the blue.

[You have received the first kiss from the Frozen Sacrilege Succubus 'Shangguan Bing Xue' willingly given by herself].

[Frozen Sacrilege Succubus' pa.s.sive skill has been activated on you automatically. Now both of you can sense each other's location accurately regardless of distance].

[You have gained s.p.a.ce for a new subcla.s.s apart from your current one].

Frozen Sacrilege Succubus...? Bai Zemin's eyes widened even more if that was even possible as he realized that Shangguan Bing Xue had evolved to Third Order, thus completing her last requirement.

* * * * * * *

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