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Chapter 1079: Hard to Block

Proofreader: Papatonks


Invincible Sword flashed before the three with coldness in his eyes, “What happened here? Report!”

“Patriarch, we were stopping Zhuo Fan and Ouyang Lingtian’s group of three divine swords wielders.” The trio tensed and answered at once.

Baili Yutian’s beard shook, but then grinned, “That’s great then, the heads and the swords I wanted gathered in one place. Well, where are they?”

“R-ran off…”

The trio’s faces twitched, feeling apprehensive as they glanced at Baili Yutian shaking all over.

His features twisted as he roared, “Ran off? How the h.e.l.l did they just run off?”


“And why are you still standing here like fools and not going after them?” Baili Yutian cut through their stammering as he raged on.

The trio looked at each other with bitter gazes, when Baili Yuyun finally scrounged up his courage to point at Qiao’er, “Patriarch, we failed you, stopped by this little girl. We couldn’t do anything. Please show leniency, Patriarch!”

“A little girl?”

Baili Yutian narrowed his eyes, scanning Qiao’er, “So this is the one you say that blocked you?”

“Yes, Patriarch, she’s always been with that Zhuo Fan. Her innocent, cute and joyful manner is just a front for the real…” 


Baili Yuyun and the other two found themselves flung away by a sudden release of immense power, even as he talked. They bled once more, coughing and paling.

Baili Yutian’s eyes burned hot with his anger, “I don’t need excuses! You’re nothing but dead waste for even a little girl to stop you!”


The trio took the critique with a deep bow.

Baili Yutian turned his attention to Qiao’er, showing off a cold smile, “Ha-ha-ha, Devil Mountain isn’t the empty lie I thought it to be. There’s some truth to it, I see. Missie, you sure are something to stop these three, even if they’re more or less garbage.” 

“Better believe it, humph!”

Qiao’er scoffed and raised her cute face with excessive pride, “Those three don’t know reason so I only set them straight. Old coot, if you know what’s good for you, disappear from my sight. Dad said none of you can cross this line…”

“Or what?” Baili Yutian smiled.

Qiao’er smirked, her eyes flas.h.i.+ng coldly, “What I’m going to do to old geezer like you is cremate you!” 

“You got quite the mouth on you!”

Baili Yutian shook his head, giving a scornful look and smile. He just walked towards the golden fire, one step at a time, like he was out on a stroll.

“Missie, you’re the first to ever talk to me like that since I started on my path. Show me then, just what skills you have to back up that overconfidence, ha-ha-ha…”

Baili Yutian laughed, letting it loose as his bulk neared Qiao’er.

Qiao’er stared at him, her face growing hard, then her hand flashed with a golden ball of fire. The violent and destructive air it gave spoke of death and horrors.

“Old coot, you asked for it. You only got yourself to blame for ending up in pieces by insisting on crossing the line.”

“There’s no line that can’t be crossed, only the strength to do so.”

Glancing at the ball in Qiao’er’s hand and sensing its power, Baili Yutian was first amazed then excited as he quickened his pace. He couldn’t wait to test Qiao’er’s strength.

“So that’s what got those three fools to eat dirt. Ha-ha-ha, not bad at all. I can feel the flood of power coming off it. Though it’s not yours, miss, but to have it proves Devil Mountain is more than it seems. I so wish I could meet a real Devil Mountain expert. It would make death worth it.” 

“Oh, you’re going to see one alright, right now!”

Qiao’er’s eyes flashed and the Dragon Breath Pill whistled through the air for Baili Yutian.


The golden light shot like a start, smas.h.i.+ng for Baili Yutian at top speed.

It followed with a tremendous explosion, not unlike the previous one, shaking the world around for thousands of miles. The golden inferno released decimating shockwaves that engulfed half of the Sea Bright Sect and destroyed veritable monuments, having survived for thousands of years.

As for the mighty Invincible Sword himself, it got swallowed up by the raging flames.

The Sword Kings gasped in panic, “Patriarch!”

There was no answer, giving the sinking feeling the old expert’s body crumbled under the onslaught of fire.

The Sword Kings slumped in shock.

Qiao’er giggled and mocked, “That’s what you get for pus.h.i.+ng it! And he still went on about seeing some Devil Mountain true expert. Happy now? I am none other than such an expert of Devil Mountain. So rest in pieces, he-he-he…” 

“Ha-ha-ha, every true expert out there can use their own power to twist the world to their whim!”

An aged voice of disdain echoed from the flames, “Miss, you’ve got a good talent, the makings of a great expert. It’s a shame though, that you’re quite far from being one, with your childish use of another’s power. Allow me to show you what a true expert can do!”


Lightning crackled all of a sudden and a savage sword wave crossed the skies and split the inferno.

Invincible Sword appeared in sight, taking his time as he walked out, casual as before. 

With every step, rumbling echoed out.

The golden flames crumbled with a sudden bang as purple lightning thundered high above, tearing into the golden fires until nothing remained. The inferno soon turned into a purple thunderstorm.

Baili Yutian thus became the overlord of this storm. With him here, the golden flames would never burn again.


The Sword Kings cheered.

Qiao’er shook, looking at the old man in disbelief, “N-no way! Dragon Ancestor’s Dragon Breath Pill did nothing? W-what is he?”

“Dragon Breath Pill, ha-ha-ha. Was that what you threw?”

Baili Yutian’s eyes shone with bloodthirst, his steps measured as he got closer to Qiao’er, “This toy is good enough to deal with a Sword King. It even made me twitch. Ha-ha-ha, how many years has it been since someone managed to make me feel numb? I’m really curious now as to who made this Dragon Breath Pill. Though no matter how great, it’s still a crutch, while true experts wield endless strength from within. That’s what I want to fight, not some child throwing toys at me. So I will ask you again, missie, does Devil Mountain have any experts? Ha-ha-ha…”

Qiao’er’s brow shook, staring hard at Invincible Sword’s stature growing bigger as he neared. She flinched back in reflex, her hand holding another Dragon Breath Pill.

Baili Yutian noticed and shook his head, “Miss, so you chose to ignore me. I told you, I have no interest in such toys…”


Qiao’er threw the second Dragon Breath Pill and cut him off, “Then have another taste, geezer!”

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