Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex Chapter 1437. Matsumoto Sisters – Enchanted Little Sister / Then, she…

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Chapter 1437. Matsumoto Sisters - Enchanted Little Sister / Then, she…

「 Uhm, I’ll ask just in case, but what kind of image was it? 」

Mariko asks Matusmoto Miki-san

「 I took a selfie of myself in underwear. He said that he wants a naked photo, but I didn’t want to do that 」

Miki-san replied.

「 If it’s just underwear, then that’s okay. I thought. We’re dating anyway 」

I know that she went through a lot and it must’ve taken a mental toll on her, her father just died, and, the fact she might not be able to continue with her music studies.

Miki-san might be surprisingly weak-willed.

I see. This girl also had a different personality than the first impression she gave us.

Her sister, Maki-san, was also like that.

The more time we spend together, and the more intense it is, the more of their true nature is revealed.

「 Even if you say that you’re in your underwear, that’s still not narrow enough, how s.e.xy was the photo you sent? 」

Mariko asks.

「 That’s…I was in my bra and panty, I put on a brand new white top and bottom and took a photo of it 」

「 Your belly was showing? 」

「 Belly? Yes. Also, it’s not like I chose transparent clothing, and I checked it before sending it to him, so it shouldn’t be a problem 」

Miki-san replies, but…

「 What do you think? 」

I asked Kurose Anju, who has been watching us at the spectator table.

「 Me? 」

Kurose Anju was surprised as I asked for her opinion so suddenly.

「 Yeah, I want to hear your honest opinion 」

Kurose Anju’s a girl who can see things objectively.

She’s still young, and her age is close to Miki-san.

「 I can’t say without knowing what kind of person Matsumoto Miki-san’s dating. Although 」

Kurose Anju thought for a moment and answered.

「 You’re a violinist, aren’t you, Miki-sama? If you’re that kind of person, then I don’t think it’s a good idea to have someone out there having problematic photos of you 」

「 I think so too, Kou 」

Mariko nodded with Kurose Anju’s opinion.

「 Right. She’s wearing her underwear, right? It’s better if we retrieve those right away 」


「 We can’t just tell him about the break-up by mail right now. That’ll get him angry and even spread out Miki-san’s photos 」

「 He’s not like that! 」

Mariko said, Miki-san protests.

「 I don’t know what kind of person he is, but if you want to become a professional, you need to get rid of those photos at all costs, right? 」

Mariko responded with a strong tone.

「 If you don’t even understand that, we can’t give you our support. Right, Kou? 」

「 That’s!! 」

Mariko tells Miki-san, then I;

「 If you’re serious about this, then Mariko’s right, don’t you think? 」

I looked at Marika and Maki.

The two of them are aspiring to become professional musicians too.

I want to hear their opinions.

「 Kou-kun and Mariko-chan are right, Miki-san was a bit careless 」

「 I think so too, Miki 」

Marika and Maki speak to Miki with stern looks on their face.

「 But… 」

Miki-san looked down.

「 I didn’t want to do it either, but since I promised that I’ll date him, yet, I haven’t seen him at all, so I felt bad if I didn’t do that for him 」

「 But, you just started dating, yet, the guy asked you to send a naked photo? I think that guy’s quite pervy 」

Mariko said.

「 I wonder? It’s my first time dating a man so I don’t know much 」

Miki-san resists.

「 At least, I never heard Kou tell me to send him a naked photo 」

「 You’re doing something far worse than sending photos 」

Well, true.

Miki-san’s right about that.

Even without asking her to send me a photo of her naked body, I have a lot of photos of Mariko’s embarra.s.sing moments in the archive.

「 He…he told me he liked me…that’s…my first time dating someone…so I wanted to give as much as I can…That’s what I thought 」

Miki-san insists, but…

「 Oh, that’s a bad pattern, really bad. It’s a domino effect of bad things 」

Kinosh*ta-san, who has been quiet so far, speaks with a smile.

「 When I was a freelancer, I knew someone who’s like that 」

Back when Kinosh*ta-san was with the Banbarubie 3.

Well, freelancers are a weird bunch of people.

Kinosh*ta-san laughed.

「 We told her so many times, yet, she kept saying “He told me that he loves me,” or “He’s the only one I have,” or “Whatever happens, he’ll return to me in the end,” intoxicated by the fact that she’s hooked by a bad guy, and she doesn’t listen to the people around her. So, she was stuck with that useless guy for a year, and eventually took all her savings and everything 」

「 And so, what happened to her in the end? 」

Mariko asks.

「 As soon as there’s nothing left to squeeze from her, he went missing. Then, hear this, she said “He didn’t run away, he’s just hiding, waiting for me to find him, ufufu, so cute,” saying weird stuff, then she looked at some of the trash he left like “Look, he left so many clues behind. I know he’s waiting for me, and started to look for more information,” well, because of her profession, she could easily find the hiding place of a fleeing person even with so little information 」

Freelancers can do that. That’s the minimum. It’s easy.

「 So, the guy was at Kyushu. It was in the mountains of the Saga prefecture. She found the guy who ran away, and then she said “I found him, I’m going” I followed her since I was worried about her and took a senior with me 」

Kinosh*ta-san’s senior also followed the woman to meet that guy.

「 In Saga, the man bought a big house with the money he took from the girl…Well, it’s a big house. The garden was s.p.a.cious. The neighboring mountains, fields, and pig farm belonged to the man, and seeing that the girl said “Look, he was preparing to live with me here. I’m going to marry him and live in this house, ahaha,” she was having delusions 」

A house on the mountainside.

Just how much money did he siphon?

「 However, when she reached the house and rang the bell, an old lady with no makeup, wearing a jersey came out and asked who she is 」


「 In short, the guy was already living with another woman in that house. I mean, the lady didn’t know but the man had been married to that woman and had four children for a long time 」

A wife and children.

「 From the oldest, it was two guys, a girl, and another guy 」

Kinosh*ta-san nods.

「 It’s a common story of a single career woman getting deceived by a married man for money 」

Mariko seems to be fed up.

「 And well, after figuring that out, she finally snapped out of it, and well, she went and did it… 」

「 What did she do? 」

Mariko asks. Kinosh*ta-san said indifferently.

「 She used a flamethrower to roast. My senior and I joined and burned the man’s house down with a flamethrower we brought by chance. We destroyed it 」

A flamethrower they brought by chance.

「 Oh, of course, we just burned the house. We didn’t burn the guy or his family. That would be a crime. 」

No, arson is already a crime.

「 We kicked them out saying “All of you, out of this house,” then we burned the house right in front of the man, his wife, and his four children. It was a dry day so it burned well… 」


「 While at it, we also set off a bomb I had with me just in case, and blew up the mountain with enough force to carve it. We also blew up the pig farm, letting the pigs go before that. We calculated that the damage would only affect the man’s property. 」


Miki-san, Kurose Anju, Mariko, Marika, Maki, and Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi, who stopped crying, listened to Kinosh*ta-san’s story with a dumbfounded look.

Ruriko and Michi aren’t even agitated.

「 Senpai and I were feeling refreshed that we went that far, but she was crying all the way back home, saying things like “this is the end of my love life, I won’t fall in love again, never,” and all the other weird words…Barbie-san… 」

Hey, you’re talking about Barbie-san?!

Then that means that the senior was Ruby-san.

Isn’t that just the whole Banbarubie 3?

Well, I guess it’s normal for them to have flamethrowers and explosives.

「 Going back on topic, your eyes right now, looks the same as Barbie-san when she was crying. That’s bad. Really bad 」

Kinosh*ta-san tells Matsumoto Miki-san while smiling.

「 I-I’m not setting anything on fire 」

The source of this content is

Miki-san retorted on the weird part.

「 That’s not the important part…Barbie-san fell in love with a man who didn’t even love her, I mean, I don’t think what Barbie-san was doing was for love either. It’s only to get herself merry to the idea of “I’m in love,” yet, she never gave the guy a good look 」

Kinosh*ta-san said with a smile.

「 You look like that right now. You feel restless because you’re told that you’re loved, that the guy wants to date you, even though you don’t even like the guy who you’re dating, right? 」

「 T-That’s… 」

「 Who knows if the guy even likes you? After all, you don’t know each other that well, do you? 」

「 Ugh 」

Kinosh*ta-san pursues, and Miki-san fell quiet.

「 It’s common for middle schoolers to fall into their first love though, us.h.i.+s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ 」

Kinosh*ta-san shows a triumphant smile.

「 Kinosh*ta-san sure knows a lot about that. I’m surprised 」

Kurose Anju said.

As my personal bodyguards, they’ve been together for the whole day.

「 I went to a girl’s school, and also, lived in a dorm in a foreign country, so I don’t know much about it 」

Kurose Anju served As Is.h.i.+gami Mizuki’s attendant, going to a boarding school in Switzerland. She’s still young, but she already skipped a grade and graduated from middle school.

「 Me too, it’s all just superficial knowledge for me 」

Kinosh*ta-san laughs.

「 When I was freelancing, I hear a lot of stories from various people. 」

Then, Kinosh*ta-san turned to Miki-san.

「 Anyway, you should take away that photo, and break up with that guy 」

「 Why do I have to follow that from you?! 」

Miki-san resists, but…

「 Miki, you get it too, don’t you? 」

Maki finished it off.

「 You need Kou-kun’s a.s.sistance if you want to continue playing your violin 」

「 …………! 」

Miki-san has no future left but to become my woman, just like her sister, Maki.

「 You can’t even say no, they’ve already done so much for us 」

We didn’t just persuade their grandfather but also granted them scholars.h.i.+ps through the Kouzuki world exchange center.

What we presented is the best path for Miki-san to become a professional.

If she’s serious about becoming a musician, then she can’t let go of this opportunity.

「 I get that, but… 」


「 But, this is frustrating 」

She glares at me.

「 Everything is just happening as he wants 」

She’s young, yet, she’s got a strong rebellious spirit.

「 Oh? But I think that you’re getting pretty comfortable with us 」

Kinosh*ta-san told Miki-san with a laugh.

「 Me? Comfortable?! That can’t be! 」

Miki-san opposes, but…

「 Look, Kuromori-sama’s naked, and the girls in the bed are also naked, right? 」

Yeah, Mariko, Luna, Marika, and Miki…

All the girls I had s.e.x with are naked.

「 It’s become normal for you to talk to naked people without you realizing it. You even make such an earnest face. 」

Kinosh*ta-san laughs loudly.

「 T-That’s…Because they kept showing off that anyone can get used to it! 」

Miki-san puffs in anger.

「 Well, either way, Miki-san will also join us 」

Mariko mutters with an amazed tone.

「 Miki-san looks like a troublesome girl, so I think that only Kou can deal with her 」

「 I think so too. It won’t go well with the guy she’s currently dating. Miki’s got a selfish and easy to get carried away personality so someone like Kou-kun is better for her 」

Maki-san also told Miki-san.

「 That’s not true! I’m not like that! 」

The violinist puffed her cheeks.

That’s cute.

「 Miki-san’s case will have to postpone for tomorrow. 」 I find it hard to move tonight already 」

I concluded.

「 We also have to look up that guy, and since it’s already night, we can’t. However, deleting the photo of her in her underwear has to be done as soon as possible, so we need to do that by tomorrow 」

I don’t have school tomorrow thanks to the school festival.

However, by day, I’ll have to go and take the entertainment office from Death Star Productions with Minaho-neesan.

By night, I have to go to the Mizus.h.i.+ma house to deal with the case of Karen’s bullies.

「 Work out on a schedule tomorrow once we’re back at the mansion 」

I told Kurose Anju.

「 Understood 」

She’s my personal bodyguard so it’s her job to manage my schedule.

「 Then, you’re also postponing s.e.x with Miki-san for tomorrow? 」

Mariko asks.

「 Right, it doesn’t have to be now. Miki-san still has to sort her thoughts 」

If we force her, Miki-san will just close her heart.

We should settle things later, that includes the guy she’s dating, and the photo as well.

「 Besides, we should go back to the mansion now 」

It’s getting late.

Everyone in the mansion is waiting for our return

「 Wait, Kou 」


「 Sure, we’ll leave Miki-san pending for now, but there’s still another one 」

Another one?

「 That sobbing girl over there 」

Mariko points at Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi.

「 No, but she’s… 」

Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi’s in love with Matsumoto Maki, she’s a lesbian.

Then, Maki chose Marika to be her partner instead.

She chose to become my woman together with Marika.

That’s why Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi’s feeling broken-hearted.

「 Kou, do you not want Igaras.h.i.+-san in the family? 」

Mariko told me.

「 Obviously. She’s not suited to our family 」

Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi’s not that smart.

She’s a dumb girl who falls in love and goes in the wrong direction.

Even today, she just convinced herself that Marika was deceiving Maki, her love.

Putting on a black leather jacket, and delinquent makeup, she forcefully followed Marika and Maki.

The delinquent make-up didn’t suit her, and she was awkward.

「 That might be true, but what do you think, Jasmine-chan? 」

Mariko looked at Marika.

「 I’ve always been wondering, Jasmine-chan looks meek, but she’s got a strong mind, doesn’t she? Despite that, why did she let Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi-san come along? 」


Right, if it’s Marika, then she’d refuse Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi even if she says that she’s coming with them.

「 And so, I think that Jasmine-chan was willing to let Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi-san come along, right? 」

Mariko asks, Marika;

「 Kou-kun, I have another request 」

She looks at me.

Maki, who’s next to Marika, looks at her in surprise.

「 Can we take Igaras.h.i.+-san as Maki and my pet? 」

Their pet?

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