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Chapter 773: Power Chess Pieces

"!?" Elysia immediately got down from the tree and rushed into the thick bush.

When she arrived, four men were already lying on the ground with only a few minor injuries. However, they groaned as if in deep agony. The last one, most likely their leader, was strangled by Xero to a tree trunk.

"Heh-hee... Life can turn quickly, huh... We were supposed to be hunters but were being hunted instead." The leader grimaced cynically from behind his skull mask.

"You don't even deserve to be called prey to be hunted. It's more like pest control." Xero took off his captured mask, but there was still a ninja-like mask.

"Guh, tell me... What conditions would you like for you to release us?" The leader tried his best to negotiate as his survival instinct kicked in.

He and his comrades were powerful, but this white-haired boy was beyond their league! It was only a few seconds, and they instantly lost without being able to move. They didn't even notice the surprise attack until it was too late.

"..." There was a strange glint in Xero's eyes when he realized Elysia had just arrived behind him. He erected the barrier around and prepared to extract this human's mind. Unfortunately, his concentration was disrupted because Elysia smacked his back.

"Stop for now. You decided to act alone, and now you want to use bitter techniques to get information out of his mind, huh?" Elysia pursed her lips. She felt a little angry.

"Huh? You've given your consent and are acting on your master's behalf. You're just being unreasonable now. Don't you know extracting information from his mind is faster than that troublesome interrogation?" Xero frowned but didn't let go of his grip on his victim's neck.

"Is it like that? My apologies. You may have misinterpreted something. Regardless, don't act rashly. They are under G.o.d-level being patronage, possibly his name is Reaper G.o.d. The fastest way does not mean the best way. We act with a plan, remember?" Elysia was a little confused when she gave her consent, but she didn't dwell on the matter and only advised Xero.

"..." The leader didn't know what to say to this bickering pair of lovers. However, he was literally saved by this girl.

"Tch, fine. Do what you want. That Reaper G.o.d won't be able to hurt me even if he comes here." Xero clicked his tongue and threw his victim at the four people who were still lying in pain on the ground.

'Ely, I think interrogating for information is insignificant. Just take their power chess pieces and erase their memories of the last month or two. In three days, we will hunt down all the G.o.d Game partic.i.p.ants with the help of nature spirits, right? They are just chess pieces, but we are for the greater ones. We just need to try to contact Earth Mother as soon as possible.' Elena suggested an idea that she thought was the most ideal.

'That makes sense...' Elysia realized that interrogating was no longer appropriate if her group was going to hunt down all the partic.i.p.ants without exception soon.

'If so, I can help to erase their memories.' Rhea also expressed her approval.

Therefore, Elysia changed her plan and approached the strongest

"Ugh... What are you going to do, miss? Are you a huntress? We'll give up from the game, but let us go." The leader groaned in pain, but he was still unable to move his body.

"Stay still, it's just a moment, and you'll be back in your normal life. All this mess never happened." Elysia reached out to the's chest, but her hand went inside.

"!?" The leader widened his eyes in surprise. His chest was pierced through, but he didn't feel any pain?

"Hmm, I got it." Elysia took out a black chess piece, then touched the's forehead with her right hand.

Rhea used a memory erasing technique. She tried to erase all memories of the G.o.d Game, but it was a bit tricky. So, she continued by erasing memories from the past two months.

"What in the-" The leader muttered under his breath, but his consciousness slowly left him until the darkness was entirely out of sight. He fell unconscious.

Elysia did the same to the other four She took their power chess pieces, and Rhea erased these' memories.

'Xero, we decided to use a more practical plan. These are the so-called power chess pieces, and we will investigate this further. We suspect these things are part of the Ruvoid G.o.d's grand scheme.' Elysia showed the five black chess pieces in her hand to Xero.

'Hm, the ident.i.ty of the G.o.d Game partic.i.p.ants and the source of their power-up. What about the interrogation?' Xero raised his eyebrows.

'My master said the interrogation is no longer significant as we will hunt down all the G.o.d Game partic.i.p.ants in three more days. No one can get away with this cursed power chess piece within their body. When I can communicate with Earth Mother, we'll eventually have everything we need to know.' Elysia explained the summary of her change of plans.

'Well, I have no problem with that. But, you have to get used to seeing blood and death. You will never grow if you are always protected by your master and her G.o.ddess friends. However, you are still a flower bud. Be aware of this. Mercy will stab you in the back. Erasing their memories is not the best solution because killing never disappoints.' Xero folded his arms while glancing at the five unconscious

'Little boy, you talk like you know everything about my Ely. That rough rule only applies if you are a lone warrior, not a group of family. Everyone has their own path, and this is what we choose.' Elena sighed and shook her head.

'What do you mean by that? You make your disciple and that paras- Ahem! I mean Rhea as part of the family?' Xero was a bit surprised to hear that response.

'Why are you so surprised?' Elena failed to understand.

'No, never mind.' Xero put his hand to his chin, deep in thought. He checked Elysia up and down once more as if he was confirming something.

'Thanks for your advice. I'll keep it in mind. Mercy is sometimes needed, but not to everyone.' Elysia nodded in appreciation, but she immediately changed the subject. 'Do you still have the unused darkness pouch? Can I borrow it to put these chess pieces?'

'Good if you understand. Which pouch of darkness?' Xero tried to remember the item in question, but he didn't remember having such a thing.

'The pouch you used to store the resource crystals from the underworld. It can store any item with dark or evil energy without any leakage, right?' Elysia made a jet black pouch projection above her palm.

'Oh, that pouch... Here.' Xero took out a black pouch and threw it at Elysia.

'Thank you. I will return this once the power chess piece research is done. Let's go.' After saying that, Elysia teleported herself and Xero away from the hill. They returned to the roof of the small warehouse, where the five snipers were still being held.

*Bzzt* *Bzzt*

Elysia's smartphone vibrated. An incoming call startled her. She checked the caller, and it was from an unknown number.

'I've put it on silent mode without vibrating, but it still vibrates when a call comes in, huh... Who's calling, I guess? As I recall, only Erina or maybe her family knows this number.' Elysia gave a signal to Xero before answering the incoming call.

"..." Elysia didn't speak immediately, just waiting for the caller to say something first.

"h.e.l.lo, Ellie? Are you there?" Erina asked somewhat restlessly.

"Oh, it's you, Erina. Are you okay?" Elysia breathed a sigh of relief. She turned towards the Minamoto Clan's mansion with her sacred vision to check the situation there.

"Phew, thank goodness. Mm, I borrowed my father's spare phone. Can you tell me where you are now, Ellie? My grandfather sent reinforcements to a.s.sist you, but they lost track of you. Are you in any danger?" Erina heaved a sigh of relief and immediately told her intent and purpose.

"I'm not in danger. I'm the danger." Elysia was pretty amused.

"Ellie... We can't let you check on that unknown dangerous group." Erina didn't know what to say. She was seriously worried, but her friend replied playfully.

"Okay, I'll send you my current location." Elysia sent a message containing her current location's coordinates.

"All right, I will inform my grandfather. Please stay there, and an elite squad will arrive there soon." Erina could notice the incoming message but didn't read it immediately.

"Thanks for your concern, Erina. I'll end the call. See you soon." After receiving a response from Erina, Elysia immediately ended the call.

She turned to the side and found Xero already holding a spear of wind, ready to be thrown into the sky.


A strong gust of wind was created when Xero released the wind spear into the sky. It broke through the airspeed and left many air ripples in its path.

'Ah, it just grazed the mysterious observer. I presume those people are those' G.o.d.' Elena felt somewhat disappointed when the mysterious ent.i.ty suddenly disappeared from the sky above the hill.

"*Duck squawking*, I missed a few millimeters. That should be a one-hit kill!" Xero punched the empty air in annoyance.

'That was the Reaper G.o.d?' Elysia asked curiously. She failed to notice the existence of the ent.i.ty there because of an incoming call.

'Yeah, Xero immediately unleashed an opening attack to test the waters. Who would have thought the other party immediately ran away with his tail between his legs.' Elena shared the detail about what had just happened.

"All right, so what? You want to try to catch the big one?" Elysia asked Xero, but she already knew the answer.

"I've marked that coward. I'll be right back in an hour at the most. Hehe, let's test the so-called pinnacle powerhouse." Xero turned into a puff of black mist and shot into the sky.

'Hmm, he seems excited when he finds a strong opponent.' Elysia muttered in her mind while looking up at the sky.

'But he doesn't dare to challenge us. He also seems to have a trauma towards our Rhea, fufu~' Elena chuckled.

'Let's let Xero do what he thinks needs to be done. If he manages to capture that Reaper G.o.d, it will make our research on power chess pieces easier.' Rhea commented in a relaxed tone.

Elysia only heaved a subtle sigh. She sat on the edge of the warehouse roof. She swayed her legs alternately while waiting for the Minamoto Clan's elite squad to arrive.

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