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Chapter 1454 1448: CKC, The Madness of Wu & Yin

Without any prior indication, those in the Everlands felt the entire world tremble as if experiencing an earthquake. It only lasted for a moment but the intensity was indescribably disorientating. Some instantly lost their footing and balance despite their Mystic Ascendant Realm cultivation bases and fell on their backs or faces. Stunned, they tried to lift themselves upwards by manipulating the mana on instinct, finding that it could no longer be interacted with.

"What was that...?"

"Ay! Something's strange with the mana 'ere!"

"Be careful. It might be another challenge."

More than a few readied themselves wearily as they observed the world.

Tian Yinwu was pale-faced, sweat incessantly dripped from his forehead and back, and his fingertips kept pulsating with fluctuations of invisible energy. After he separated them, the invisible energy spread to his palms. He once again tried to perform a hand-seal! The difficulty was even greater than before, and the veins on his forehead and arms bulged.



The world shook so violently that cultivators grew dizzy. Without any change in gravity, cultivators were lifted upwards and tossed like bags of trash in every which way without any warning. They shrieked and screamed. When they tried to exert their Mystic Power and unleash their Mystic Auras, they found themselves suppressed, smas.h.i.+ng against glacial tundras, sandy mounds, rocky mountains, and tall trees.

The sounds of extreme panic unfolded endlessly in every direction! Cries for help had even come out of Tula Yi's lips as she jetted across three hundred miles of distance before slamming into a volcano. She saw someone pa.s.s by her, flying into the sky!

Tambu Ma was aghast. What was happening?! WHAT WAS HAPPENING?!

Tian Yinwu's eyes were almost entirely red as the invisible energy spread further, reaching his arms and some parts of his torso. He spread his hands once again and tried to form another hand-seal!



The entire world was plunged into chaos as Ascended beings were raining from every which way, unable to stop themselves, unable to circulate their cultivation bases, and unable to even speak! The s.p.a.ce had changed somehow, preventing sound waves and spiritual transmissions from pa.s.sing through. The hearts of these Chosen pounded with terror.


The Overseer was frenzied. Despite being in the subrealm, despite being a Worldly Saint, she was sent flying just like the others! w.a.n.g Yutian chuckled loudly as he just let himself be tossed about like a leaf.

By this point, the invisible energy had spread to engulf Tian Yinwu's entire body. His hair and robes whipped about as he slowly floated into the sky emitting endless waves of energy. He was bleeding from his nose and ears while his eyes were entirely red. One could see from his appearance that he was under an extreme level of strain. However, the madness and resolve in his eyes could scare away ghosts and G.o.ds alike.

"!!!" Tian Yinwu released a thunderous grunt, completing yet another hand-seal!


Everything went silent.

The air stopped. The flow of mana stopped. All sound ceased. All breathing ceased.


A sound so ear-piercing that it could make entire populations of stellar regions deaf was unleashed. Following this, from the sky, the fabric of s.p.a.ce itself was ripped open! For the very first time, they all saw a Solar Star that didn't belong to anyone!

It was gorgeously multicolored, filled with thirty-three different colors, both vibrant and dull, and dwarf-sized. The light it emitted, however, was extremely clear without any color. There was no color to it at all!

To some of them, this clear light felt extremely familiar. They had all tried to cultivate to attain this type of light before, some succeeding while others failing.

"Is that...True Light?!?!" Hearts and minds raced violently as the Solar Star emitting True Light descended as if pulled from the dark void of s.p.a.ce after being seemingly ripped open by force!

Tian Yinwu's hazel-gold eyes were almost entirely blood, and the grin on his face was borderline devilish as madness distorted his beautifully handsome features. Despite the madness, it didn't diminish his looks in the slightest, only enhancing it with a uniquely chaotic charm.

This was a man who was willing to rip open the heavens for fortune!

Even Wei Wuyin was fiercely taken aback by Tian Yinwu's action. He had his own thoughts on the function of the array, but after seeing him pull out the multicolored, clear light-emitting, dwarf-sized Solar Star, his eyes shone brightly. This was

"I thought you just wanted a piece of the pie! Who thought you wanted the entire thing!" Suddenly, Wei Wuyin's eyes glistened with ravenous excitement. He had originally been able to seize the pie itself after Tian Yinwu took a piece. But with this, the urge to exploit the heavens intensified to a point that it couldn't be suppressed.

Xue Yifei was observing Tian Yinwu as she was unaffected by the crazy changes earlier thanks to Wei Wuyin, and Tian Yinwu stood out. But when she saw his madness, her mind felt shaken.

Then, when she turned to Wei Wuyin, those silver eyes of his were equally as intense, if not more so! However, there was excitement in her heart and pride. She knew Wei Wuyin was going to do something heaven-defying!

"Stay here." Wei Wuyin instructed as his voice surged with strength. Xue Yifei obediently nodded. She wouldn't dare to take any random steps at this juncture. In fact, she was preparing herself to take advantage of the situation as a tiny Ernu appeared in her embrace, nestling comfortably between two enviable twin peaks.

Wei Wuyin flew upwards to the sky, breaching the limits of the atmospheric layer of the Everlands, and his silver eyes effused an unfathomable light that swept the world, causing souls to shake, hearts to palpitate, scalps to grow numb, and bodies to seize up with instinctual fear.

"Pulling the entire Ultimate Core of the Everlands Main Realm! What a brave fellow!" Wei Wuyin knew that doing this would destabilize the Chosen King Compet.i.tion and until another star was forged, this could bring an end to the Chosen King Compet.i.tion for a while until fixed. If fixed.

Tian Yinwu was far too focused on operating the array to notice. In his mind, all that was present was the dwarf-sized Solar Star. This Star contained thirty-three types of profound energies and essences, Astralis Essence was among them, and they were going to help him develop the strongest foundation for the final stage of the Mortal Realms.

"I'll extract all I can!" He started to fully activate the array, exerting its extraction properties as his cultivation base circulated violently with every Cultivation Method he'd ever mastered. He intended to extract the various energies and essences to supplement his cultivation base and refine his physique continuously! This was his path!

Wei Wuyin gazed at the Solar Star. "You want to take the entire pie? Haha!" Suddenly, six Minor Authorities circulated through Wei Wuyin's silver eyes and surrounded each of his Astral Souls as he tapped into Little Defiant's vast reserves of energy. He subtly interfaced with Tian Yinwu's array, fueling it with greater strength than ever before.

"No! Let's take all the pies!" Wei Wuyin's Stellar-Paragon Physique sublimated to an extreme!


He brought forth his True Void Dragon Bloodline to its limits! With two hands, he yanked forcefully as soulful light erupted with a strange clarity that greatly resembled True Light.


The fabric of s.p.a.ce from four other directions was ripped apart as the world continuously shook without end. Then...

...from these rips that overtook the skies, four similar dwarf-sized Solar Stars began to emerge!! These were all four Ultimate Cores of the Main Realms!

However, Tian Yinwu saw this and the madness in his eyes grew. "More than one of the Ultimate Stars is being drawn over! I didn't think it'd actually work!" He began to pant so heavily that b.l.o.o.d.y mist and white smoke left his mouth. The madness and insanity in his eyes grew and grew! He had been siphoning power from the other two Ultimate Stars to fuel the extraction of this one! This was why he had to set up flags in the other two realms. Since the array was working so well, he might as well go all out!

"SO MUCH POWER!" The sudden Infusion of richly refined energy pulsed through the array and greatly improved its effect. Tian Yinwu was brilliantly surprised. Did he accidentally tap into another power source? "Then! Let's use this!" With another hand-seal, his orifices flowed with blood and his body bulged two sizes, but his mind was focused so intently that there was nothing that could shake him.

"What?" Wei Wuyin was shocked to discover that Little Defiant's provided energy was being called forth at greater quant.i.ties by the array than what he was providing. The array was about to unleash another drastic change that he hadn't expected.

"You..." For a moment, Wei Wuyin was sent into a daze. For the first time in a long, long time, he felt that his actions were a little short-sighted and narrow. He wanted all the pies? But Tian Yinwu...

Wei Wuyin's daze ended as his smile widened to its limit and laughter shook the Void. "OKAY!" He sent additional energy of Little Defiant into the array, causing each of the crystalline flags to grow ten times their size!! This was several times more than what Tian Yinwu was trying to summon!

"I'll take it all!" Tian Yinwu shouted.



Erdiul's Note: Gigachad Wei Wuyin. Apparently the next volume will be mostly about the MC and I'm all for it. 2 chapters today by the author, maybe he's back to 2 a day? Also I don't know why I've never noticed that Wei Wuyin and Tian Yinwu have the same first name but sort of reversed.

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