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Chapter 307

Chapter 307: Halfway Run

On the basketball court, Chu Tian caught Xiao Gang’s cell phone and dialed a number.

At the same time! In the library of Haicheng Medical University, Bai Xiaochun and Yang Rong were sitting in a corner, chatting in low voices.

At this moment, suddenly, a buzzing vibration sounded. Bai Xiaochun took out her mobile phone from her bag and glanced at it, then looked at Yang Rong with a smile and said, “The stinky hooligan called. I don’t know if you agreed with that Chen Song. I’ll pick it up?”

Yang Rong smiled and pursed her lips, and said: “Whether the talk is good or not, can you still not take it?”

“Hey…” Bai Xiaochun giggled and said casually: “Hey, husband, have you finished playing basketball?”

“Well, it’s over.” Chu Tian said, “Xiao Bai, are you with Yang Rong now?”

“Well, we are together.” Bai Xiaochun said, “We are in the library.”

“Then let’s go.” Chu Tian said, “Let’s have a meal together. I’m a little hungry.”

“Okay.” Bai Xiaochun said, “Then Yang Rong and I will go find you. See you later, goodbye.”


After hanging up the phone, Yang Rong couldn’t help looking at Bai Xiaochun and said, “What did my cla.s.smate say?”

Bai Xiaochun smiled and said, “He said they finished playing basketball and asked us to go have dinner together.”

“Then,” Yang Rong bit her lips with a smile and said, “Where is that Chen Song? Is he also there?”

“I don’t know.” Bai Xiaochun said, “Let’s go, and let’s talk first.” While talking, Bai Xiaochun pulled Yang Rong and left the library.


Five minutes later! On the school’s basketball court, when Chu Tian and Chen Song were throwing baskets casually, Bai Xiaochun and Yang Rong walked over from the direction of the school library.

Seeing this, Chu Tian stopped shooting, looked at Chen Song with a smile, and said, “Hey, Chen Song, then, that’s my cla.s.smate, and her name is Yang Rong.”

Chen Song followed the trend, and after a few seconds, he looked at Chu Tian and said, “She is your cla.s.smate. I have met her before. She often watches you play with your girlfriend outside the court. She is very pretty.”

“It’s not ugly in the first place.” Chu Tian laughed, “I told you, how can you score about 85 points for your appearance? 85 points, it can still be considered ugly. Why can’t you have an above-average appearance.”

“Then I have a good impression of her.” Chen Song said with a smile, “It’s a bit baby fat, and she’s cute.”

“Really?” Chu Tian said with a smile, “I also think my tablemate is quite rare. Anyway, let’s have a meal together and chat later.”

After Bai Xiaochun and Yang Rong came over, Chu Tian and Chen Song also came to an end.

Chu Tian went over first, smiled, and handed the phone to Bai Xiaochun, asking her to put it in her bag, and said, “At the same table, why do you seem a little nervous?”

“Ah?” Yang Rong blushed slightly and said with a smile, “What nonsense are you talking about? I’m not nervous. What’s there to be nervous about.”

“That’s right.” Bai Xiaochun smiled and handed Chu Tian a bottle of water, and said, “Don’t talk nonsense, you are not nervous at all, but you are already nervous.”

Chu Tian chuckled, took two sips of water first, then turned to look at Chen Song and said, “Elder Chen, come here.”

“Hey.” Chen Song responded and then walked over with a little embarra.s.sment.

“Let me introduce you.” Chu Tian smiled, “Bai Xiaochun, my girlfriend, Yang Rong, she is my cla.s.smate.”

Chen Song chuckled and said, “h.e.l.lo, my name is Chen Song, from the Department of Chinese Medicine.”

Yang Rong looked at Chen Song with a smile, then pursed her lips and said, “h.e.l.lo.”

“Let’s go have a meal together.” Chu Tian said, “It’s just Sunday, and there is no cla.s.s tonight, so let’s eat together.”

“Okay.” Bai Xiaochun smiled, “Let’s eat together. I know there is a restaurant nearby, and the dishes are pretty good.”

Chen Song smiled and said, “Then eat a piece. I’ll treat you tonight.”

“Anything is fine.” Chu Tian said, “It doesn’t matter who invites you tonight. Let’s go.”


After half an hour! In a restaurant near the school, after the four of them sat down and casually ordered a few dishes, Chu Tian smiled and said, “Old Chen is a very ruthless man. He studies very well. Every year, he gets the highest scholars.h.i.+p in the school. He’s been there for two years in a row, hasn’t he?”

“Yes.” Chen Song said with an embarra.s.sed smile, “However, it’s not just me. There are five places for the highest scholars.h.i.+p in the school, and I’m just one of them.”

“That’s awesome enough.” Chu Tian said, “Like me, I can’t even get the minimum scholars.h.i.+p, and you can’t even get the scholars.h.i.+p, right?”

Yang Rong rolled her eyes with a smile and said, “I’m sure I can’t get it. Hey, by the way, Chen Song.”

While talking, Yang Rong looked at Chen Song and said, “You should have done well in the college entrance examination, right?”

“Uh, it’s okay.” Chen Song thought about it seriously and said, “My total score in the college entrance examination seems to be 587.”

“It’s so high.” Yang Rong said in surprise, “No wonder you can get the highest scholars.h.i.+p.”

“Not really.” Chen Song said with a smile, “There are quite a few students in our school who have higher scores than me.”

Seeing that Chen Song and Yang Rong chatted naturally, Chu Tian coughed dryly and said, “Talk first. It’s hot, and I’ll go buy an iced drink.”

After speaking, Chu Tian got up and left the hotel.

When Chu Tian left, Bai Xiaochun seemed to have thought of something and hurriedly stood up and said, “Oh, this guy, he didn’t bring any money or a mobile phone, really, you guys talk first, I’ll go. And send him some money.”

After speaking, Bai Xiaochun trotted away.

Outside the restaurant, after seeing Bai Xiaochun coming out with a smile, Chu Tian held her hand with a smile and said, “Go, baby, go home and have dinner.”

“Hey, let’s go home and have dinner.”

While talking, Chu Tian directly opened Song Xiaoya’s Mercedes-Benz that was parked next to him, and they got into the car together and were carried away by Song Xiaoya.

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