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Chapter 1453 1447: CKC, Completed Array

Su Mei's splendor was absorbed as Chosen from the World Beyond sighed in their hearts. They couldn't help but feel that the discovery of these abnormally powerful mortals alongside the near-heist of the compet.i.tion by the so-called mortal Worldly Alchemic Saint would shake the Azure-Prime to its core. There was bound to be a commotion of the highest degree unfolding.

A few Chosen from the World Beyond were already readying their transmission jades and tools to send messages across the Dark Void for an unimaginable amount of distance. Some were prepared and others were still carefully curating their messages, trying to properly ill.u.s.trate the astonis.h.i.+ng events and changes that had occurred.

"The entire world is going to become chaotic. This Chosen King Compet.i.tion was as heaven-defying and different as those old sages of fortune and future had foretold," Tambu Ma said with a sigh, his heart as complex as it had been shattered. There was a notable lack of youthful exuberance and arrogance within his eyes, as if he had experienced worldly affairs and truths forcefully and far too early.

Tula Yi pursed her lips. She felt that Tambu Ma was somehow understating the situation despite using terms like 'heaven-defying'. This wasn't a simple matter. That Alchemic Saint by the name of Wei Wuyin was a human cultivator. Moreover, he might be directly responsible for each of these highly irregular mortals, and that was an absolutely frightening discovery.

Moreover, they all saw the Alchemic Sovereigns acting earlier to fuse the crown, and they seemed varied in race and specializations, yet they were definitely not from the Azure-Prime. The most important aspect that had yet to be heavily scrutinized was the silver eyes.

Yes, those remarkable, easily recognizable, unforgettably enchanting silver-colored eyes that contained a wisp of spiritualism at the pinnacle. They were the same infamous pair of eyes as the King of Everlore's! The connection was bound to exist given how they were both extraordinarily talented in the Alchemic Dao as mortals, both originating from the Ancient Sealed Region.

Her heart was pounding. She readied her transmission jade excitedly. Within a few minutes, they would return home!

A few minutes pa.s.sed.

And then half an hour.

Suddenly, these Chosen from the World Beyond experienced some confusion, unable to understand what was happening.

"Why isn't the formation activating?"

"Didn't that mortal woman refine the Evercrown? It should be done, right? What's wrong?"

"Take us back!"

Words flung as a few tried to directly speak to the Overseer they knew existed that oversaw the situation. Panic swept their hearts as they felt that something was amiss with this situation.

No answer.

The clamor grew.

Within the isolated subrealm of w.a.n.g Yutian's station, he was accompanied by the so-called Overseer of the Evercrown Ceremony. She was no longer in control. When he saw the side profile of her cute facial features twisted in anxiety and a tinge of anger, he couldn't help but sigh to himself.

The 'former' Overseer of the Evercrown Ceremony was a lithe, dainty woman of the human race who seemed to be in her late teens, her olive skin, golden-brown eyes, and shoulder-length cinnamon-colored hair perfectly accentuated her delightfully youthful looks. She was undeniably a beauty. Equally as beautiful, her pulsating fluctuations of aura were incredibly intense; the young-looking Overseer was a Worldly Saint!

"What is he doing...?" She bit her lower lips in her anxiety, yet her thoughts of directly confronting Wei Wuyin were deeply pushed down her heart. When she lost sight of Wei Wuyin after he proposed to that gorgeous and talented mortal woman, her instincts of self-preservation were blaring so intensely that she felt her scalp turn numb. She distinctly had the feeling that the silver-eyed hijacker might harm her if she gave an opening or reasoning. It was inexplicable but she trusted her instincts. Moreover, w.a.n.g Yutian kept her back while strongly advising that it was best to simply 'watch and wait'. He knew something.

"He'll do what he wants," w.a.n.g Yutian grinned. Wei Wuyin was not someone easily seen through and he did as he pleased. He had watched him grow from a fledgling mortal that slowly conceived Awakened Saber Intent with several steps to the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn, an Alchemic Worldly Saint, and a terrifyingly powerful cultivator that could forcefully send the Void Wyrm back with a single word.

He witnessed it all. So his words were by far the most suitable here. However, the Overseer took a deep inhale and exhale, trying to calm her nerves in a failing effort. She didn't want to be punished for this. In the end, she could only try to console her hectic feelings by committing to placing all the blame on the various formations' failure to effectively work and Wei Wuyin's overbearing actions. Moreover, he might have some relation to the King of Everlore, which would justify all of this.

"How long will he keep delaying the return?" The Overseer asked. She, too, was meant to be transported back. Her message had long since been prepared hours ago.

w.a.n.g Yutian didn't bother answering a question he had no control over. He merely glanced outward to see the Chosen stir into an anxious frenzy as they asked question after question, even some boldly demanding to be sent back.

The Ascendants were all calm. They sat quietly and cultivated in various regions. They began to seize the fortune that still remained within the Everlands, the myriad regions of the Evercrown Ceremony. To them, this was an opportunity to cultivate.

Moreover, a few had to think deeply about what their wish would be thanks to Xue Yifei. While their wish might not be fully fulfilled, Wei Wuyin would complete it to an extent, and likely be comparable to one's showing and efforts during the battle for the Evercrown.

Meanwhile, Tian Yinwu realized that the Chosen King Compet.i.tion hadn't come to an end. This caused him to heave a sigh of relief. He didn't want to have to waste the limited energy from Void Piercer. It was an ancient treasure that needed a lot of void energy to activate. However, he slowly became curious as to why the Chosen King Compet.i.tion hadn't ended after the Evercrown was claimed.

He could only a.s.sume that Wei Wuyin had another event prepared. This was good for him. Despite the favorable situation, he still wondered how Wei Wuyin convinced the Overseer to surrender control of the various formations. Did this suggest that he genuinely had a connection with the King of Everlore? Given his outstanding Alchemic Talent and history, this was growing increasingly true.

A direct descendant, perhaps? While it was widely spread that the King of Everlore never had children of his own, that didn't mean it was true. No cultivator was immune to temptation at times, and an illegitimate, out-of-wedlock child was entirely possible.

He decided to place that thought aside as he received a stern urging from within him. With a burst of speed, he moved even faster, placing flags at an increasing pace. In the beginning, he had some difficulties in placing these flags down, but after doing so tens of thousands of times over the last few days across the three different stages, he was extremely familiar with the process and could do it within a tenth of the time he had to use initially.

"I'll be able to finish it in just three hours. Let's hope the delay lasts that long," Tian Yinwu softly whispered as he darted through the various regions.

Wei Wuyin watched him closely. As for the cries of returning home, he ignored all of them. Like this, the remaining hours were used up. Eventually, the Chosen decided to go and cultivate after seeing their actions were useless. A few even bothered some of the Ascendants with questions. A brave batch had even tried to court some of the human female Ascendants, which included Wu Baozhai, Hong Chunhua, and Bei Weiwei.

"Finished!" Tian Yinwu placed a last flag down, sweat dripping down his forehead, and his breathing a little labored. From the beginning to the end of the compet.i.tion, besides dealing with Tang Xingyun, he had been setting these flags up all over.

"This uniquely interconnected realm is divided into five independently isolated main realms and several subrealms. I've connected with the Everpath, Everworld, and Everlands. Unfortunately, Evercore and Everstage were areas I couldn't access directly. I should still be able to make a solid connection, however." Tian Yinwu murmured as he thought about the logistics of his plans. The Evercore was the central control region of the unique realm while the Everstage was where the Everclash was held. As for the subrealms, they included the Overseers' stations, such as w.a.n.g Yutian and San Luoyang's stations, and places where the various Sentinels were kept.

These subrealms contained a lot of formations as well that a.s.sisted the Chosen King Compet.i.tion in various ways and stored the various treasures, materials, and products that were used for the Chosen King Compet.i.tion's reward system. It was also through these subrealms that tethered and connected the unique realm to various locations beyond, such as the Stellar Nest, Sealed Region, and World Beyond.

They acted as gateways in and out as well as channels for energy and power. In a way, these subrealms were nodes.

"This will work," Tian Yinwu started to pant heavily as the success of this hinged on his plans going forward, his eyes bloodshot as madness started to seep out of his handsome features. He had lost half of the Astralis Ultimate Star long ago, and while he had been able to make up for its deficient state, he needed this to push his cultivation to the limit.


With bloodshot eyes and veins pulsating with hot blood, Tian Yinwu no longer thought about the potential rate of failure. He decided to trust all of them wholeheartedly. Slowly, he formed a hand-seal. From his fingertips, waves of invisible energy fluctuated fiercely, almost preventing his hand-seal from forming. His fingers trembled as he brought both hands together, completing the hand-seal!


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