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Chapter 1077: Here’s Your Strongest Clan

Proofreader: Papatonks


Purple lightning flashed at the horizon, unleas.h.i.+ng three attacks on the Sword Kings before they reached Zhuo Fan.

They had to flick their hands to stop the lightning strikes from hitting them, and they frowned as the attack forced them back. 

[Who is it that can unleash the same type of lightning as the Sundering Sword?]


Qiao’er flashed in front of Zhuo Fan, giggling, “Father, I’m just in time!”

“No, you’re late!” Zhuo Fan grinned and shrugged teasingly, “Any later and you’d have to your poor old man from the ground.”

Qiao’er gave a sly grin, “No, I wouldn’t. Dad has so many aces those three wouldn’t be able to touch you.”

“Who can say? Maybe I’m so stingy I’ll never use any. We still need to reach North Sea as well and should be use in case of certain doom only, ha-ha-ha…” Zhuo Fan shook his head, at which Qiao’er smiled and wrinkled her cute nose.

“Dad, that’s petty!”

While they were having a moment there between father and daughter, the rest were just sh.e.l.lshocked. Ouyang Changqing jerked awake, “Hey, big brother Zhuo, y-your miss…”


“Uh, that miss of yours that interfered…” Ouyang Changqing gesticulated as he found it hard to speak the right words, stammering, “J-just how old is she…”

The rest gasped at the young miss in disbelief.

She looked around six but she just struck thrice with the power of around peak Soul Harmony Stage.

A junior with that power would be a mighty talent indeed. But then what would that make her, still a twerp yet wielding so much power!

[Just what is wrong with this world?]

Ouyang Lingtian’s team was just as stunned as the rest of them.

Thinking about it, they had seen Zhuo Fan with his daughter, but was written off as extra in their minds, of no import. Only now they saw her as a real threat.

Were all those around Zhuo Fan freaks of nature?

Shangguan Feixiong had it the worst. He could still remember the young boy Zhuo Fan had with him back in the central area, the same boy who punched Shangguan Feiyun so hard he spurted blood. Now he showed up with a girl.

[Is the Zhuo clan a den of monsters?]

Everyone gave Zhuo Fan astonis.h.i.+ng looks.

Zhuo Fan gave a light wave, though finding no need to answer Ouyang Changqing, “Qiao’er, now I can rest easy with you here. I’ll leave the Sword Kings to you. Make sure they don’t follow and do be careful. Their nature is in opposition with yours, so don’t meet their Sundering Sword Art.”

“Don’t worry, dad, I know, he-he.” Qiao’er flicked her twin ponytails as she turned around to stare at her targets with insufferable smugness, “Dad says you three can’t pa.s.s me, unless you want to die. I feel heaven’s generosity for life so I’ll make it easy for you. If you don’t budge, then you get to live longer!” 


The minds of all boomed like drums at the young missie’s bl.u.s.tering, unable to wrap their heads around how a wee girl could be so arrogant.

Then they realized.

[Right, like father like daughter, insufferably arrogant both of them.]

While the next reaction was…

[Is the girl crazy? She may be in the Soul Harmony Stage at her incredibly young age, practically a miracle, but no matter how outrageous, she’s no match for Sword Kings. It’d be a loss upon this world for such a gem to be nipped in the cradle.]

Looking at the cute girl standing tall-ish, with that mighty look on her face, had Ouyang Lingtian and the rest feel it was such a pity, giving blaming looks to Zhuo Fan.

[We can understand the child being rash, obnoxious and wild, since it’s her nature, but you, as her father, are supposed to act your age and not send your own daughter to her death!]

[Why the h.e.l.l would you?]

Zhuo Fan flicked his hand, walking away, “In fifteen minutes you’ll all be safe through the teleportation array as I escort you. I also want to see for myself that Qingcheng has left.”

“Uh, big brother Zhuo, you’re going to leave and leave my niece here all by herself…” Ouyang Changqing was quite forward, first calling him big brother and now treating Qiao’er as his niece, all stuck to him like glue.

Zhuo Fan eyed him then chuckled. 

[The kid sure has no sense of shame, just like me.]

In the poor days of the Luo clan, he was anxious to get some backing for it, so he used the same tactic on Long Jiu from Veiled Dragon Pavilion. While he might not have found anyone from the mortal domain worth his attention, back then he was too broke and too powerless not to become sworn brothers with his best options to speed up his development plan. It was his lack of propriety that got the same clan turned into the enormous faction that was today.

Looking at Ouyang Changqing, Zhuo Fan was looking at himself and smiled, “Brother Ouyang, weren’t you calling my clan the strongest? Then just watch, the Zhuo clan’s might. I find it beneath me addressing some Sword Kings, leaving it to the kids, ha-ha-ha…”

Everyone gasped, their eyes big.

[Dude, that’s quite a mouth you have. You can show off, yes, but that’s going overboard. Sending a six-year-old girl to deal with Sword Kings? Is your clan made up of G.o.ds now?]

Besides Zhuo Fan, taking his sweet time walking off, the others were rooted to their spots, all staring at the cute Qiao’er with skepticism.

They were just too d.a.m.n curious how the child could fight three Sword Kings in the Soul Harmony Stage.

They wanted to test her limits and Zhuo Fan’s wild boasting. Ouyang Lingtian and the other two were gripping their divine swords, ready to strike as well.

If Qiao’er couldn’t handle it, they would protect her. It was too much of a shame to bear, having a six-year-old dying to protect these old coots. Their pride was on the line here.

The Sword Kings were just as tense, though never considering Qiao’er from the start.

Having seen her to be in the Soul Harmony Stage from the three lightning attacks, they no longer cared. They only had eyes for Zhuo Fan.

“Brother Yun, the plan was to take the kid’s head to get some credit, but then these three geezer came to give us their swords. Taking them to Patriarch as well will give us an even bigger commendation. Maybe Patriarch will even let us have them once he finished learning their arts. Then we’ll become the only ones among the Nine Sword Kings to wield divine swords. None will be our equals, he-he-he…”

One Sword King spoke to Baili Yuyun, who nodded and shouted, “What are we waiting for? Kill them and take the swords!”

The Sword Kings laughed and went for Ouyang Lingtian and Zhuo Fan, full of excitement at the prospects of a glorious future. Qiao’er never even registered as their target.

Ouyang Lingtian turned grave, flicking his sword and pointing it at the incoming Sword Kings, “Come on! You’ll have to pry our sword from our cold, dead hands!”

“Isn’t that obvious? We came to do just that, ha-ha-ha…” Baili Yuyun cackled, focusing his sword energy, drifting and floating. He waved and lightning cracked, striking fear in all as the sword energy split into three and shot for them.

The three’s brows shook, sweat building on their brows. They used their divine swords to block, gnas.h.i.+ng their teeth and getting ready for impact.

A bang resounded from the impact, but not with their swords. It was a streak of golden energy that shot for the three sword energies.

Baili Yuyun gasped, “What is that?”


He had no time to make sense of it as the raging golden flames surged and punched a huge hole in the sky.

The golden light and the three sword energies clashed in a terrible explosion, dyeing the skies golden with the searing flames.

The shockwave spread everywhere for thousands of miles, burning anything to a crisp.

Ouyang Lingtian and the other two had their divine swords to s.h.i.+eld them but the power was so great they coughed blood still. The blood never got to touch the ground, burned in the air before it reached it.

Only Qiao’er smiled, her twin tails swaying with the heat waves, unaffected. Zhuo Fan never looked back still, walking away with a smirk.

[Here’s your strongest clan, ha-ha-ha…]

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