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Chapter 1078: Unstoppable Ambush

Proofreader: Papatonks


The scorching golden flames filled the skies. Three men were suddenly flung to the side, broken and wrecked, with even their black hair singed as they all coughed up a lot of blood.

Finally stabilizing their condition, the Sword Kings looked pale as death.

Their early confidence and mocking smirks were wiped off their faces, looking panicky and in shock at the golden conflagration and at the sweet innocent girl behind it.

Only this six-year-old girl’s smile looked like the devil’s to them. No matter how impressed they were of her before, they still couldn’t believe she would end up so outrageously powerful. One strike had them falling back in wounds. 

[T-this is impossible!]

Eyes shook, hearts quaked. The golden inferno was reflected on their terrified faces, turning their legs into jelly and robbing them of all courage.

They were pushed back, all three of them, and given injuries. A couple more of that and they’d be breathing their last, even Sword Kings as they were. 

[That thing is a killing machine!]

[Blast that Bali Yuyu for not doing her job right. Her report is leagues behind reality!]

[If the missie is so tough, what about the big guy?]

The trio’s hearts sank, not wanting to go down that road…

“Ha-ha-ha, get a load of my power!”

Qiao’er wiggled her brows in pride and laughed as golden flames burned in front, “Listen up and listen good. That was just a warning. Take one more step and you’ll have me to answer to!”

The trio’s hearts jumped in their chests, taking a step back in fright.

The imperial family from the central area would’ve gone wide-eyed from shock. Three great and strong Sword Kings ended up terrified and cowering before some kid?

The reality was, the girl was just that d.a.m.n dangerous that not even a Sword King could mess with her.

Ouyang Changqing’s jaw hit the floor, becoming numb from shock. He had to see it to believe it. 

[The kid is so deadly that she can destroy a Sword King with every strike!]

Standing there frozen in shock, Ouyang Changqing took a long time to come back to reality. He whipped his head at Zhuo Fan and stammered, “B-big brother Zhuo, are all in your clan like that? What the h.e.l.l got you so monstrous…”

“Not monstrous, but the strongest clan, no?”

Zhuo Fan smirked, “Brother Ouyang, you said my clan is the strongest, and while I dislike showing off, sometimes you have to take a stand. Won’t everyone treat your words like bragging otherwise? Ha-ha-ha, just leave this to Qiao’er. You should hurry instead and look after your father to leave this place. It’s not safe at all here.” 

With a wide smile, Zhuo Fan kept on walking, showing off his straight back.

Ouyang Changqing was in awe as he muttered, “d.a.m.n, I made the right bet after all. The Zhuo clan is outrageous and now I’m set to get in, ha-ha-ha. My foresight is the best… ugh, forget my old man…”

Only now he recalled how the previous mighty blast sent the three seniors flying. The shock of Qiao’er’s super ridiculous power had him blanked out till now, waking up at last to the fact that his father needed help. 

The three old men were slumped on the searing ground blinking at the golden inferno and at Qiao’er, even forgetting about their wounds.

They were in the same state as the three Sword Kings. Besides shock, they were more in awe.

[There’s actually something so ridiculously insane in this world as a six-year-old girl capable of… of…]

“Dad, this is no time to gawk, not with your wounds. Big brother Zhuo wants us to leave, so let’s go!” Ouyang Changqing rushed over and pulled on Ouyang Lingtian’s hand over his shoulder.

The others heard his yell and finally reacted, going to the other two to help them out. 

Yet the three old guys were still out of it, unable to process what had just transpired, eyes staring blankly at Qiao’er.

[Someone’s always above you.]

For the first time ever, they felt this saying on their own skin. There was no such thing as the strongest in this world and there might even be more out there better than you.

[Men need to know respect and not be arrogant.]

The trio were taken away as they sighed with lowered heads.

They were the strongest in their lands, at the top of the world, with only the Invincible Sword standing above them. They were all civilized men, but being constantly affected by their status made them develop unhealthy pride in themselves while disregarding all others. They only saw the Invincible Sword as their real opponent. 

Qiao’er now showed them, slapped them hard awake. There were countless young heroes out there, beyond even what these old relics could achieve.

Wu Qingqiu’s team gave Qiao’er one last look before realizing that Zhuo Fan’s daughter did have the power to block the Sword Kings.

Even as baffled and stunned as they were, they could not misplace the safety they felt.

Without hesitating any longer, they dragged the three seniors after Zhuo Fan. Ye Lin stepped livelier, catching up to him, whispering, “Elder brother, did Qiao’er use a Dragon Breath Pill?”


“How many do you have? If she uses them all, then nothing will stop them.”

“Relax, Dragon Ancestor gave her ten. I bet three are enough to rip even those Sword Kings to pieces.” Zhuo Fan smirked in confidence.

Ye Lin flinched and gasped, “So many? Master is playing favorites. He only gave me a couple last time and now he just gives away ten? On top of that, they’re even stronger? And he even said the Dragon Breath Pill drains him a lot, liar. This shows he cares more about the girl than me.”

“I don’t think so since I provoked him into giving them and our mission this time is too dangerous. Dragon Ancestor just gave us a little something to be prepared for whatever comes our way.”

“Dangerous? Elder brother, weren’t you in a rush to seal the World Wind Tunnels? Why have you come to the northern lands? Can I help?”

“Most likely not.”

Zhuo Fan shook his head, turning serious, “To be honest, I came to the North Sea to find Heaven Sealing Sea Ao. But then I heard he has a foul temper, treating humans like they’re his bitter enemies, so I came prepared. You can’t get involved. The more we are before the sacred beast, the worst it would probably be. There’s no point in wasting your life. I’ll have to play it by ear and see if I can get him to cooperate.”

Recalling his master’s strength, Ye Lin nodded in understanding, then sighed and gave up.

And so, the team left their backs in Qiao’er’s care as they moved with speed for the teleportation array.

The Sword Kings looked through the golden fire wall with anxiety and gnashed teeth. To get to them, they first had to get through Qiao’er and her cold smile, though they were feeling a bit fearful.

[The girl is outrageous!]

[But the problem is her dad, how strong is he? In the case he’s even stronger than her, then we have it worse.]

Chasing did not sound so pleasant right now.

[Curse you, Baili Yuyu, and your rotten report. We were all minding our business and would’ve kept it like this instead of offending this monster pair.]

[Now that all gloves are off, we need to finish them now or suffer later. But how the h.e.l.l are we to do that?]

They had deep frowns, and filled with blame for Bali Yuyu, cursing her to the high heavens.


A sudden gale blew and a tall figure loomed over them from behind. An aged and rumbling voice shook the air, “What happened, why such a huge ruckus?”


Shuddering, the Sword Kings turned around at once and bowed, “Greetings, Patriarch!”

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