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Chapter 308

Chapter 308: The guy is very good

Time pa.s.sed by in a flash, and it was more than one hour in a blink of an eye. In the restaurant, Yang Rong looked at Chen Song and said, “I heard from my cla.s.smate that you seem to know how to ma.s.sage Chinese medicine, right?”

“Yes.” Chen Song nodded with a smile and said, “There is a teacher in our TCM department, who is over 50 years old this year, also surnamed Chen, and he is a TCM expert at our Haicheng TCM Hospital, who conducts consultations in the hospital three days a week and then taught in school for three days, I learned from our teacher Chen.”

“However, I just learned some basic Chinese ma.s.sage, and now when I am free, I will take some orders online to provide door-to-door service and do Chinese physiotherapy.”

“Then you’re pretty good.” Yang Rong stared into Chen Song’s eyes and said with a smile, “You can even serve people door-to-door.”

“It’s just average.” Chen Song said with a smile, “It’s not that great, but it should be better than the kind of ma.s.sage in those ma.s.saging shops. After all, I am a regular Chinese ma.s.sager. The acupuncture points and meridians, what’s more, in the Chinese medicine system, are all relatively important, and they have all learned professionally how to ma.s.sage and how to combine them must be better than those of them.”

Yang Rong nodded and said, “Then, are you busy?”

“It’s not bad.” Chen Song said, “I can provide door-to-door service to people about three or four times a week, each time for an hour and a half, and each time costs 300 dollars. There is still a lot of free time.”

Yang Rong nodded with a smile and wanted to say something. The waiter directly brought up a plate of Mushu meat.

Seeing this, Yang Rong seemed to have just thought of something and couldn’t help saying: “Hey, it’s strange. Why haven’t they come back from buying iced drinks at the same table as me?”

“Hey, that’s right.” Chen Song said, “Chu Tian and the others are queuing up to buy that white milk tea, right?”

White milk tea? How is this possible?

White milk tea shop is owned by Chu Tian. If he wants to drink it, he can just go to the shop and get it. There is no need to queue at all.

Yang Rong was lost in thought for a while and then said, “Let me give him a call. The food is already served. Why haven’t they bought it yet?”

While talking, Yang Rong took out her mobile phone and dialed Chu Tian’s number. Soon, the phone was connected, and Chu Tian’s voice rang: “h.e.l.lo, my cla.s.smate.”

“Cla.s.smate,” Yang Rong said, “Where did you and Xiao Bai go to buy iced drinks? Why haven’t you bought them yet? The food is already served.”

“Oh, that’s right.” Chu Tian smiled, “You and Chen Song can eat. Xiao Bai and I are going home.”

Ah?” Yang Rong was taken aback and stammered, “Back, back home? You, why did you two go home?”

Hearing what Yang Rong said, Chen Song, who was sitting opposite her, couldn’t help feeling innocent.

“Hey, bad luck.” Chu Tian said, “I suddenly felt a little uncomfortable in my stomach, and then I came back. You and Chen Song can eat and leave me and Xiao Bai alone.”

“I… well, that’s fine.” Yang Rong said, “Then we won’t wait for you.”

Seeing Yang Rong hang up the phone, Chen Song couldn’t help asking: “Why Chu Tian and the others went home?”

“I’m going home.” Yang Rong smiled helplessly and said, “These two… really, they left without saying a word.”

Chen Song nodded with a smile and said, “Then, let’s eat.”

“Well, let’s eat. Both of them have gone home, don’t care about them.”


Early the next morning! In the cla.s.sroom of Cla.s.s 3 Nursing at Haicheng Medical University, Yang Rong was sitting on her seat and previewing the textbooks. Suddenly, a faint voice sounded and said, “At the same table.”


Yang Rong hurriedly looked back and saw Chu Tian standing behind him with a smile on his face. She first pursed her lips into a smile, then rolled her eyes and said, “It’s rare. Why did you come to cla.s.s today?”

“You’re curious about my cla.s.smate,” Chu Tian smiled and sat beside Yang Rong and said, “Hey, how about the cla.s.smate? Do you have a good impression of this Chen Song?”

Yang Rong bit her lip with a smile and said a little bit coyly: “It’s pretty good. I think he’s a good person, and regardless of what others say, I find him to be quite impressive.”

“Then what did you two do yesterday?” Chu Tian smiled and squeezed his eyes at Yang Rong.

Yang Rong was taken aback, then stared and said: “I’m crazy. What did I do with him the first time I met?”

“What?” Chu Tian said, “Who told you to meet for the first time? Let me tell you how the two of you talked. Just hold hands?”

“No.” Yang Rong curled her lips and said, “It’s too fast to hold hands when we meet for the first time. We just had a meal, chatted for a while, and then walked around the campus. He, he is really honest.”

“Ah? What do you mean?”

“He said that he and his ex-girlfriend lived together for five months and said that although they broke up, they still had contact occasionally, but it was not that kind of contact. It was just a simple friend, greeting occasionally, nothing else gone.”

“I’ll go.” Chu Tian said, “Chen song this guy, so honest, this all tell you ah?”

Yang Rong smiled and said, “Anyway, he’s much more honest than you.”

“Then, what do you think of his conditions in all aspects?” Chu Tian continued.

“Great! He’s tall, strong, honest, and hard-working. Sounds like he’s a good guy.”

“Yes.” Chu Tian smiled, “That’s fine, and I’ll give him a call.”

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