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Chapter 1162: Last Showdown

Proofreader: Papatonks

Zhuo Fan raised the corner of his mouth, revealing his grand plan to the incensed Baili Jingwei, “Prime Minister, it was quite impossible for Devil Palace to grow without gaining some attention. But a few decades ago, I had the Prime Minister notice it on purpose, even going as far as letting your spies slip in. Care to know why?”

Baili Jingwei was white as paper, his breathing ragged and unable to speak.

“Quite simple, because I wanted control. Not just of me, but over others as well.”

Zhuo Fan said, “If you’d been in the dark of Devil Palace, then you’d go all out against the lands and we’d raise a revolt, though it wouldn’t do any good. We both know how the first world war ended. With a couple of frightening words from you, the leaders of the lands were happy to follow along. You went home at once to douse the flames and keep the empire whole. No matter how much damage was done, all can be rebuilt in time. The empire would survive!

“So I let it slip into your reports that Devil Palace existed and even let you send spies to give you false control across the board, when I was holding all the cards. With Devil Palace a thorn in your side, you’d never send all troops in. I controlled the rise of all your spies to control how fast you’d act. If you’d still been greedy like in the last war, you’d have struck only when all was perfect.”

Baili Jingwei’s rough breathing grew and he leaned on Baili Yuyun for support. His raging eyes, however, never left Zhuo Fan.

Zhuo Fan went on, “You’d never have made your move unless you had enough intelligence, so I let it trickle over to your spy and led you along, to believe you’re in control. It was a stalling tactic really, since I wasn’t ready, but once I was, I let your spies get the right rank and learn more info. That was only limited to the central area, since any info on the four lands would let the empty city tactic fall through, ha-ha-ha…”

“Why did you make Wu Randong rebel then with all the shadow forces? Is it to draw my attention?” Baili Jingwei roared.

Zhuo Fan smiled, with Wu Randong showing a wide grin, “Prime Minister Baili, that’s what makes Palace Lord so brilliant. You went after the lands and faked an empty central area, aiming to catch us all in a trap. If I hadn’t come out, your other Sword Kings would’ve been stationed here for nothing and you would send them to the lands to fight, thus figuring it out. As long as Devil Palace stayed in the central area, you’d never know rest and would not advance your plans, making it a matter of time before the problems in the four lands would catch your attention.

“So we were thrown away to give you peace of mind. In your joy, you never bothered to check the war situation in the other lands, jumping to the next step, luring our Palace Lord and other enemies. You gathered all your forces in the central area, leaving the borders defenseless. This led to the three lands’ armies you thought were defeated to get deep into your empire. Talk about setting oneself up for failure, making the enemy work from within and outside to attack you on all sides. Compared to last time, Prime Minister, you lost completely, ha-ha-ha…”

“I see, the Devil Palace in the central area was just a cover for your operations in the four lands.”

Baili Jingwei nodded, then his face twitched harder, “Zhuo Fan, you’re good. I accept my complete loss and you have my complete respect.” 

Baili Jingwei spat the last words with hatred, but the respect was still there.

Zhuo Fan was the only one in the world capable of being a step ahead.

His hatred was born of nothing more than his inadequacies, while his respect was genuine. 

Zither Sword King sighed, turning to Zhuo Fan, “To overcome Baili Jingwei’s hundred year plan every step of the way makes him a truly terrifying man.” 

The others shared a nod, looking grave.

“Don’t think you’ve won. The empire won’t fall. It shall endure for a very good reason!” 

Baili Jingwei roared, pointing at the convicts, “You wanted to save them so I will cut them down first. Let’s see how many you can protect by yourself! Empire defenders, Sword Kings, kill them. Make his win a bitter one!”

“Yes, sir!”

The six Baili Sword Kings flew into action at the convicts. Shangguan Feiyun was hesitant which side to take, but recalling that Zhuo Fan slighted him, he joined the central area’s Sword Kings in the end.

Danqing Shen and the rest were friendly with Zhuo Fan, not to mention they had done marvelously. 

[I got nothing instead, and he didn’t even consider picking me. Why the h.e.l.l would I side with him? Humph!] 

Shangguan Feiyun was set to side with the empire regardless of its fate.

He had no other options.


Zither Sword King hoisted Baili Jingwei by the neck, shouting, “Baili Jingwei, have them stop!”

“Humph, I won’t. I may die, but Zhuo Fan will lose to me here. He gets the great victory while I’ll leave a scar on his heart, ha-ha-ha…” 

Baili Jingwei snickered, leaving the Zither Sword King helpless.

The Sword Kings listened to Baili Jingwei because Baili Yutian ordered it, while hardly caring for his fate, or that the emperor would survive. They would not stop unless he spoke up.

Zither Sword King sighed with worry at Zhuo Fan.

[Dark Demon Lord is strong, able to take all those Sword Kings, but they’re focusing on killing his people. He can’t look after all of them, so could he protect so many people?]

Zither Sword King knew he cared for some of the people there. With the death of any of them, his heart would be in pain. 

Zither Sword King shot over at once, wanting to help. Danqing Shen and Wine Sword Immortal were already there.

But since they were all Sword Kings, they were a moment behind compared to the seven.


A fierce wind came at Murong Xue as Baili Yuyun showed a wicked smile. As dreadful power blew over Ling Yuntian, Bali Yuyu glanced at Zhuo Fan, and decided this man could die from his lack of reaction.

She didn’t want to kill anyone who Zhuo Fan cared about or to be at odds with him.

Baili Jingwei would’ve been p.i.s.sed if he knew.

[Bali Yuyu, you rotten turncoat, why the h.e.l.l are you going for Ling Yuntian, who Zhuo Fan couldn’t give two licks about?]

But now he was too drunk on revenge to see clearly that he had another traitor in his camp. 

Bloodl.u.s.t washed over the scaffold and the convicts, making them feel death on their necks. They glanced at Zhuo Fan with pleading looks, but he just stood there like a statue.

All were on the verge of crying.

[Dude, aren’t you here for us? At least fake it.]


As the Sword Kings’ power inched closer, so did death clench their hearts in its grip. Zhuo Fan acted like he abandoned them as a boom resounded in their ears. 

The seven Sword Kings backed off as they saw seven people in front blocking them. 

“Xue’er, you alright?”

A man in red stood next to Murong Xue, having a fire cloud badge on his waist. She cheered, “Brother!”

“Shangguan Feixiong, you finally show up!” Shangguan Feiyun stared at him.

Shangguan Feixiong cupped his hands, “Feiyun, have you been well this century?”

Shangguan Feiyun sized him up, the jade badge on his waist catching his eye, that of a mountain.

“Dad, leave Baili Jingtian to me. I have a score to settle!”

“Be careful.”

The father had a badge with a river while the son wore black with fangs on his badge.

Another man in black, a youth, had a sun painted on the back of the robe, turning to them, “I have a score as well. Leave him to me!”

“Why should I?”

“I’m stronger than you!”

“Tch…” The youth with the fangs badge huffed.

Zhuo Fan stood still all this time, while the others around were stunned at the familiar figures that had vanished at the end of the first war.

Only the Devil Palace disciples cheered seeing them, “Our five Dharma Kings and emissaries are here!”

With all experts present, the last showdown could begin…

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